Just WHAT were the planets up to this Spring?!!

Caroline’s Question:

Since you did my birth chart last year…… I have become much clearer about who I am. ….

 I am curious to know what might have been happening in the heavens from the last week in February to the last week in March 2013. During that time I had a series of … let’s just call them ‘challenges’ that came so thick and fast I barely had time to catch my breath between them. Any clues? I definitely had a sense that the universe was trying to teach me something. I wasn’t aware of any one else in my close circle lurching from one mini-crisis to the next but I did meet a few people through my work who were having similar experiences around that time.

Anne’s Answer:

I had a peek at Caroline’s birth chart, which for privacy’s sake I can only comment on in a general way (for which I have Caroline’s permission). I will return to her in a moment, having (I hope!) given you readers out there some comprehensible background context from which to view my observations.

As an alternative to the image of the stage with the waiting cast of characters, you could also view a person’s horoscope as a tiny energy field interacting with, and being inextricably woven into, the bigger energy field of our solar system – and beyond….

 As a human community we are increasingly aware of the dynamic inter-connectedness of everything that exists. Energy is moving, shifting and changing all the time in an endless dance between order and chaos – visibly, for example, in weather patterns (of which we in the wet West of Scotland are only too aware!). And invisibly in the zillions of  tiny subatomic particles which enable the dance of life, death and rebirth in our cosmos. 

 Astrologers have been observing those shifting, changing energy patterns for millennia and probably have a better handle than many observers. Their medium is those planetary wanderers circling in their regular, predictable orbits around the Sun. Planetary patterns are plotted  against the 360 degree great circle in the heavens, the zodiac. And for six thousand years or more, astrologers have written down the correspondences observed between the ever-changing dance of the planets, and life down here on planet Earth. 

For most of this long period, astrologers’ focus was on the state of nations and the fate of their rulers. Only around the second century AD do we have a record of the first personal horoscopes. In modern astrology, however, we have developed a more sophisticated understanding of how the personal and the collective interweave in the grand energy patterns, or archetypes, which shape our lives. The old statement “As above, so below” is as pertinent now as it was a thousand or more years ago.

 So where does Caroline and her turbulent early spring 2013 fit into this?


Caroline’s Birth Chart 


She fits in, in essence, because she has a very striking pattern of planets in her horoscope which from the end of February to the end of March 2013 was being triggered by an especially turbulent and unpredictable energy field in the bigger planetary picture. 

Without going into too much detail, it looks like a time of very considerable tension and turbulence in the balancing act between home and career/future development plans, with issues concerning money and joint resources bringing conflict with the male principle. There may well have been vulnerable sibling issues in the mix too. The big lesson looks like how to hold onto her own power in several contexts, being fair both to herself and others. A decisive time of significant endings and turbulent new beginnings….

So, Caroline, your personal period of extreme challenge from the end of February to the end of  March 2013 took place in a world also full of especially significant endings and new beginnings

I’ll conclude this post with two of many illustrative examples one could choose from world affairs, from those two currently opposed (totally unnecessarily in my view) shaping forces – religion and science.

 At the end of February 2013 there was a massive line-up of planets in the last sign of the zodiac, watery Pisces, symbolising that great diffuse sea from which everything emerges and to which everything returns. When such a line-up occurred in Pisces in the 16th century, astrologers were confidently predicting in that overwhelmingly religious era, that the Great Flood would sweep away errant humankind – as it had done in the Biblical story. 

What they got then was the great flood of the Reformation which was utterly to change the world in a totally different way, giving rise to the kinds of  changed European attitudes and values eg the Protestant work ethic, which were to lead in the 17th/18th centuries to the scientific revolution.

This time, with six planets out of ten in Pisces, on 28th February 2013 we got the resignation of Pope Benedict, the first since before the Reformation, and an intensifying of the already burgeoning abuse scandals which are threatening to engulf the Catholic Church.

The world of science was also rocked by a significant ending. On 14th March 2013, the long hunt for science’s holy grail, the elusive Higgs boson, the particle which gives matter mass, otherwise known to Professor Higgs’ great annoyance as the ‘God particle’, was declared over. Who knows what significant scientific developments this major discovery will herald?

Any other questions/comments  are welcome!

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2 responses to “Just WHAT were the planets up to this Spring?!!”

  1. Caroline says:

    Hi Anne,

    Thank you for such a thorough answer. In some way it’s a relief to know it wasn’t just a run of bad luck. Especially as I believe we create our own luck. There were so many things that happened that seemed to be quite unconnected but what has come out of it, in the sense that it has become an on-going problem, is absolutely about money, joint resources, future plans and a conflict with a male.A Picean one at that! I have no idea when it will end or what the outcome will be but I am certain that I will look back at March 2013 as a pivotal time in my life.

    Thank you for the insight. X

    • You are more than welcome, Caroline. And thank you so much for your challenging question as well as for being willing to let me talk about your life and horoscope. This kind of sharing, as long as it is not in any way invasive of privacy, is such valuable learning for both new and experienced practitioners alike. One of the great joys of being a long-time practitioner is this: no matter how many charts you look at, no matter how often you study symbolic patterns which are familiar to you, someone will ALWAYS come up with a particular branch arising from a core combination of planets, which you would never have thought of – but which fits the symbolism perfectly.

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