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Sonny & Vito's

52 Park Road, Kelvinbridge, Telephone: 0141 357 0640

Angela and Mario Pelosi's great new bistro/deli - opened Summer 2007 and immediately a great hit with local shopkeepers and Westenders and tourists. A favourite spot to meet up with friends, enjoy their fabulous coconut bread and lemon curd or some tasty fresh sandwiches. Friendly staff, efficient service and lots of nice things to take home from the deli.
I'm sure the Pelosi twins (the bistro is called after them) approve of this new venture. Read the feature

Il Caffe

Anniesland. Popular bistro almost at the junction of Crow Road and Great Western Road. Roy Beers is a big fan and reckons they deserve an accolade for serving up the West End's Best Brunch. Read his account of this 'charming' little eaterie - Il Caffe


189 Byres Road (0141 339 3108). Very modern with that designer feel; this coffee bar is always busy but lots of staff. Nice to sit outside and watch the world go by or have a wifi session - you'll liable to spot Jim there complete with his Macbook. It's a family favourite and John is a big fan of their drinking chocolate.

The Rio Cafe

27 Hyndland Street, Partick. Tel: 0141 334 9909 A very lively and spacious diner bringing a bit of magic to Partick. Great choice of food and brilliant atmosphere. You can also sample some Jazz every Thursday night and on Fridays, Mark Robb, one of the owners spins his latest 45s.
Wonderful for breakfast and brunch - I love their Eggs Benedict.
Amazing how they've managed to create a family friendly bistro that's also a cool place to hang out.

Little Italy

James Clark205 Byres Road. (0141 339 6287)

a Glasgow West End favourite - with homemade everything Remo Crolla's 'Little Italy'is one of the West End's most loved establishments and has to be counted among Glasgow's top Pizzerias.
Pick up freshly made pizza to go and enjoy "the best cappuccino in the West End". Deli cum cafe. Very popular and lively. The photograph is of James Clark, who represented Little Italy in Delifrance's Sandwich Making Competition where he won first prize in the UK and third in Europe. LI just gets better and better - Jim is addicted to their minestrone.Feature on Little Italy


Otago Lane, off Otago Street, Hillhead.
The house of tea is very innovative and offers various attractions other than a wide range of teas with a focus on art and entertainment. They also know their teas with "40 varieties from all over the world" to choose from. Popular with student's looking for a 'legal high'.

Jellyhill, 195 Hyndland Road, G12.

A continental style cafe, where you can relax and have a bite to eat at anytime. You can enjoy an ever changing selection of sandwiches and snacks in very attractive surroundings. There are lots of interesting features including fabulous lighting designed specially for Jellyhill by the Drumchapel Arts Workshop. Open 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. Sunday - Wednesday, 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. Thursday - Saturday. Featured on this site: Jellyhill Cafe Bar in Hyndland.

Cafe D` Jaconelli

570 Maryhill RD, Glasgow, G20 7EE
To the North of the West End - this traditional cafe in Maryhill was established in 1924 and has been seen on many prestigious films including Trainspotting, Carla's Song and Tutti Frutti - Blue Nile filmed a video there. I got all this information from James Evans the proprietor, who felt it deserved to be included on the Web site. As he says it has a: " distinctive original 40`s style which is still very much beautiful". James also claims that it sells "probably the best ice-cream in Glasgow, if not Scotland, and if you dont believe me ask the Glasgow Herald, for when they did an ice-cream competition two years ago I received Top Vote".

I've yet to try their ice cream but I am convinced - they cafe is beautiful and does a roaring trade. Jim and I had our breakfast there last week ( 2, July, 2000). Incredibly cheap and very nice.

Cafe JJ

180 Dumbarton Road, (357 1881). A very popular stopping off point for shoppers. Good selection of light meals, nice coffee and tea. Very civilized and comfortable.

