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Two pots in Salignac

two pots salignac

I am reading this and thinking have I done this correctly ? The French language versus English and sometimes I look at it and I get confused with the grammar .Let’s go!! Last month I sent a photo of the pots that I didn’t know what they were.

I found them in a “vide grenier” and thought they were wonderful.Now I know what they are.The spout has a rubber tube attached ,which had a medical purpose ie in case of constipation the patient would be given an enema and I won’t describe the rest.! I still use them however for flowers or kitchen utensils.

I went to another vide grenier recently full of items made of iron with everything that I love about La Belle France: the old street signs, the beautiful pots, china, linen, old tools and I saw some great bicycles . I could have spent a fortune. However our house has quite enough as it is.

After 17 years here our attic is a sight to behold. Empty cardboard boxes and suitcases which are gradually being covered in dust. It is a big space too, insulated and with a small window and we had originally thought we might do something with it. ie another bedroom? It hasn’t happened though. This is why these “vide greniers “, literally empty attics, are so popular with the French. Over 50,000 take place every year all over France and are a great source for families with children . The clothes are much cheaper and everything is of good quality. Maybe we will have a vide grenier of our own?

April in Paris/ The love locks

april in paris

What a beautiful song “April in Paris “ is. Sung by so many people, from Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra to Michel LeGrand, who played it on piano and sang in English. With lyrics like “I never knew the charm of Spring, I never met it face to face. April in Paris, this is a feeling that no one can ever reprise. What have you done to my heart?” It is indeed a beautiful city that they call “La ville de la Lumière “ the city of light.

Walking along the edge of the Seine there are many bridges and one is called Le Pont des Arts, where the artists display their paintings and the booksellers open their heavy bookcases full of treasures and old postcards. However a strange phenomenon appeared in 2010 , small at first but still charming. These were the padlocks denoting the names of their beloved and the keys thrown into the river. It has become a huge tourist attraction but subsequently had become a danger. The amount of these padlocks weighing nearly 45 tons was severely damaging the bridge to the point of collapse. With complaints being made , it was taken down and panels have been replaced to prevent more being attached. It doesn’t deter tourists though. They still come.

Talking Politics


This weekend , on the 23rd of April , the French go to the polls. It has been a massive campaign and one in which there has been a great deal of discussion. For the first time ever there are 4 strong candidates and it is going to be a very close thing. To talk about French politics, me being Scottish, is a test of the language! I recently had a door to door leaflet drop and we talked fervently about it . The local banners outside le mairie showing all the candidates photos have all been vandalized except for one, Emmanuel Macron , perhaps as he is pro- Europe. He is young and ambitious. He and possibly Mme. Le Pen will get through to the next round and we will see on the final decision on the 7th May. Troubling times.

I watched the debate on National TV with all 11 candidates, who had to each speak for 15 minutes on their policies. During this time there was an attack on Les Champs Elysées with a policemen being shot and several others wounded. It was a terrorist affair once again . France is still on high alert since two years now and they are beginning to have had enough. However they are not afraid and will not be beaten.

I shall continue this subject next month, and on a lighter note I will have been to the French wedding which is on the 29th. A bientôt!

With best wishes from rural France . Fifi’s story from France Profonde. April 2017. Dance and film courses in the Dordogne.

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