Alive and Kicking

Added on Friday 28 May 2010

Photo: brigid kaelin. West End Volume 39

I'd done well. I'd gone a whole week without a fix of live music. I'm cured of my affliction. No longer shall I be on first name terms with the barmaids of Glasgow. Well, I was before the relapse.

The mention of free food and free drink did it and, in but a moment, I headed back into the abyss. That was a touch melodramatic for, truth be told, it was only the basement of Pivo Pivo for the launch of Rua MacMillan's "Tyro" album. Even my well publicised loathing of all things to do with a fiddle - you'll recall that I regard the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra as the foot soldiers of the forthcoming apocalypse - could not keep me from free drink. I'll even grudgingly admit that the Rua MacMillan chap was quite good.

Once you start, it's hard to stop. Therefore the next night involved a visit to the Liquid Ship where Fireside Kicks and Steven Duguid gave two compelling reasons to be there that weren't to do with beer. Then on Friday the warm weather drove me into the Wise Monkey. Majestic Dandelion were playing and, in their Strawberry Alarm Clock meets Bright Eyes style, they proved to be embarrassingly good for being so young.

I'll not be staying out of trouble this week either as Colin Clyne plays the Liquid Ship on 27th May. At the same venue on the 28th May (might just hide in the toilet to save myself from having to go home) are the mistress of the musical saw Brigid Kaelin and dulcimer player Butch Ross. Ms Kaelin is something of an aficionado of Islay malts too which is the true sign of class.

Finally, two thumbs up to the latest EP from Glasgow blues trio Three Card Trick. Quality musicianship, real flair and it was recorded live in the studio. The truth is actually out there.

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