Yoga for Musicians, Sunday 29 May, 2016

yoga with outi

yoga with outi

Seasonal Yoga Academy

46 Darnley Street,Glasgow G41 2TY

Sunday, 29 May, 2016 3.00 p.m. – 5 p.m.

 Part of the South Side Fringe Festival 2016

This two hour workshop is aimed at musicians of all levels and styles, whether you’re an instrumentalist or a singer. Prior experience of yoga is not required, only an open mind.

The workshop will be delivered in two parts, the first focusing on the physical element of yoga. We will look into particular asanas (postures) that will target the problem areas of a musicians body, and promote better body awareness and ease of movement when playing our instruments.
The second half of the workshop introduces us to the spiritual side of yoga in the form of pranayama (breathing) techniques and meditation. We will learn how to focus and calm the mind and control the thoughts, helping us to concentrate in the practice or performance at hand and communicate better with our fellow musicians.

Playing and practising music requires the body and the mind to work together in balance. A good musician practises their instrument daily, often hours at a time. As many instruments are rather one sided, and because the player’s focus is on the music, it is easy for the body to become imbalanced. This results in bad posture and tension in the muscles, tendons and joints. Over time this could lead to overuse injuries. Yoga is a fantastic way to create balance in the body and to become more aware of your posture whilst playing, making the body work more naturally and helping the music flow freely. Nobody wants their career to end because the body can’t handle the physical act of playing any longer.
Music also needs to breathe, just like the physical body does. With yoga we become aware of the breath and learn the proper way of breathing deeply into the body. This will help us to play more smoothly and with feeling. By focusing on our breathing we can also focus and still the mind, which will help with concentration and controlling the nerves.
Better focus together with postural awareness leads to better practise and helps us to dive deeper into the very heart and soul of music, helping us to become better musicians.

Cost: £20

Bookings must be made in advance, spaces are limited!


To book your place, and for more information, please contact Outi by
phone: 07935085244



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