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Photo: Shopping for a wedding dress. Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a lot of fun: trying on all the different dresses, feeling like a princess and being treated like a Queen all day! It can also be a lot of stress, particularly if you’re finding it difficult to find that ‘perfect’ wedding dress.

Reduce the stress at the bridal shop by doing research first

There are a number of ways to make it less stressful to find your perfect dress and often you will go to a bridal shop in Glasgow with your dress in mind and end up choosing something totally different. Choosing your wedding dress is a lot like when you choose your groom; when you see it you will know it’s the one!

A good starting point when you are looking for your wedding dress is to look in magazines and on the internet for ideas and styles that you think you may like. This allows you to get a good idea of what you like and what you don’t like and what you think will suit you and so on. Of course this shouldn’t be substituted for actually going to a bridal shop and picking one style of every dress to try on to really see what suits you.

Take your time

Bridal shops will often have many wedding dresses out on display and they will have a selection hung up for you to browse through. Take your time and really make an event of it; get a couple of girlfriends and members of the family to go with you and give their opinions. Remember though the only opinion that really matters is what you think; if you love the dress and it’s what you dreamed of, and then go for it!

Hire a wedding dress instead?

There are many bridal shops in Glasgow and some even offer the facility to hire a dress rather than buy one. This can be handy if you are on a tight budget or if you’re not particularly sentimental and you are not bothered about having the dress after you have worn it. Everybody is different and everybody can find something suited to them.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth

Of course buying your own wedding dress in Glasgow doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. More often than not; shops will have a selection of wedding dresses in a sale or at a knock down price. This could be for a number of reasons such as they were last season’s stock, or no one has shown much interest in them or many other reasons as well. Never think that there won’t be any great dresses in there; as you may just be surprised and it’s always worth checking out. Say if you find your perfect dress in the sale rack and it is too big or too small, speak to the sales advisor. Often; they can be taken in up to 3 sizes from the original and taken out up to 3 sizes as well; so it is always worth asking before you let that perfect wedding dress slip away.

Finding a wedding dress in Glasgow couldn’t really be any simpler; why not try the many boutiques that there are scattered around Glasgow. Gorgeous bridal shops, friendly staff and many varieties of designer wedding dresses. Look in directories and phone books to get numbers and names of the bridal stores and then ring and make an appointment. You could even have it made from scratch; got to a specialist bridal store that makes the gowns and start making plans to get your perfect wedding dress. Your dream wedding dress is only just around the corner, find it today!

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How to find the perfect wedding dress in Glasgow.


Usually, a more traditional bride who is searching for classic formal beach wedding dresses will choose an A-line style.

Judie Seth | Sat Jan 07 2012

Your best bet, if you have a few extra inches in the waist, would be to actually modify the dress of your choice to fit your body perfectly. I think it's worth going the extra step to make sure you have a beautiful wedding and to look great in the wedding dress. Best wishes to all brides and grooms out there.

Plus Size Wedding Dresses | Mon Feb 28 2011

Finding a wedding dress is just like looking for any other outfit. The steps are quick and easy, and it all starts by knowing what you want. If you have a style in your head, a theme let?s say, and you fit it into the bigger picture, then you are half way there. The rest is looking for that style around in shops, but it all begins there.

Bridesmaid Dresses | Wed Sep 24 2008

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