Wedding favours; a traditional wedding gift

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Wedding favoursA wedding favour is a small gift given by the a married couple to guests, as a momemto of the day, at their wedding reception (or at the ceremony itself).

The tradition is an old one (some say dating back to the Romans) common among European aristocrats – particularly Italians where the wedding favour was known as a bonbonniere. A bonbonniere is a trinket box filled with delicate sweets or sugar cubes. The box itself was decorated with precious stones and crystal.

Giving a gift of sugar cubes seems strange now, however, sugar was an expensive commodity in the past and it was also thought to have medicinal properties, so it was a valued gift. As the price of sugar declined Almonds became the gift of choice. Later (i.e. in the 13th century) sugar coated almonds, known at the time as confetti, were introduced. So combining both the earlier and later traditions. The tradition of giving sugar coated almonds as wedding favours is still popular even today.

Giving Wedding favours is a tradition shared by many cultures but it is particularly popular in American and Canada where it has become an integral part of traditional wedding etiquette.

Although favours are often handed out at Scottish Weddings, where you might be lucky enough to get some wonderful homemade tablet!

Beyond traditional wedding favours

Modern day couples – have gone beyond the tradional gift list to the point were favours can be anything that the couple feel would be a thoughtful mommento of the day. Giving a gift is a way of thanking guests for sharing their special occasion. For example, a fashionable gift of the moment is to give decorative chinese takeaway boxes filled with fortune cookies.

Favoors reflect the personal style of the couple and these days can be more or less anything:

  • Something guests can use.
  • Something to eat such as chocolates.
  • Something fun and memorable.
  • Something that is part of the couples cultural background.

Giving wedding favours is an old tradition but it is one that has endured and has become a special part of any wedding day.

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Wedding favours; a traditional wedding gift.

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