Costa Coffee Shop

Great Western Road, Kelvinbridge. At the corner of Otago Street. Coffee chain in a converted bank building, very spacious and relaxed atmosphere. One of Jim's favourite spots - he can oft times be found there reading the papers over breakfast on a Saturday morning.

Criterion Cafe

217 Dumbarton Road, partick (576 0028). Popular with shoppers and those who know that this is where you get the best ice cream in Partick.

Crows Nest Bistro

846 Crow Road, Anniesland (959 1477). Skirting the edges of the West End but too popular to leave out. A long established favourite for tea, coffee and snacks.

North Star Provisions

108 Queen Margaret Drive, North Kelvinside. Tel. 946 5365. Strongly recommended by the discerning Bowes Family this is a real find and very different. Very handy for the Botanics and the BBC crowd. Brilliant coffee, 'little plates' and deli. "A new type of food shop and pocket cafe with specialities from Portugal and Southern Europe". It's bound to be a winner - the proprietors were the original owners of the much lauded Cafe Gandolfi.
Northstar has now changed hands but retains much of its charm.
"No longer any connection with Iain McKenzie, ex-Gandolfi owner, who started it, but still doing the same little plates of food, excellent Portugeuse coffee and great home-made cakes. They have sensibly re-arranged the seating" so there's more chance of getting a table now". (Tom Cannavan, West End Wine Guru - Feb. 2002).

The Tea Garden

9 Gardner Street, Partick (339 9174). Always busy this traditional bistro/tea room serves some interesting and substantial dishes. Very good value it is a popular lunch place for shoppers.

University Cafe

87 Byres Road (339 5217). A great old favourite - an old fashioned cafe with all the traditional dishes - very big on comfort eating and brilliant for cold winter's days. Students could not survive without it. Established by the Verrecchia family in 1918 this West End institution is now run by the fourth generation (Gino and his wife Lidia). You've got to try their prize winning ice cream - made on the premises.

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Have been browsing the web for info on eating in glasgow and found your site very friendly, however as we has just had lunch outside at this Offshore cafe we felt is would be nice to tell you about it - we found it after being in the park just beside here. Had lovley spinach soup and a really smooth milky coffee. Friendly staff and a beautiful view over to the green trees. Maybe if you and family have not been down you could pop in and try for your own enjoyment. Many thanks Issy.
--Issy ( issyMac at yahoo dot co dot uk ) from U.K. on 8.8.2003; 12:46:10 Uhr

What about the cafe offshore, we find it has a lovely ambience and love the general friendly environment. Au revoir M.
--michael burns ( mickyB at hotmail dot com ) from france on 30.5.2003; 18:54:58 Uhr

Don't know if this is the right place to add it - but JellyHill a new coffee and sort of snacks place on Hyndland Road (?) I think is really good! Lovely coffee - very god paninis - great service. I liked it!!
--laura ( pixicat at pixicat dot worldonline dot co dot uk ) from Glasgow on 25.2.2003; 10:46:33 Uhr

I would also like to add that you can now get hot pizzas, noodles, indian and chinese food and freshly prepared sandwiches from Safeway Byres Roach which is situated practically next door to the botanic gardens. :)
--Safeway Byres Road ( our_jesus_reigns at yahoo dot co dot uk ) from Scotland on 3.9.2002; 15:28:02 Uhr

I have sad news that the Grosvenor Cafe is no more. Many students have had many many hangover induced greasy breakfasts in there and it is sad to see it go.

However on a happier note the Vodka Wodka bar is now in its place. A great place to get cocktails, shooters and pitchers. I heartily recommend it.
--Giles Roadnight ( giles at roadnight dot name ) from Scotland on 9.8.2002; 1:21:30 Uhr

Hi just read the review thanks its great but would you also like to throw this in Billy Connoly releases his autobiogrophy and mentions that this was one of his local haunts as a biker in the 50-60s. I asked mario jaconelli about this and he remembers him as one of the biggest trouble makers of the gang always fighting. also visitors now include Robert Carlyle Ewan Mcgergor and of course Billy Conolly. p.s great site, does the west end justice. and glad you enjoyed the breakfast.
--james evans from Jaconellis ( james at evan237 dot freeserve dot co dot uk ) from scotland th GREAT on 14.2.2002; 0:51:56 Uhr


I've been into Cafe Del Ziri on Park Road near Kelvinbridge Subway a couple of times since I started working in the West End this year and it's a great wee place. The guy that runs it is nice fella, the sandwiches are excellent and their asparagus and potato soup is amazing. It's pretty cheap too. I really recommend it.

