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Tickets fo films can be purchased at CCA and GFT Box Offices from 28th March
Arts in the Archive
Friday 11th – Sunday 13th April, 11am – 6pm
CCA, Cinema
The BBC maintains one of the largest archives of any broadcaster in the world, managing millions of hours of TV, Radio and Online content, encompassing over 90 years of broadcasting.
This unmissable collection of highlights looks back at television arts documentary making at the BBC, throughout its history. With a number of titles to choose from, specially selected from landmark BBC series like Monitor, Arena, Omnibus and the Culture Show, this is a unique opportunity to relive key moments, revisit forgotten places and get face to face with some of the most popular people and practitioners in the arts.

What Is The Art of The Arts Documentary?

Friday 11th April, 11am
CCA Theatre
In this panel discussion, chaired by broadcaster Kirsty Wark and featuring artist Jeremy Deller, award-winning film-makers Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard and broadcasters and Art critics Andrew Graham Dixon and Tim Marlow discuss the role of arts documentaries in capturing the lives and work of artists throughout history. We ask if the arts documentary can ever really capture an artist’s practice; examine the genre’s relevance in today’s multi-platform world and ask the ultimate question: what is the Art of the Arts documentary?
Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard – Sound & Vision – Making 20,000 Days on Earth: A Masterclass
Friday 11th April, 2pm
CCA Theatre
Documentary-fiction hybrid 20,000 Days on Earth premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, winning two prestigious awards for best directing and editing in the World Cinema Documentary Category.  20,000 Days on Earth weaves drama and reality in a fictitious day in the life of musician Nick Cave.
In this Art Screen Masterclass, the British film making duo behind the success, Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, share their insights into film making and creating feature documentary for the big screen.
Working closely with Cave they created a staged, but not scripted, depiction of Cave’s 20,000th day on Earth.  Iain and Jane share their unique perspectives on documentary film making, revealing how they turned the music documentary on its head.
Free but Ticketed. Tickets available from CCA box office.
Artists and Archive: Artists Moving Image at the BBC
Friday 11th April, 3:30pm
CCA Theatre
BBC ARTS and LUX are currently running a residency, supported by Creative Scotland’s Creative Futures programme, which offers six artists unprecedented access to the BBC Archives. In this panel three of the participating artists; Torsten Lauschmann, Kathryn Elkin and Stephen Sutcliffe will be in discussion with Benjamin Cook, Director of LUX to reflect on their experience so far and show a personal selection of rare material they have found in archive.
Everybody Street
CCA Theatre
Saturday 12th April, 10:30pm
Director: Cheryl Dunn
USA 2013, 1hr 23m, Cert N/C 15+
The city that never sleeps has inspired countless artists who’ve lived, worked and dreamed on the bustling playground of New York’s streets. In this vibrant documentary, filmmaker Cheryl Dunn pays tribute to the spirit of urban photography through a cinematic exploration of New York City, capturing the rush, perseverance and often the danger customary to street photographers.
Viewed through the lenses of iconic street photographers like Bruce Davidson, Mary Ellen Mark and Ricky Powell, as they wander the streets of NYC searching for their next best shot, Everybody street is a celebration of underground creativity and urban renewal.
Art Screen at Night
Friday 11th – Sunday 13th April, 10:30pm until late
CCA Saramago Cafe Bar
3 nights of exclusive music and performances from special guests.
Friday 11th April – music from special Art Screen Guests
Saturday 12th April – Durch / Dirt with music – Jonnie Wilkes and video  – Torsten Lauschmann
Sunday 13th April – music from special Art Screen Guests
Admission is free – for full details please check:  


Opening Night Film: Rio
Thursday 10th April, 6:30pm
Glasgow Film Theatre

World Premiere
Director: Julien Temple
UK 2014, 1h40m, N/C 15+
In this BBC Imagine world premiere, acclaimed filmmaker Julien Temple returns to our screens with an exhilarating look at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s legendary city. Rio is on the cusp of hosting two of the world’s most high-profile events: the FIFA World Cup later this summer and the Olympic Games in 2016.
Rio is a journey through the best and worst of an extraordinary city, powered and narrated by the music and voices of this Brazilian metropolis. Many still think of Rio de Janeiro as a tropical paradise, an endless party where the sun, sex and samba never stops. However, behind the soaring thermometers and recent economic boom, lurks a much darker reality. Since the 1980s Rio has endured what has been described as a civil war, an ongoing fight between the police and the drug lords of the favelas. The city is still emerging from the legacy of a brutal military dictatorship and widespread corruption, remaining one of the most racially segregated cities on earth.
Flowing from its roots and rhythms in Samba, the music of Rio has reflected and directly influenced these tumultuous social and cultural changes in a way unlike anywhere else on the planet. Rio is a living X-ray of its heartbeat and soul, a mesmerising portrait of a city at a time of unprecedented transformation.
Director Julien Temple will join the BBC’s Kirsty Wark for a special Q&A after the screening.

Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter
Friday 11th April, 4pm
Glasgow Film Theatre
European Premiere

Director: Greg Vander Veer
USA 2014, 1h24m, N/C 12+
Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter tells the inspiring and largely unknown story of a pioneering woman whose life was defined by her love for dance. Martha Hill emerges as dance’s secret weapon, someone who fought against great odds to establish dance as a legitimate artistic movement in America. Through lively interviews with friends and intimates, plus rare footage of the spirited subject, the film explores Hills’s arduous path from her Bible Belt childhood in rural Ohio through the halls of NYU to her position of power and influence as Juilliard’s founding director of dance in the 1950s. Peppered with anecdotal material delivered by dance notables who knew her, this revelatory story depicts her struggles and successes, including the battle royale that accompanied her move to the Lincoln Centre campus.
The Bruce Lacey Experience
Friday 11th April, 6:30pm
Glasgow Film Theatre

Directors: Jeremy Deller, Nick Abrahams
UK 2012, 1h13m, N/C 18+
Over the past four decades, the artist Bruce Lacey has been oddball comedian, actor, painter and sculptor, inventor of robots and automata, post-hippy shaman and guru to bands of new age travellers. He has also been celebrated in song by the Fairport Convention and been made the subject of a documentary by Ken Russell. He played George Harrison’s gardener in the Beatles movie Help! and created props for The Goons. Known for his irreverent humour and outspoken views, Lacey figured prominently on London’s counter-culture scene in the 1960s and, aged 87, he remains just as creative today. In this fascinating documentary, Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller and filmmaker Nick Abrahams reveal Bruce Lacey and his work in all its uplifting and inspiring glory.
Jeremy Deller and Nick Abrahams will join us for a special Q&A after the screening, hosted by Francine Stock, presenter of Radio 4’s The Film Programme.
The Big Melt
Friday 11th April, 9pm
Glasgow Film Theatre

Directors: Martin Wallace and Jarvis Cocker
United Kingdom 2013, 1h10m, PG
Commissioned to celebrate 100 Years of Stainless Steel, The Big Melt is a unique tribute to the thousands of men and women who toiled in Britain’s steelworks, to steel itself and to the city of Sheffield.
Directors Martin Wallace and Jarvis Cocker mix a treasure trove of footage from the BFI archives and the British Council Film Collection with a phenomenal score which was recorded live in Sheffield in 2013.
The score features contributions from the heroes of Sheffield’s music scene, including Richard Hawley and The Forgemasters, amongst others, to create a spellbinding journey into the soul of our industrial past. This is a new kind of Sheffield Heavy Metal, with pictures.
Jarvis Cocker and Martin Wallace will join us for a special Q&A after the screening, hosted by Paul Morley, critic and author.
Commissioned by BBC Storyville and BBC North in Association with the BFI using public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.
Directors: Martin Wallace and Jarvis Cocker
United Kingdom 2013, 1h10m, PG
Fifi Howls From Happiness
Saturday 12th April, 12:30pm
Glasgow Film Theatre
Scottish Premiere
Director: Mitra Farahani
USA / France 2013, 1h36m, subtitles, N/C 15+
Iranian artist Bahman Mohasses was celebrated in pre-revolutionary Iran but mysteriously disappeared, along with much of his art, after 1979. Before he died in 2010, filmmaker Mitra Farahani tracked him down to a hotel in Rome, frail but still formidable. Prone to egotism and self-destruction, he had a disturbing tendency of destroying his own paintings. In the course of this moving film, Mohasses reflects back upon his triumphs as an artist, his love affairs, and the nature of creativity. In doing so he begins to relive and revive his art. A fascinating and elegiac insight into a life dedicated to the complications of uncensored self-expression.
Preceded by the short film When the Song Dies directed by Jamie Chambers. (12mins)
Spectacle: A Portrait of Stuart Sherman
Saturday 12th April, 2:45pm
Glasgow Film Theatre
European Premiere

