Issi's adventures March 2007

Added on Saturday 10 Mar 2007

What did you wear in the 70's mum?

That was the question Marianne asked me early in 2007. She had a textile project to do for her art course at the Glasgow Metropolitan College and needed some 60's and 70's gear. I have to admit that I still had my original Kaftan bought in Cockburn Street in Edinburgh in 1973 and my "love beads". (It embarrasses me even to write this). While doing my Christmas shopping I had passed a wee "Vintage" Shop on Great Western Rd. called "Watermelon" and suggested to her that we could go and see what was in it.

Photo: gloves. So one Saturday we headed off to Great Western Rd. Watermelon did not disappoint us and we had great fun. There were rails and rails of sixties and seventies gear. The shop was very relaxed and friendly and we had a good look round. Soon Marianne had an armful of stuff to try on. The only thing was that there was only one changing room and a queue so we did not have as long as we would have liked to try things on and take some pictures. It was weird to see Marianne, a wee rock chic, in this seventies gear. Wearing a patchwork suede skirt that sat high on her waist (she didn't even know she had a waist) rather than her usual low slung jeans and a flowery blouse with a round collar rather than a T-shirt.

Photo: watermelon. Marianne explained to the shop assistant about her art project and he very kindly let her take some photographs. These turned out really well and very colourful. I have included these with this wee adventure.

Thanks to Marianne Wilson for the photographs

Only one thing. You know how it's said that if you haven't worn anything in your wardrobe for the last year then throw it out. Well after seeing the prices and the range of clothes in Watermelon I'm not so sure about that now. My new motto is that you should hang on to it if you can, as before you know it, it will become "vintage". How did that happen to me!

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