Jonny Archibald | Wed Mar 07 2012

It is rare that I feel so moved by a dining experience that I turn to the internet to write about it, but the experience I had at North Star today was so awful I felt that people should know. I LOVED this place, and would have used to agree whole heartedly with the great reviews it has received in the past. However, the cafe has recently changed hands, and has suffered a dramatic decline in quality. We had the french toast, a bacon sandwich, a full cooked breakfast and scrambled eggs. The bacon sarnies and french toast used to easily be some of the best in glasgow. Now, the bacon is fatty and overly salty. The bread, once organic and gorgeous, with a lovely fluffy inside and golden crust, has been replaced by low quality, rubbery bread. The cooked breakfast was half burned, as were the scrambled eggs. The French toast came with slices of processed cheese, not the lovely grated cheddar it used to have,and golden syrup instead of maple syrup! When we asked the cook why the processed cheese, he argued it was the same as cheddar, I did not know what I was talking about, and that they were using it because "it was cheaper". It would seem cheaper raw ingredients are the key here as they attempt to make savings, but sadly this has come at the cost of losing the great cooking north satar had under the old management. I will not be going back; I would advise you to avoid it too.

Ben | Sun Dec 04 2011

I was born in Glasgow in 1953 and lived in Kelvinhaugh Street. I remember from a very early age that we always went to Pelosi Ice Cream parlour near our street. Does anyone remember this ice cream parlour? I thought at the time and still do that their ice cream was the best I have ever eaten and I must say I have eaten many many ice creams since then as I have lived in Italy for the past 30 years!

Elaine | Wed Sep 29 2010

Not sure if you've tried it but there is a small restaurant named Peters in Hyndland street. Highly recommend it for both pre-theatre and A la Carte. Think it's just been bought over?

Amanda Weir | Fri Jun 25 2010

I love Jaconelli's! Best Ice Cream in the world. Stay beside it and know the staff. Very friendly. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Kieran Waddell | Sun Jun 03 2007

Jaconelli's Cafe has been famous for it ice cream for years. I remember my mum and dad telling me that they used to go there when they were courting just before the outbreak of the second world war, therefore I just had to include it in my new novel titled 'What's for Ye, Won't Go By Ye'. The story starts in Possilpark when Linda Macgregor is born in 1948, then it traces back to the romantic love story of her parents before and during the war. It takes us through the peaceful 50's and the swinging 60's. Maryhill, Ruchill, Springburn, Milton are just a few of the areas featured in this fiction story. It is an emotional tale but one that lots of Glaswegians will relate to. In true Glasgow fashion the humour shines through, even when times are tough!

Avril Dalziel Saunders | Mon Jul 03 2006

We've been in the Tinderbox in december 2004. I like the black STAFF-Shirts of the coffee bar staff :-) Does anyone know where to buy these T-Shirts? Just drop me a line...

OS (from Germany) | Wed Feb 16 2005

We've been in the Tinderbox last december 2004. I like the STAFF-Shirts of the stuff :-) does anyone where to buy these T-Shirts?

OS (from Germany) | Wed Feb 16 2005

I love Jaconelli's ice cream as does my family and even my dog. The cafe has so much atmosphere and the welcome is always friendly. If you want to relive your childhood peering at the sweeties on the counter or having an icedrink wondering if you can afford a knickerbockerglory. This the place to go.

Dr Mark Templeman | Sat Nov 13 2004

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