Director: Robin Deacon
UK / USA 2013, 1h28m, N/C 15+

Described by one critic as ‘the Buster Keaton of linguistics’, Stuart Sherman remains an influential figure in the history of experimental film and performance. Sherman’s art defied category and expectations. Despite his familiar presence in the New York art scene, he was a notoriously private individual. After his death in 2001, his work was in danger of being lost forever. Combining interviews with friends and colleagues, extraordinary archive footage and re-enactments of his performances, Spectacle: A Portrait of Stuart Sherman reveals this utterly unique artist and his legacy.
Special Event: Andrew Graham-Dixon on Artists Of War
Saturday 12th April, 3:00pm
Written and presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon, Artists of War is a forthcoming documentary series for BBC FOUR. In the years preceding World War One,  David Bomberg, Walter Sickert and Paul Nash set out to paint a new world, but, as the century unfolded, found themselves working in the rubble.
David Bomberg is now recognised as the most startlingly original British painter of his generation, but died in obscurity more than half a century ago. An immigrant Jew from London’s East End, his early modernist works pushed art to its limits. After fighting at the Somme, Bomberg spent the rest of his life searching for order in an increasingly disordered world.
Walter Sickert, Bomberg’s teacher and the godfather of modern British art, had a very different vision of the conflict. Too old to fight in Flanders, Sickert told the story of the impact felt at home. Almost alone in his generation, he understood that the theatre of war was not confined to the trenches.
In this special event, we will be joined by Andrew Graham Dixon and director Phil Cairney who will discuss these artists and the making of the documentaries, showing exclusive footage from the series.
Director: Phil Cairney
UK 2014, 1 hr  20 mins, N/C 15
Preceded by the short film Notes on Blindness directed by Peter Middleton and James Spinney, who will introduce their film. (13min)

Our Glasgow
Saturday 12th April, 5:15pm
Glasgow Film Theatre
World Premiere
Director: Jesse Watt
UK 2014, 30 mins, N/C 15+
Over the past three decades Glasgow has emerged as one of the UK’s most creative cities, with a broad range of non-profit spaces, commercial galleries, internationally successful artists and a world-class art school. Exploring the evolution of the Scottish city from industrial heartland to artistic centre, Our Glasgow visits studios, contemporary galleries and the famous Rennie Mackintosh designed Glasgow School of Art, a masterpiece of the Arts and Crafts Movement.
A cross-section of local artists – from the legendary octogenarian Alasdair Gray to Laura Aldridge, a young artist showing in GI – discuss how living in the city has influenced their imaginations, while curators at Glasgow non-profits such as the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Tramway and the recently established David Dale Gallery discuss the pros and cons of working in the city. Our Glasgow will include archival footage, artists’ films and recently shot scenes around the city.
Our Glasgow is a frieze Video premiere.
frieze co-editor Jennifer Higgie will join us to host a special Q&A after the screening.
Alice Neel
Saturday 12th April, 6:30pm
Glasgow Film Theatre
Director: Andrew Neel
USA 2007, 1h21m, N/C 15+

Thirty years after her death, Alice Neel remains one of the greatest portrait artists of the past century. In this exceptional documentary, Neel’s grandson charts the struggles of her life as a female artist, as a single mother and as a painter who defied convention. Famed for her unsentimental portraits of New York personalities like Andy Warhol and Allen Ginsberg, as well as of her friends and relatives, Neel’s work revealed the inner life of her sitters.
Andrew Neel delicately examines his grandmother’s complicated relationship with her children and the sudden fame she found in the last years of her life. An extraordinary documentary which reveals the sacrifices Alice Neel made to live and paint as she wanted.
Director Andrew Neel will join broadcaster and art historian Tim Marlow to discuss the film after the screening.
Saturday 12th April, 9pm
Glasgow Film Theatre

