Creative Writing with Dr Linda Jackson. Spring, 2014, University of Strathclyde

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  1. I have two books out but know nothing of marketing and have been silly letting other do so that did’n,t seem proper, I have written over 2200 poems and won 1st prize at 10 years old in The Sunday Post which was huge a there was no internet and not everyone had a t.v. but I was never prompted to take poetry uP,I was told in Feb 2008 I had 18 months – 2 years to live, 17 months later I was undergoing an operation for cancer that I had a 30% chance of surviving, having the stitches removed gave me m.r.s.a. which I made no complaint about, even the 25 months they took for post care after I was told to call them even though I was with the sane doctor, I had a near fatal head injury in Dec 2011 which gave me double concussion and I had amnesia for 4 and a half months in which I had written over 100 poems and now that is over 2200 poem and I can’t stop, my American publishers say I should not change even though my writing does but it’s new writing never seen before and without plagiarism as I never studied poetry, I know errors are made, many love my poems but I do realise there is a lot more to it than just writing what is in my head and my heart and the way I see things as an individual as many others don’t like writers who everyone can understand which most of my fans say, I’m so easy to understand

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