Wedding Gifts and Ideas

1373468661850x579_1367522589stockholminportoorange┬áThere are many different approaches to buying gifts for weddings. Some couples organise a list and place it with a specific shop. Other couples may have already have set up home and sometimes they state ‘no gifts’ or indicate a charity that they would like some money to go to. Sometimes gift tokens or a cheque are welcome. However, lovely gifts – large or just a small token can delight the happy couple and add to the pleasure of their union.

It’s fun shopping for gifts in Glasgow’s West End – even for the couples who have everything.

Here are some of my favourite shops where you can find a range of gifts including beautiful furniture at Nancy Smillie’s, unique art, ceramic dish, lighting or a small token.

  • The Nancy Smillie Shop 53 Cresswell Street, Glasgow G12 8AE. Tel: 0141 334 424. One of the West End’s most delightful shops perfect for wedding gifts. An array of wonderful ceramics, glassware, lighting, some great furniture and art. Also some fabulous jewellery if you are looking for a little something for yourself or something personal for the bride or the bridesmaids.
  • Christo’s Glasgow
    595 Great Western Road, Glasgow G12 8HX
    Telephone: 0141 579 0004 – wonderful gallery and gifts. Why not arrange for the couple to choose from Christo’s fabulous selection of original art by artists based in Scotland. (Thinking future heirlooms). They even have some funky same sex civil celebration cards.
  • Janet and john Janet & John

    Upper Floor, De Courcys Arcade, Cresswell Lane
    A haven for Scottish Handmade Crafts

    An exciting platform for Scottish handmade crafts from artists and crafters across Scotland. The gallery and shop, located in the heart of Glasgows West End. This brainchild of John and Janet Turner, a husband and wife team who are passionate about promoting Scottish creativity, offers a selection of unique designs if you are after something different. Always something new and a haven for Scottish crafters and artists.

    Janet and John Gallery and Gifts

Or you could call on the services of KAS Interior Decorators – how lovely to return from your honeymoon to a newly decorated room, conservatory or landscaped garden.

There are no end of choices and I will be adding to this list.
If you have a great shop or any ideas for shopping for wedding gifts please email Pat Just a little flavour of what the shops in Glasgow West End have to offer in the way of gifts and home accessories.

Wedding Gifts and Present Ideas