Monks and karma

Added on Tuesday 2 Mar 2010

Photo: brigid kaelin. West End Volume 27

Sunday again. There's a pile of CD's sitting next to me that's gets more threatening by the moment and all of it needs reviewed. Time to ingest the power coffee - Union Rich Clarity if you are interested - and get started.

There's what can only be described as a wide variety here. From Italy comes the new album from the Psychopathic Romantics (think I will keep that in the shrink warp until I feel braver) to a journey through the strange medieval underground occupied by The Agrarians from Baltimore and an album by a monk called Dada Veda. A monk?

Well, yes. That provides an interesting dilemma for the reviewer. If a musician has the Big Guy on speed dial, you wouldn't want to give him a bad review. You might get struck down by lightning or something. The bad karma alone would stop any chance of success in matters of the heart. Or in matters of the underpants for that matter. It turned out that Dada Veda's album was a good natured collection of songs that were - for want of a better word - wholesome. Looks like I'll not be burning in Hell this week after all

Talking of lucky breaks, I was walking along Great Western Road when I met a beautiful woman that I had not seen for a while. And yes, she was real. Why do people think that the women in my life are all imaginary? Anyway, she stopped to say hello, she smiled that sweet smile she has and some two hours later all things that were going horribly wrong suddenly corrected themselves. Spooky but true. Some say God is a woman and they might just be correct in that assumption. It would explain why their shoes come in so many colours.

Looking ahead to things that are going to go well, Kentucky songstress and aficionado of Islay whisky Brigid Kaelin is due to play Glasgow at the end of May along with Chattanooga based dulcimer player Butch Ross. It's all good!

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