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Added on Tuesday 11 May 2010

Photo: miaoux miaoux. West End Volume 37:

What's been happening this week in Glasgow? Not a lot really. An excessive amount of driving - which is the same as any amount of driving in my book - has led to a very dull life with my main concern being why the car's headlamp washers don't work. Today being sunny, I thought it was time to get some fresh air whilst doing a spot of disassembly. After an hour of knuckle skinning fun, I reckon it is the relay so a search for another 8L0 955 535 will now commence.

Wait a minute, wasn't I supposed to be writing about music? Of course but, to tell the truth, it hasn't been much of a week for musical inspiration. A trip to Pivo Pivo brought a new singer songwriter of some quality to my attention. She was called Stephanie Manns and she actually acknowledged there was an audience present during her set - more unusual than you might think. With a nice line in confessional lyrics and a direct, unfussed approach, she made a refreshing change from the angst ridden norm. Fireside Kicks were probably the gentlest band I've seen in a while but, again, it was the singer (called Leanne - I have now learned that getting a woman's name right is actually important) - that brought the most pleasure to my somewhat jaded ears.

On Saturday night, I ended up in the Captain's Rest. Miaoux Miaoux (there's a name that's not in the spell checker) stood out from the rest of the acts showing what can be done by one man with a box of electronic tricks and plenty of imagination. Even better, I got mistaken for the bouncer (again). It was vaguely amusing to have a guy came up to me and plead with me not to throw his drunk pal out (apparently he was harmless) but I missed the best bit when another miscreant got thrown out for relieving himself in a corner of the dark, dingy basement. The miscreant actually tried to debate the matter with the bartender. I mean, that is just not a recoverable situation.

Glasgow, it my kind of city...

Miaoux Miaoux - www.myspace.com/miaouxmiaoux

Fireside Kicks - www.myspace.com/firesidekicks

Stephanie Manns - www.myspace.com/stephaniemanns

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