Green Festiv Gathering

Added on Thursday 16 Dec 2010

We will be having a wee festive gathering this Saturday the 18th in conjunction with Lansdowne Church and the Glasgow Social Centre at the garden from 1 - 4 in the Energy Awareness Hub, where we will be having some warm food and drink, listening to some carol singers from the local area and having general festivities - we would love to see you there to wish you a warm and happy holiday.

Energy awareness advice drop in hour and free cup of tea

We are available at Beanscene, 40 Woodlands Road, for an free cup of tea and an Energy Awareness drop in hour, the last one of the year will be Friday 17th December from 4pm till 5pm. Even a 20% saving reduction can save two tonnes of CO2 emissions and can save you £250 a year - we have the resources and information to help you do this.

Winter weather opening hours

We will be in the garden again this Saturday and Sunday from 10am till 4pm, we will be doing various things on Saturday and the whole of Sunday will be spent continuing to finish the Energy Awareness Hub. After which we will be having a break from open days in the garden over the holiday period, and we will be returning in January to carry on the work for the year, we have a lot of plans for 2011 for the garden and the wider community and we look forward to working with you all to make Woodlands and Glasgow a greener place to live.

We have orchards to create, barbeques to build, herb spirals to make, fruit bushes to plant, seeds to sow, raised beds to construct, events to hold, activities to run, workshops to participate in and so much more.

We are also wanting to help you: if you have unused garden space, or are looking for some to grow your own food for the year ahead - we can help; if you are wanting to compost your food waste to turn it onto lovely plant food - we can help; if you are wanting to save money, reduce your energy demand and your carbon footprint - we can help; if you are interested in participating in or running events, activities and workshops in the garden or have any ideas or proposals for what to do in the garden and the community in 2011, we would love to hear from you.

Next Ideas Forum

We will be holding our last ideas forum of the year next Monday 20th December at 7pm in Lansdowne Church, 420 Great Western Road to chat and plan activities and events for the year ahead. We would be delighted to see you there.

Warm Pipes Happy Home

With the winter cold upon us, and more on its way, we would like to spare a thought for the poor old water pipes that help quench our thirst and keep us clean. Below is some information from Scottish Water that help keep your pipes warm and well:

'The key message of our campaign is to ensure that all householders are aware of how they can take steps to heat, insulate and protect their homes in this colder weather. Our Warm Pipes campaign offers a number of easy steps to ensure a happy home this winter.

We are also urging holiday homeowners, businesses, agents and landlords to take steps to heat, insulate and protect properties and any vacant commercial let properties.

A series of new films online provide helpful advice on how to locate your stop valve, insulate your pipes and what to do if a pipe bursts or freezes, these can be viewed by visiting also to view our videos or download a copy of our warm pipes leaflet, poster and contact card.

We are keen that you are aware that this information is being made available to customers online or on request in hard copy. If you would like hard copies of our leaflet, poster or contact card, please feel free to email details of your request.

Members of your community will also have the chance to receive a free fridge thermometer magnet, if they are one of the first 500 to request warm pipes information from Scottish Water direct.

Further information can be found online about your pipework responsibilities, visit and click on 'your responsibility'.

Finally, we would like to say a big thank you to everyone for working with us to achieve what we have in 2010. All that we have achieved would not have been possible without the input and support from all of you and though we have achieved a lot this year there is so much more that we wish to do in 2011 - and we would love to do all this with you.

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