The Burning Days Tour

Added on Thursday 12 Jul 2012

Photo: tour starts. ? ? It's already Wednesday, July, 11 and I have been so busy that this is my only chance to get on a computer since I've arrived. It has been a bit frantic and insane but I'm having a blast. I had a great flight to New York and on to Chicago, but missed the bus to Madison, WI...oops......oh well. I finally arived after being awake for almost 24 hours. I went straight to rehearsal with my U.S.A. based band The Luminous storm. We are doing a few shows together during the tour, My friend Steve Riely has his own studio at his home. And I am staying there for a few days, so not too far to go to crash after the rehearsal. Steve put the band together last year for me, they are amazing and already play 17 of my own songs,?and are learning 6 new ones.

Friday was?my first day of the tour and a local singer Mariah?Brown came over to rehearse with me to?do backing?vocals, she is great and we sang later on that day at an outdoor market place, it was a cool way to ease myself into the crazy schedule that is ahead of?me.?I played for?3 hours thankfully we were in the shade for it was aproximately 100 degrees. Later on that same evening?I rehearsed together?with the?band. We are sounding hot and we want to smash it every time.?Saturday we rehearsed one more time then?headed out?to?the Concert In?The Park?, it was a beautiful setting?by the lake for the 4th of July celebrations. We played for almost 4 hours, it was amazing, we brought the spark?and fireworks rained down later.

Photo: crowd. Sunday has been the busiest day yet approximately 7AM me and the guys were in Ripon Community Church to rehearse to play at the following three services, we played to approximately 600 people and rocked the house. My highlight so far has been?Sunday?afternoon we played at Mugs at 1:30 in the afternoon it is a beanscene type of coffee bar it was packed and we literally had people dancing on the tables, bear in mind this was not Glasgow on a Saturday night but a Sunday afternoon in a small American town. As well as the band we had guest musicians and singers it was a truely memorable day.?

Afer this, I had a quick dip in the pool then off to play play again in the evening, the next morning?I woke and?I could hardly speak beacause I had sung so much. Monday was proving to be a little more restful, I?did play at a residential home in the afternoon thankfully my voice was?coming?back to normal. I was on radio at 4 PM, interveiwed?and the first tracks were played from the?Burning Days Album?produced by Dean Darkie, later on that evening I spoke at a songwriters group which went amazingly well, we managed to get great footage for the documentary for the tour.

The songwriters group met in the?Seipell Center which is such a cool art house and we had an impromtu photo session. After that we jammed with some of the song writers at a local bar. Tuesday?has been the?most relaxing day so far?but I did rehearse?in the afternoon with a young violinist for my show at night. It was at?an idylic setting by?Lake Emily, it was a great gig it featured?2 local violinists and a local singer as well as myself playing for 3 hours.

Wednesday is already looking like a busy day and I will send more info to come, but please tune in to this Friday at?1 AM our time to hear me and the band rocking out live online.?Thanks, Scott xx??

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