The Blues Ain't Nothing But A Feeling

Added on Thursday 19 Nov 2009

Photo: the dirt. West End Volume 14

Every time I go out, it rains. I know that is a pretty standard thing for Glasgow but there are times when you think that the big guy is making some sort of point. Get yourself back on to Redemption Road or you'll be wet until April.

Fearing that I might actually rust given the numbers of times that I have been soaked recently, I decided that the blues might provide an answer. Fortunately, Craig Hughes was launching his album "Pissed Off, Bitter and Willing to Share" at the State Bar. There was bound to be something redeeming in that. Come to think of it, there was. Guinness at £1.80 a pint. That might just be the work of the Devil though.

Despite the album title, Craig Hughes gave a restrained performance. Having the murder ballad duo The Dirt as support probably put him off his game. The duo impressed mightily with their blackly humorous alt-country songs. A hard act to follow and they must be the near perfect accompaniment to the bargain basement Guinness.

Anyway, by the end of the evening, I was in the company of an angel. Of course, I didn't know that. I was looking for sin and she offered redemption. Where's Dave Arcari when you need him? He's the kind of bluesman that would have a song for this kind of situation. It's still raining.

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