Fiona Alderman: Another Month in Salignac

This month has been busy, and I have just finished some more English translations for the Chateau. Interesting to do and to learn further about this long term renovation project.

Replica Medieval Armour

I worked on  certain pages about the replica medieval armour now established in a room totally restored from ceiling to floor.
Full armour suits are displayed with explanations of how they were made in the Middle Ages. At the end of the 13th Century and during the following ones, that major production centres of International renown emerged. The leading area was Milan, who would export their style of armour to all of Europe. Germany followed in 1450, then later on Flanders, France and Spain produced their own style but were still strongly inspired by the Milanese and German ones.
Armour was especially important as it represented many factors, from military, technically and economically to its mark of social distinction.
The basement of the Chateau is another one of interest . Originally the kitchen with a huge coal boiler in the middle. It was also the storage area for the coal, and by 2020 and the now present owners, there were still two tons of coal and backfill that they removed by hand.
They employ a young lady called Myriam, who is officially the “gestionnaire” the manager, co-ordinating many aspects of the restoration work, the publicity and also looks after the goats. There are 4, and they run after her as if she is their mother ! Still young, they graze on the grassy slopes and quietly contemplate the world.

A Summer Fete in Rural France

summer fete
This last weekend there has been a local fete in the tiny village near Salignac also called Salignac.
Confused? There is actually a difference between the two in the spelling. There is an extra “n” in the word but nobody ever uses it. Tourists of course are baffled, turning up here for events and then discovering they are in the wrong place. I was showing a small selection of Barry’s photos and a bit of a try out for the bigger exhibition next month. I knew they would be in the church with other crafts and stalls. I had entrusted them to be put up by the President of the association, so was fairly confident. Not a good idea. I searched and searched, finally discovering them tucked away in a corner besides a religious marble mantelpiece. No one would see them. I decided to find a new place for them. A friend helped me to transfer them outside which was much better.
However, it brought back memories of when Barry and I were there in 2014. He had an exhibition also in the church but Barry organized it all ! He didn’t really like being there, sitting behind a stall and explaining his photos to visitors. I was the one that did it. He went off instead, taking his camera and shooting more pictures. Much more his style.

Missy and the photos

missy and the photos

I haven’t included Missy in this blog for a little while. She is my constant companion and I am thankful to have her. She often follows me about and we have our daily routine together.
Whist sorting out many photos for the exhibition, she calmly watched, before coming up closer. I felt she was my  picture editor. Finally sitting on the couch with one of them we had chosen.
Of me, in Glasgow, near where we lived and was for a piece of choreography I did and performed at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh. I called it ” In the Picture ” .Barry filmed it and I still have it
now digitally restored from the original video. Around 1990 I think.
Fifi’s stories of rural France.
June 2023.
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