A Trip to the Seaside

Added on Monday 19 Apr 2010

West End Volume 33

Photo: jon gomm. Cars have these things called lambda sensors and they control the fuel supply amongst other things. The Bluesmobile has two of them and they needed replacing. Some strong language and skinned knuckles later and the job was done. However, the car's "brain" needs to adjust to them so you need to go on a nice run to give it the opportunity to do so. Largs therefore became the destination of choice for a Saturday night excursion.

Loading up the CD changer with music needing reviewed (Andy Tucker and the Scattered Family, Midnight Thursday, Peter Parker and Kill the Captains if you're interested) and packing a plentiful supply of Mars Bars in case of breakdown, it was off to the seaside.

There was another reason for the trip. Of course there was or it wouldn't be a deductible business expense. Word had come up the bush telegraph - actually it was text message but I'm a romantic at heart - from the redoubtable Tam Skinner that a guy called Jon Gomm was playing at the Victoria Hotel and he was something special. It was a good tip as well as Mr Gomm really did impress. I suppose being from Blackpool would motivate any man to develop his talents and get out of town but it has been a while since I've been bowled over. Remember that all he uses is a battered acoustic guitar, some clever electronics and his voice to demonstrate such rhythmic and melodic excellence that you just can't fail to be impressed. One to check out sooner rather than later.

Also playing were the Paul Rose Band and their drummer turned out to be no less than Ted McKenna which was quite spooky as the Sensational Alex Harvey Band's "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" album was in the car's CD player. Lapsing into Coatbridge talk (from whence Mr McKenna hails), he was "pure class".

I'm happy. The Bluesmobile is happy. Time to set a new record (without transgressing a single speed limit, of course) for the journey home.

Jon Gomm - www.jongomm.com

The Paul Rose Band- www.myspace.com/thepaulroseband

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