My glass is half full

Added on Tuesday 9 Mar 2010

West End Volume 28

Photo: the primevals. I was thinking about that whole thing about your glass being half full. You get that way with music in Glasgow. There is so much of it about that you could drown in it. Then you realise the other side of the coin also applies in that quantity and quality aren't always exactly in alignment. Didn't Kermit the frog sing a seriously head hurting song about being half way up a set of stairs and noticing that he was actually half way down?

There will be sense in here somewhere. No there won't. Even a random rummage through the dusty shelves here at Bluesbunny Towers produced more confusion. Either that or a demonstration in eclectic taste. Marie Knight's 1975 gospel album "Today". Nancy Sinatra's 1967 "Country My Way" album. Nagisa Ni Te's mystic folk LP "Yosuga". The Primevals "There Is No Other Life and This Is It" album. The supremely obscure (and brand new) live album from Baltimore underground heroes The Agrarians. None of it even in alphabetical order.

Finally (and in one of those moments when I wish I was Doctor Who), the 10th of March has me torn between attending Jana Peri at Pivo Pivo, Punch and the Apostles at Stereo and Martin Metcalfe at the 13th Note. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Or maybe that should be indecision, indecision, indecision?

Punch and the Apostles -
Jana Peri -
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