Plein Aire Painters a Retreat in Macedonia

Plein Aire Painters a Retreat is Planned in a Unique, Virgin Territory Brajcino Macedonia

September 19 to 28, 2008

Macedonia is an ancient land rich in heritage and tradition. It was the home to Alexander the Great and is at a crossroads to southeastern Europe. The culture is a mix between Orthodox Christianity and Muslim Europe peacefully co-existing together in one of former Yugoslavia's little known gems. Macedonia is developing fast and is on the verge of transformation into a modern 21st century state. Plein Aire Painters offer a unique opportunity for artists to study and explore in one of Europe's few remaining unspoiled rural villages Brajcino situated on the edge of the Pellister National Park.

For information about Brajcino please see:
For information about the retreat please contact: Deborah Knight or Donna Leavitt:

See rare views of old Europe where the farmers still work the fields by hand

Meet some of Brajcino's gentle inhabitants

Capture true rural Macedonia

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