Director: Martin Scorsese
USA 1974 45 mins, N/C 15 +
Legendary Hollywood director Martin Scorsese has chosen Italianamerican for Art Screen audiences, exclusively from his own personal archive.
Italianamerican, made forty years ago, was Martin Scorsese’s first documentary film and has endured as his own personal favourite from his extensive body of documentary work.
In this sensitive, illuminating and often funny documentary, director Martin Scorsese interviews his parents, Catherine and Charles Scorsese, in their modest apartment in New York’s Little Italy.
Over a dinner of pasta and meatballs, prepared by Scorsese’s mother, their shared Sicilian family histories are revealed. Personal stories and anecdotes from the family’s past paint a vivid picture of what life was like for Italian Americans living in New York in the first half of the 20th century.
Through conversations, interview, family archive and contemporary street scenes of 1970s New York, the environment and influences which have shaped the creative vision of Martin Scorsese are gradually and colourfully revealed; leaving the audience with an extraordinary insight into the life and work of one of the most original and acclaimed directors of our times.
The screening will be accompanied with a special introduction by Martin Scorsese, filmed exclusively for Art Screen.
Nan Goldin: I Remember Your Face
Glasgow Film Theatre
Sunday 13th April, 12:45pm
UK Premiere
Director: Sabine Lidl
Germany 2013, 1h02m, N/C 15+
Renowned photographer Nan Goldin views her personal and professional lives as one inextricable whole. Since her debut in the 1970s, Goldin elevated the snapshot into an art form through immortalising her close circle of friends, lovers, misfits and downtown bohemians. These provocative and graphic images have made Goldin world famous.
Filmmaker Sabine Lidl follows the charismatic Goldin from Paris to Berlin where she reunites with old friends and reminisces about her wild past. Along the way Goldin reveals her personality, her experiences and her career with a wry humour and the kind of intimate intensity that mirrors the work she has produced over the last forty years.
Marvin Hamlisch: What He Did For Love
Glasgow Film Theatre
Sunday 13th April, 1pm

Director: Dori Berinstein
USA 2013, 1h25m, N/C 12+
The late Marvin Hamlisch, the musical genius behind hits such as ‘The Way We Were’ and ‘Nobody Does it Better’, plus countless Oscar-winning soundtracks, was destined for greatness at a ridiculously young age. At six years old he already attended music school and by 31 he’d won two Oscars. Charting his rapid ascension from a child prodigy to becoming the toast of Broadway, Hamlisch’s famous friends recount his greatest hits, and his occasional misses, with fondness and admiration.
Featuring exclusive archive material of Hamlisch himself as well as candid interviews with Barbara Streisand, Woody Allen, Liza Minnelli and Quincy Jones, amongst others, director Dori Berinstein creates a heartfelt and humorous tribute to one of the most talented composers in the history of screen and stage.
Sunday 13th April, 3pm
Glasgow Film Theatre

Director: Kim Longinotto
UK / India 2013, 1h30m, subtitles, N/C 15+

When Salma, a young Muslim girl from a South Indian village, was 13 years old, her family locked her up for 25 years, forbidding her to study and forcing her into marriage. During that time words were Salma’s salvation. She began secretly composing poems on scraps of paper and, through an intricate system, was able to sneak them out of the house, eventually getting them into the hands of a publisher.
Against all the odds, Salma became the most famous Tamil poet: the first step to discovering her own freedom and challenging the traditions and code of conduct of her village. This film follows Salma, as courageous and resilient as ever, as she returns to her village and confronts the lives of the young women living there today.
We are delighted that Salma and director Kim Longinotto will join Adele Patrick, Co-Founder of The Glasgow’s Women Library, for a special post-screening discussion of the issues raised in the film.
Generously supported by the British Council.
Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters
Sunday 13th April, 5:30pm
Glasgow Film Theatre

Director: Ben Shapiro
USA 2012, 1h18m N/C 15+

An internationally renowned photographer with the methods of a filmmaker, Gregory Crewdson has created some of the most haunting images in the history of the medium. Filmed over a decade with unprecedented access, this award-winning film tracks Crewdson’s quest to create his surreal and incredibly elaborate portraits of small-town American life.
While the photographs are staged with crews that rival many feature film productions, Crewdson takes inspiration as much from his own fantasies as the worlds of David Lynch, Edward Hopper and Diane Arbus. Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters beautifully bares the artist’s process – and it’s as riveting as the images themselves.
Director Ben Shapiro will join Alastair Sooke, broadcaster and art critic, to discuss the film after the screening.
Facing Up to Mackintosh
Sunday 13th April, 7:45pm
Glasgow Film Theatre
World Premiere
Director: Louise Lockwood
UK 2014, 58m, N/C 12+

