First Say No To Plastic Vintage Sale of the New Decade

Added on Monday 7 Feb 2011

Photo: the green godess. Yesterday I hosted the first Say No To Plastic Vintage Sale of the new decade. Thirty stalls selling stunning vintage clothing and furniture, second hand kids clothes, beautifully crafted jewellery and a whole host of hot hot homeware.

Oran Mor was our venue, slick as can be and a venue which takes consideration when it comes to the environment. I know this as the banner which I had in the venue was made of bamboo and canvas - and it looks stunning and is the easiest pop up stand I've ever popped up! The company who made it for me BD Print also print banners for Oran Mor and I'm pleased to tell you that when they can, they always go for the biodegradeable option. So you see, if you want to go for biodegradeable options, that literally don't cost the earth you can!
Check out my pop up banner and for more information check out

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