Disassociation of the Soul

Added on Sunday 16 May 2010

Photo: save the power hour. West End Volume 38

It's been a strange week. I've been suffering withdrawal symptoms from lack of live music. An uncomfortably large number of days have passed since my last live experience and I've actually spent almost every night at home.

Nonetheless, it was an opportunity to rummage through the emails that I oh so diligently ignore. Monday morning task number one - open inbox, Ctrl + A to select everything then Delete. If it is important then they will send the mail again. How to self-police spam in one easy lesson. Ha!

A couple of items aught my attention. One was another blog on Scottish music getting pulled off Google for "violations". The Pop Cop is the latest victim of the might of the American publishing giants as he got unceremoniously cancelled. Then there was the case of Ali Spagnola finding herself the subject of legal action regarding her album "The Power Hour Album" as someone had managed to copyright the phrase "power hour" (a "power hour" is a thoroughly juvenile drinking game, by the way). She deserves your support as drinking games are good fun and a fantastic way to build up social skills (or maybe not).

On my sole escape from home this week, I ended up out at community radio station Pulse 98.4 in Barrhead. Raymond Weir had invited me out there (probably as revenge for my last review of his band The Eisenhowers...) to talk the bunny talk for about an hour. It was a (vaguely) amusing experience and you can hear the show again on Thursday evening at 8pm. You can even stream it off their website if you are not in the Barrhead area. Louise McVey and Cracks in the Concrete, Susanna Macdonald, Matt Kollar and Krestovsky were on the musical menu, by the way.

Additional Reading:

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