Nashville skyline

Added on Thursday 24 Mar 2011

Sunnier skies met me in Nashville, more sunnier than in New York. The people again incredibly friendly even from the get go. I must say my hotel was great with wonderful staff. I had a lady from a USA PR company fly in to meet me and if I?m really honest that whole side of things was the worst part of my trip as I was let down really badly, but hey another lesson learned in this music business.

I had to kinda change tak and I was on my own. I went to a cool venue called 3rd and Lindsey on my first night and mingled with muso types and watched some cool bands. The next evening I was on playing same venue on a night hosted by Capitol Records, I saw some amazing singers but one defo to watch for the future was Elliot Collette and the articles....fantastic..Remember that name....!!

It is music city and I had wandered in and out of places during the day watching bands and artistes, it's that kind of town. I also met up with Cathy Lemon who is an amazing woman involved in Artiste development on Music Row, she spent approx 1 hour with me which was fantastic, she listened to my songs and I may work with her in the future. She is great!!!

I also played later that same evening at The Commodore lounge; it was a writer?s night which seems to be very popular there. There were too many great artistes on that night to mention, I played near the end and got a great reception, even had my cab paid for me, and home.

Last day saw me relaxing for the first time on my trip for any length of time but I met Donna Beckham, who is a fantastic singer, she was killing time at the hotel waiting to be taken to the airport. I got my guitar and we shared songs round the poolside in what was a fantastic meeting of creative minds.

Played my last gig at The Nashville Palace at night with some other great musicians, it went wonderfully lift home, chatted a while to a singer who had been on same billing and then off to bed ready for flight out in morning. Even at the airport you can't escape the music as I was served at the check in by country singer Stephanie Lynne who is amazing. Checked her website!!! Leaving Nashville with some mixed feelings, it?s a beautiful place but should have worked out better for me...Anyhooo I had a great time...Wisconsin here I come.....

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