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Photo: Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End.The professional web design and web hosting

  1. Personal service and friendly support. We get to know our customers and aim to provide a personal service - and respond quickly to all enquiries.
  2. A totally secure hosting package. We backup all data to one of our own servers and we use a commercial backup service. We like to be absolutely sure that we don't lose any of our customers data.
  3. Very fast servers. I hope you have noticed that - for example -the Glasgow West End website is very fast to load compared to other websites.

Photo: OranMor web design.Latest news: Design and Hosting the OranMor website

West End Web Design and Hosting are working with OranMor to design and host their new website. OranMor staff will be using our own Quick and Easy Content Management System to help ensure the site is always up do date.

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