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Added on Tuesday 24 Jul 2012

Photo: scott nicol. Wow, I've been soooo busy that had to do my final part of my blog?on home soil. The 'Burning Days' tour in Wisconsin July 2012 was the best ever, my last blog took you to?Tuesday on the first week. Wednesday I played Green Lake County Jail - Johnny?Cash style - it was an awesome experience to see prisoners touched and inspired by the!

Later on that evening I had an informal meet and greet with the?youth of the small town Friesland. It was great, lots of signing autographs and t-shirts and some local singers joined in with what became an impromptu concert.

Thursday was also fantastic, when we played at the truly original 'Botanicals' in Fond du Lac after being on 2 radio stations there in the morning - 8 am ain't the best time to sing and rock out but it seemed to go down fantastically well.

After Botanicals I played with the band at an amazing new venue in town 'Trinity' it was quite a place and all p.a. was set up for me ahead of time, I was a little late from 'Botanicals gig so by the time I got there it was a bit of a mad rush on stage, the crowd were great and cheering when I finally arrived.

I was back with the band Luminous Storm on Friday and Saturday and the band 'The Luminous?Storm' rocking out at two sponsored gigs in the park,it was quite a magical setting, playing into the nite looking up at American skies. The?Friday gig was live on The Josie Show. Josie herself was there and sang her new single 'Teenage Girl'. Sunday I played at a great intimate concert at Marsh Haven Nature Centre, it was one of my favourites because people really sat and listened intently to my songs and stories behind them

Later the same evening I played The Corner Pocket in Portage?Wisconsin, another good gig. Monday's gig was at amazing new building called Hydro Street Brewing Co - it was beautiful. A couple from Irvine, who had moved to Columbus, WI, read about me in the local press and came to see me .small world eh???

I always got local talent involved when I could and again had local singers back me? during this gig. Tuesday was a last minute booking at The Boat House but one of my favourite shows as I strayed into musical territory not even on my setlists and was the better for it, a great night.

The final show was at America in Ripon, a classy resturaunt, this was an amazing last night for me - very emotional. We had most people from my band and the singers and musos who had played for me during the tour, my band: 'The Luminous Storm'...Steve Riley, Jerry Gordon, Dave?Olson....violinists Lekeesha Herringa, Dwight Krausee, vocalists?Janel K?and Mariah B....Shantelle L?and Stephanie B couldn't make it....It was an amazing evening and full thanx to Gena Kok and her team who made it so successful.

I will be back soon.......I was presented with an incredible poster signed by lots of people, there was such a great turnout and overflow of love, there were lots of signings,photos and some tears....I left for home the next morning and even sold cd's to the people I met in airports en route home.

Please check and? The Burning Days CD and New York City Summers Day single. youtube for New York City Summers Day - Scott?Nicol and the Limitless Sky.....also Cindrella and out of the box records?/musik and film? for new single 'New York city summers day and The Romance of?American skies'..........


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