New York Tour Kicks Off

Added on Monday 28 Feb 2011

Like a hurricane i've landed.......'In the Big Apple'. I hit the ground running, straight from airport to small tv studio called 'm.n.n.' in Manhattan. I was interviewed and performed a 4 song set 'live like a lion', 'era for miracles', 'paradise' and, of course,.....'new york city summers day', (although pretty nippy here) to be aired next Friday.

I then went to a radio studio called 'Phantom Audio' to prep for Saturday interview and live set. i finished Friday with one song at an event in Brooklyn called 'amplify bookclub' don't think they ever had live music there before but they loved it and the song i performed was 'take a bullet for me', which perfectly summed up the evening's discussions.

Well, Saturday saw me taking in few of the sights, M.O.M.A., M.E.T. and the Guggenheim Museum along with Times Square, of course. also a trip to New Yoik gotta do it.... Then onto the studio, the interviewer was 'xman' the voice of NBC...really cool guy with his engineer, whose company works with top acts in the USA including Beyonce, Evanessance and Guns and Roses. I did an interview and 5 song set, I did the four songs i performed on tv Friday plus 'this city is mine'. (All songs from my e.p.'possibility screams', which is on itunes and 'luminous', acoustic disc and forthcoming 'scott nicol and the limitless sky' debut album 'storm the winter palace'.) The show will be aired on at least 25 stations in the USA...also got amazing footage in times square for forth coming video of track 'new york city summers day'.

My gig at the 'cafe noir' somehow got lost in confusion and was cancelled but I ended up playing an impromptu 4 song set in a peruvian resturaunt in Brooklyn called 'Coco Roco', which went down fantastically well.....this is the start of a tour that is gonna keep gaining momentum....hope you take the ride with me ..thanxxxxx scott.....

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