Kelvinside Allotments

MISSIVES and details of rent will be e-mailed out and also placed in the huts by Thursday 25th October. If you have access to a printer please print your own and post to me with your cheque. We're checking on contact details this year so can you please fully complete your missive sp our data base can be updated.

AGM papers will be e-mailed and some copies placed in the huts by Thursday 25th October. Please try and read them online and make notes of anything you wish to raise at the meeting - no need to print everything!

Green cages are still a problem and we're trying every way to get one delivered to each site for the autumn clear up. Meanwhile thanks to all car-owners who are transporting stuff to Dawsholm.

Our attention has been drawn to a petition for more land for growing - have a look and sign the petitionif you feel you would like to support the proposals.

Our vice-president will be on Landward on Friday 27th 7pm talking about growing space.


Photo: allotment open day. King's Seeds

SALG continues to get us 40% discount off King?s Seeds. Here?s the link, you?ll need to scroll down the page to the King?s Seeds bit. You can order directly yourself, you don?t need to go through the secretary. ?

Photo: gordon manning.Useful information and contacts

The Kelvinside Allotments Association has sites in the West End at Kirklee Road and Julian Avenue. Our allotment is at Kirklee Road - one of Glasgow's 26 allotments and it's a fascinating place - I could not imagine being without our plot. We first discovered the allotments when a number of years ago we went along to the 'Allotment Open Day, which takes place each year as part of the West End Festival.

Although it can be very hard work - when the rain persists and the snails come out - mostly it's extremely pleasant and fulfilling. There is something very satisfying about seeing those seeds sprout, turning over the soil and munching on your own organic vegetables.

Collecting Water for the AllotmentIt's a very sociable place with lots of friendly and experienced gardeners happy to share their tips and sometimes even their crops. The different plots display not only the gardening flair of the owner but illustrate the time they commit to tasks such as weeding, feeding and watering their plants.

Some of the plots are magnificient, with an abundance of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Some are messy but interesting and some may be neglected and waiting to be assigned to new owners. So far we have achieved a messy abundance - of both crops and weeds. Our aim is to tackle some pro-active work to deal more effectively with the weeds. However, despite these little problems the allotment is very relaxing and I love to wander around and see all the changes that take place: new huts being built, ground being prepared, unusual flowers appearing and all sorts of work taking place.

Although just a hop and a skip away from the bustle of Byres Road it is a quiet, relaxing haven and a lot of fun.

Benefits fo Allotments

Glasgow City Council identify the benefits to be gained from renting an allotment.

  • Socialising - it's a great way of meeting like minded people
  • Relaxation - you can escape the hustle and bustle
  • Excercise - you work your plot as hard as it suits you
  • Economical Food Production - you can grow many vegetables and fruits from seed
  • Organic Food - you know how your food has been grown

Facilities at Kirklee Allotment include:

  • running water and stand pipes
  • toilet facilities
  • car parking is available in adjacent streets
  • storage facilities

The annual fee is £8, plus £31.50 rent to GCC. At present the waiting list is very long - at least 8 years.

A lot of allotment business... - Tuesday, 17th April, 2012

Raised beds at Julian Avenue site

We have two beautiful new raised beds at the Julian Avenue site ready to let. If you have been thinking of down-sizing or you are finding your plot a little too much for you, this is the ideal opportunity to make a change.

These beds will be offered to existing members who want to make a change then they will go to the waiting list.

Although raised, which stops the need for bending and digging, these beds are not wheelchair accessible.

Members' moving list

We hold a members' moving list for plotholders who want to change plots or sites or get a bigger / smaller plot.

Contact Anne Dunbar on 07724191006; 0141 9468832 or email

Two reasons to contact the committee

The Association rules are not in everyone's thoughts when down on the plot but there are two that require plotholders to contact the committee:
Planting trees - including fruit trees
Putting up a shed

For trees & sheds contact: Catherine Steele, committee secretary email


Committee minutes will be placed in the huts on each site a meeting in arrears. The minute has to be approved in committee and any corrections made before we can share them.

Communication survey

The Association committee wants to improve the ways in which we communicate with members. In order to make a start, we'll send out a survey in late April asking your opinions and getting your ideas for how to improve.

Insects Friend of Foe

Did you know that Glasgow Museums has an Insect Specialist who is happy to help you identify the insects you find in your garden and let you know if they are friends or foe.

email jeanne robinson

Download PDF for further information

Update: Kelvinside Allotments Newsletter No 30, March, 2012

Photo: Scarecrow.Further Information:

Kelvinside Allotment Association
15 Beaumont Gate
Glasgow G12 9ED - or
Allotments and Recycling Officer
Land Services
37 High Street
Glasgow G1 1LX
Phone: 0141 287 5729

Some information about Plan Bee

Kelvinside Allotsments Newsletter No 24, Spring 2009

Discussion on importance of planting wild flowers - in order to help prevent wild bee decline catastrophe

Photo: compost bin. Compost Bins are available to people in Scotland at a reduced price - further information

Information about allotments can also be found at:

Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society

Glasgow City Council Allotments

City Council Allotment Information email

Trinley Braes Allotments - a small allotment in Knightswood, Glasgow.Email

Kelvinside Allotments Association - Prizes, 2011

Judge: Max Hartman

Best plot overal

l 13, Norman and Trish Godman and 86, Gordon Manning (shared)

Best half plo

t 34, David Barry and 37, Maggie McLellan

Best flower plot

89, Colin and Margaret Williams


1st 86, Gordon Manning
2nd 89, Colin and Margaret Williams


1st 13, Norman and Trish Godman
2nd 5, Ashoke Pasi