Bellow Below 'Hooks' EP

Added on Tuesday 9 Oct 2012

Photo: bellow below hooks. Launch at Bar Bloc

A Quiet Night In - mini music fest

Wednesday 10th October


Bellow Below, Vasquez, Kimmy Yeah



Track Listing:

  • 1. Elephant Island
  • 2. Southern Opal
  • 3. Prins Olav
  • 4. Sanny Ball
  • 5. Simbrah the Killer

All tracks recorded and mixed by Ross Middlemiss at Big Baby Studios. Label: Overlook Records

?It is fair to say that the chemistry between each member is truly intoxicating and soon has the audience excited to hear what else they?ve got.? Ravechild

?A fusion of complexity and simplicity which demonstrates their talent and skill as well as their ability to engage crowds and get people involved and invested in their show? Golden Ticket

?It?s a very rare things these days for a band to really grab my attention at a gig let alone completely blow me away.? Daily Dischord

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Bar Bloc, 117 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 2SZ

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