Clean Living

Added on Monday 8 Feb 2010

Photo: st deluxe. West End Volume 24

I hate February. It's cold and damp and I, as a matter of routine, have adopted clean living for not a drop of alcohol passes my lips during this shortest of months. Does this period of sobriety affect my writing? I thought, or rather hoped, that it would have been terminally affected so that I would have had to drink to express my creativity. There would be romance in that but truth be told, the only thing to affect my writing is whether my muse smiles upon me or not.

So it was business as usual although I have to admit that watching St Deluxe and Peter Parker at Stereo on Saturday was somewhat less rewarding with only a fresh orange and lemonade in my hand. It was, however, interesting in that the distinctly under rehearsed Peter Parker outshone the more polished St Deluxe. You could guess the next note with St Deluxe throughout their entire set whilst Peter Parker appeared to be having a real time debate on where every one of their songs was going but they had something that few bands have and that is charm. You just couldn't dislike them with the deadly serious look of deep concentration of the girly drummer's face bringing the biggest smile to my face. Oh, and there was this old guy in a Davy Crockett hat wandering about the audience.

It was Saturday night, I was sober and I was still seeing things. I mean, no one walks about Glasgow wearing a Davy Crockett hat, do they? Adopting the philosophical viewpoint that one fresh orange and lemonade was one more than enough, I took the opportunity to experience the free freakshow on late night public transport on the way home but that's another story...

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