Wisconsin Winter Wonderland

Added on Thursday 24 Mar 2011

Photo: brandson hills.

Wow!! Who would have thought a 90 minute plane journey would take me from sunny Nashville to what looked to me like Lapland!!! The snow must have been 2 ft on the ground mostly all over.

I love New York, had good time there, even Nashville was great to see, but for me on this trip Wisconsin won hands down. It was set up so well and I was really taken care of by Marsha Brown and Gena Kok. They simply were quite amazing, drove me to gigs made sure everything was in place, worked tirelessly on my behalf selling cds etc, wow they were the best!!!!!

Photo: duo. I hit the ground running with Friday night gig... I played for 3 hours, got to bed 1am, up at 4am to get to TV Show on Fox 11... Good morning Wisconsin, which was a real honour, fantastic to see behind the scenes also. I did 3 songs they went great, played that night at another venue that wanted 3 hours music...phew!!!

Next morning I was on the go again at a breakfast diner which was kinda cool then played at Randolf Town Hall in afternoon, which was a memorable gig, also had couple of local singers join me on stage which was fun, Janel and her son Mark.

I probably played too many gigs to mention as I was in Wisconsin for ten days but most memorable were Green Lake Jail and Fox Lake Correctional Centre...honestly amazing and humbling to go in and be so well received. It was a little intimidating but I was cool the minute I started to sing.

It was amazing to see the lyrics to the songs touch so many. Another highlight was a dinner gig held for me on Friday evening, it was a somewhat different setting for me and I had local singers Sarah Koots and Stephanie Anne Gwent with husband Tim sing and play also. That was a truly great night. I was also on really cool radio show which went wonderfully well....In 10 days I played 18 separate times and had two music business meetings in Wisconsin...and loved every minute of it...I left part of my heart there...they want me back in October so I must have done something right.

My hosts Gary and Marsha brown from Brandon Hills Music were magnificent as was Gena. I miss them already. I wrote lyrics every day. New songs are already forming from this trip. Till the next time.............xxx

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