In recent years the Glasgow School of Art has created more Turner Prize winning artists than any other cultural institution in the UK. It is also known for being one of the most iconic Art Schools in the world. The main building was designed by one of the greatest architects of the 20th century, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. This documentary, a BBC world premiere, charts the ultimate architectural challenge: how do you design a building to sit opposite a Mackintosh masterpiece?
Filmed over three years, Facing Up to Mackintosh, is testament and response to the demolition of Newbery Tower and charts the construction of its replacement, The Reid Building. Designed by New York based Steven Holl Architects in partnership with JM Architects of Glasgow, the Reid building is Steven Holl’s first ever UK project. The film merges interviews with the architects, Steven Holl and Chris McAvoy, with the artistic responses of four recent Glasgow School of Art design school graduates, who have made work which is interwoven into the film.
Featuring conversations between well-known alumni such as Martin Boyce and Ross Sinclair, Facing Up to Mackintosh questions what makes the perfect creative environment and ultimately how and why we create art.
Director Louise Lockwood will join us to introduce the film and it will be proceed by a post-screening discussion.

Creative Scotland is the national organisation that funds and supports the development of Scotland’s arts, screen and creative industries.  Creative Scotland has four objectives: to develop and sustain a thriving environment for the arts, screen and creative industries; to support excellence in artistic and creative practice; to improve access to and participation in, arts and creative activity; and to deliver our services efficiently and effectively.  In 2013/14 we will distribute over £100m in funding provided by the Scottish Government and the National Lottery.   For further information on Creative Scotland please visit  Follow us @creativescots and
The British Council creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and builds trust between them worldwide. We are a Royal Charter charity, established as the UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. Our 7000 staff in over 100 countries work with thousands of professionals and policy makers and millions of young people every year through English, arts, education and society programmes. We earn over 75% of our annual turnover of nearly £700 million from services which customers pay for, education and development contracts we bid for and from partnerships. A UK Government grant provides the remaining 25%. We match every £1 of core public funding with over £3 earned in pursuit of our charitable purpose. For more information, please visit

Glasgow Film Theatre – Glasgow’s centre for lovers of film, GFT has been leading the way in specialised cinema for forty years. From art house cinema to late night cult screenings and from classics back on the big screen to independent documentaries, there’s something for everyone at GFT.
The Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA)  is Glasgow’s hub for creative activity. The building is steeped in history and the organisation has played a key role in the cultural life of the city for decades. Its year-round programme includes cutting-edge exhibitions, film screenings, music, literature, spoken word, festivals, Gaelic and much more.

Glasgow International– Taking place every other year, and combining some of the characteristics of a conventional arts ‘biennial’ with a more event-based experience, Glasgow International is a unique event in the international calendar. With a ground-breaking and dynamic approach to the presentation of contemporary visual arts practice, Glasgow International offers both globally recognised and emerging Glasgow-based artists across the spectrum of the city’s art scene as a platform to show new work to both national and international audiences while also introducing the work of important international artists. Since its inception in 2005 the Festival has brought together the key organisations in Glasgow’s diverse artistic community, presenting unique events and special commissions rooted in the achievements of the local artistic community, while drawing on important international developments in contemporary art.
frieze magazine was set up in 1991 and is the leading magazine of contemporary art and culture. Published eight times a year, frieze includes essays, reviews and columns by today’s most forward-thinking writers, artists and curators, along with a regular series of short videos that includes artist interviews, exhibition visits, city reports and themed films. In 2011, frieze launched a sister publication, frieze d/e: a fully bilingual German/English magazine with its own editorial team and independent content, based in Berlin.
LUX is the UK arts agency for the support and promotion of artists working with the moving image. Founded in 2002 as a charity and not‐for‐profit limited company, it builds on a lineage of its predecessor organisations (The London Filmmakers Co‐operative, London Video Arts and The Lux Centre) that stretches back to the 1960s. It represents Europe’s largest collection of film and video works made by artists and works with a wide range of international partners including museums, galleries, festivals and educational establishments, as well as directly with the public and artists. For more information see
BFI – The BFI is the lead organisation for film in the UK with the ambition to create a flourishing film environment in which innovation, opportunity and creativity can thrive by: connecting audiences to the widest choice of British and World cinema, preserving and restoring the most significant film collection in the world for today and future generations, championing emerging and world class film makers in the UK – investing in creative, distinctive and entertaining work, promoting British film and talent to the world and growing the next generation of film makers and audiences.

Glasgow Cinema: Starred Up, GFT until 3rd April
Glasgow Cinema: Rosina Bonsu, Dancing with Horses, CCA, Saturday 22 March

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