Raring to go!

Added on Sunday 20 Feb 2011

Photo: scott nicol. Well just a few days to go until I unleash acoustic dynamite across the USA..... I start out in 'The Big Apple' then Nashville then finishing trip in Wisconcin .......I am booked almost every day /night with a mixture of gigs/tv/radio/networking/Churches....even playing a couple of prisons (hope I get out), maybe a little sight seeing thrown in.

The tour lasts 25th February till 14th March..I am travelling alone for this one, so I will defo miss my family but I get kinda focused on these trips, you have to be....I am also shooting part of a video for track 'New york city summers day' whilst in NY......so a funpacked time ahead.

I'll be blogging the details....hope you'll follow me and enjoy!!! Scott Nicol..xx

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