Twists and Turns

Added on Sunday 11 Apr 2010

Photo: sara and the snakes. West End Volume 32

I was trying to think why I subject myself to the rigmarole of reviewing bands in and about Glasgow. I mean, it is not the kind of thing that I have to do. God knows I buy enough vinyl and CDs to prove my commitment to things musical. So why put pen to paper? Now that I think of it, pen to paper sounds a lot better than fingers to keyboard, doesn't it?

What brought on these thoughts, I hear you say? Well, I thought I might have found the root cause for my affliction. My train of thought went something like this. On Friday, I left the company of one attractive female singer - I'm shallow so I am excluded from paying any more than lip service to the concept of political correctness - for a smoke filled basement to do yet another review. The smoke was a special effect, by the way, and not indicative of a return to the old tobacco tolerant ways. Sara of Sara and the Snakes was on stage so I decided to fall in love with her. Anyway, she was wearing red boots and I thought they were quite fetching. The headline band was Isa and the Filthy Tongues fronted by Stacey Chavis. She was wearing the reddest lipstick I had ever seen and had a fringe - fringes are cute -so I decided to abandon Sara and transfer my affections to Stacey. Fortunately for Stacey, all that falling in love made me hungry so I made a solemn vow to transfer my affections to the first chicken kebab that I met.

All was suddenly clear, I write about music because I need an excuse to eat chicken kebabs. You can't beat the logic.

Isa and the Filthy Tongues -

Sara And The Snakes -

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