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Words and phrases associated with the West End of Glasgow: cosmopolitan, multi-cultured, bohemian, intellectual, grand, leafy, confident, tolerant and 'trendy'. It is known for its impressive Victorian architecture, public parks and gardens, as a home for celebrities and for its many and varied attractions including restaurants, pubs and shops.

The West End of Glasgow consists of a number of distinct areas each with their own particular attractions and characteristics. Spreading west from Charing Cross it includes Woodlands, Hillhead, Hyndland and Byres Road. It also includes the lovely Kelvingrove and the hustling bustling area of Partick running from Argyle Street along Dumbarton Road.

This section gives a flavour of different parts of the West End:

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im looking for the blue angels mc place of hang out. i know it was curlers but not sure now sum one said the big joint on south street any info would really help

spike bell | Thu Jan 08 2009

I'm looking for the names of travel agents in the Byres Road area.

Alice Warwick | Tue Jul 24 2007

How lovely to have a site on one page. so much easier to use. I hate haveing to wait everytime I have to go from page to page and back again. thank you.

Margaret | Wed Mar 07 2007

I have recently moved to Dumbarton Road and already miss the putting greens of NE Scotland. Are there any bowling clubs, for instance, that also maintain this facility over summer? Thankyou and have a great summer.

Dave | Sat Jun 10 2006

What are the boundaries of Kelvinside? I'd like to know, if you could tell me.

Hojo | Wed May 11 2005

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