Lost in the Battlefield

Added on Saturday 8 May 2010

Another day, another dollar, another rant about plastic glasses. Time to (briefly) bring up my favourite bugbear of beer in plastic glasses. You can see the point at festivals and the ilk due to the presence of hordes of amateur drinkers but why is this obstacle to the enjoyment of God's chosen drink i.e. beer foisted upon us in a city centre? I an out and about a lot at night and I can recall exactly one fight in a venue in the last 3 years and that got broken up (by the barmaid) in about 5 seconds flat and no glasses were involved.

So there I was in King Tuts on Friday staring at the cloudy, scratched plastic that they serve overpriced (£3.45?) Guinness in and you have to wonder why the average punter who has paid good money for a ticket puts up with this. Fortunately Midas Fall - all the way from Edinburgh - proved to be entertaining and The Viragoes delivered a dead on set of memorable songs that easily distracted me from my suffering (one was called "Bojangles Junkie" - you've got to love that Clydebank sense of humour). King Tuts does have the benefit of being a short walk from the State Bar (where Dave Arcari and Palmer Fox Eldritch played on 29 April, by the way) and where you could have a rather more civilised "one for the road".

Talking of live music events, another great night was had on 26th April at Pivo Pivo near Central Station when Bluesbunny - shameless plug, I know - went pop, Pop, POP! with Sugar Crisis, The Paraffins and Magic Box Mistress. I first saw Magic Box Mistress perform a couple of years back and saw potential in her and I'm pleased to say that it looks like I was right. Well worth the attention of your ears. Oh, and the Guinness comes in a real glass at that venue.

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