Added on Friday 14 Dec 2012

by Paul John Mccafferty

Always she moves me to distraction.

I float amongst hypnotic stars,

coloured by a billion rainbows spilt across

that land of fantasy, she always morphs or flows

around like we are anglers in some torrentuous river.

Cannot but love her, Sister Isis of the moons

veil and the wine of the blood of the vein of the

rose. She of the song of the song behind

songs. The reason i have climbed

the hill, the reason i have raised the

flames, the reason i have loved and

lost and why i love her still.

See her and shake all foolish dream from

your heads my brothers. Queen of nights,

and fruit trees, and everywhere that water

falls and every wind thats ever blown

asparagus and thyme. Give one love it's eternal

assemblance. Walk each ragged pathway while you can.

I am but her loyal servant and you must choose each

shining blessing for your self. In love with every drop of

dew and how she sways the grasses and how she

moves and burns my lips and leaves me longing still.

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