Ginger and Friends, Hawk Eyes, Exit International

Added on Saturday 10 Dec 2011

Photo: hawk eye. Live at G2, Glasgow - 8th December, 2011

In what seems to have become a favourable alternative to pantomime, Ginger (of Wildhearts notoriety) brought his festive collective to Glasgow for the third consecutive year. Despite day-long attempts by "Hurricane Bawbag" to throw the gig into crisis, there was no stopping a good number of headstrong Wildhearts fans from having a party.

First up were Exit International. Who needs guitars? Not these guys, who used two bass guitars to make their point. The resulting sound was downright menacing, due in part to the fine-tuned screams of Fudge Wilson. Cardiff is hardly a hotbed for musical ingenuity, but that might be about to change. Conclusion? Noise is cool.

Hawk Eyes were next, and gave Wildhearts fans an idea of how The Wildhearts might've sounded if they invented screamo. In fairness, it was a composed performance from the Leeds-based group. If fans are won through intensity of performance, then Hawk Eyes will do just fine. Ginger and Friends is probably the ideal show for the quintessential Wildhearts fan. Songs from every era of the band's colourful history were played, and Victoria Liedtke provided some welcome backing vocals while also proving to be a treat for the eyes . Rich Jones, Denzil and the evergreen "Random" Jon Poole were also present. Much more than Ginger's wingmen, Wildhearts fans will know each musician from their own projects in British or American rock music.

It would be a rare happening to leave such a show feeling disappointed, and this was no exception. Christmas tours are seen by many as moneyspinners, but such cannot be said of Ginger's tour. In fact, most in attendance will have seen it as an early Christmas present.

Reviewer: Peter McGee, Bluesbunny

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