Added on Monday 2 Jul 2012

Hi people just short update at the start of 2012. Again hit the ground running fast and furious with numerous great gigs already under my belt..some highlights have already been the'KA radio'fundraiser in Pivo pivo in January,London January also and harley's charity gig for'S.A.N.D.S.'in February,it was awesome....I recorded in London for'Rocksteadymovement'.i recorded on 2 of their songs but also cut my song 'Love enough'with Charity-Rose-Pancaldi ,she is amazing..this track is gonna be on her album/ep out soon.I am now being looked after by 'Luminous storm management 'in both USA and Europe....There seems to be an explosion of talent here in Ayrshire Scotland,and i'm proud to be a part of it....i am working with new musicians beacuse of this and things are opening up.I started recording my new album 20th March the title is 'The Burning Days'...Dean Darkie from' The Harmless theives' is producer. Also shot brand new video for 'New York City Summers Day' end March for major exposure in America this summer.Martin Bone is director. He is amazing...also two films about the making of the video.Eleanor Bailey is shooting this,so exciting days ahead...

Already have gigs booked in USA this summer and more gigs booked over here and waiting on word back from festivals this summer........and let's not forget still promoting 'Storm The Winter Palace'...'Bullet From The Heart of Love' out on Jandar Records USA, albums from late 2011 and single 'Like The Best She's Fearless'...released December last year....all can be found on Eatacd.com/itunes/cd baby etc.......plenty going here and i ain't about to quit...the 'burning days' are up ahead,hope i see you there..xxx Scott..

update June 2012....'The Burning Days' almost complete..16 wowee new trax...worked with a lot of new musicians on this album and vocalists, this is a solo project but it definitely kicks it with the band. The video for'New York City Summers Day' is amazing and been so well recieved...just played the wonderful 'ABC' Glasgow supporting 'Leeland'..top USA band, fantastic nite...many more gigs to come this year,possibily Niarobi and Lille France in November.....5th July i hit the USA for 2 week tour.....awesome......xxxx www.scottnicol.us 'New York'track http://bit.ly/JnKdn5 thanxxxx Scott.........just signed 'New York City Summer's Day' and 'The Romance of American SKies' to 'Cinderella & out of the box records 'USA...be hitting radio stations very soon through 'Sony Music'....also 'The Burning Days' album released now in USA 5th July......i am so excited about starting 'The Burning Days 'tour this week 5th July...sweet.....xxx

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