Turntable Blues

Added on Thursday 26 Nov 2009

West End Volume 15

Photo: leon-motel. I wonder what a reasonable record collection should be. I'm talking size here. Nowadays, I suppose it's easier when you can get 10,000 abysmal quality mp3s on a device smaller than a fag packet. Being something of a vinyl junkie (as I still have some respect for my ears), I haven't even got room for all of my own collection. That, of course, gives me something to do of a weekend as various large plastic crates move in and out of storage to provide the following week's turntable fodder.

It's even worse when the music sent in for review gets added. This pile of CDs and vinyl snakes across the floor but, looking on the bright side, at least they keep the dust off the carpet. Nonetheless, it's tough to explain. Women think you are some sort of anorak. Or something equivalent to a trainspotter.

Then it all makes sense. It makes sense as soon as the needle hits the groove. Being double sad, I know it is not a needle, it is a Giger X stylus but who cares? Even the act of removing those vinyl singles from their sleeves brings me pleasure. Those grooves contain the strangest things from the bizarre damnation country of the Dad Horse Experience with "Electric Gates of Heaven" to Uncle Leon' s ode to the dangers of declaring your love to the woman who serves you beer, "The Bartender". Everybody releases mp3s but, these days, all the class stuff sneaks out in vinyl.

Think I'll spend an hour aligning my turntable this weekend. The truth is out there. Somewhere.

Dad Horse Experience - www.dad-horse-experience.com

Uncle Leon - www.uncleleon.com

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