Another year, another box of pens

Added on Thursday 7 Jan 2010

Photo: gary johnstone. West End Volume 20

Looking out the window at the snow and ice again - it doesn't seem to be going away no matter how often I curse it - my thoughts turn once more to music and what's ahead for music in Glasgow this year. Will this be another year of spending my time in the basements of this city?

Of course it will for this writing thing is as much an addiction as it is an affliction. Maybe it was the effects of the recession but Glasgow didn't really get up to speed last year. Bands that were on the brink, so to speak, just faded away. Venues and bars took a hit and there probably aren't very many happy restaurateurs either given what I saw looking through the windows as I stumbled along the empty streets over the Christmas season. At least I was doing my bit to boost bar profits.

Nevertheless, we must look on the bright side. There is nothing like a recession to sort out the wheat from the chaff and, at the end of the day, we all need to be entertained. Talking of entertainment in the coming year, you should be looking out for local blues guitarist Gary Johnstone who should have an album out soon and the exquisite Louise McVey and Cracks in the Concrete who have an EP of cabaret style decadence out for download now on the Optimo label. Oh, and this year's Celtic Connections is nearly upon us. The Bluesbunny choices for that one are - in no particular order:

  • Laura Veirs and the Hall of Flames (Oran Mor 17th January)
  • Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams (ABC, 27th January)
  • Martin Simpson (Oran Mor, 27th January)
  • Angelique Kidjo (Old Fruitmarket, 22nd January)
  • Nell Bryden (Classic Grand, 15Th January).

You'll note that there aren't too many fiddles in that selection. Fiddles are the work of the Devil.

Louise McVey and Cracks in the Concrete - cracks
Gary Johnstone -

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