Cakes and Comments

Added on Thursday 22 Oct 2009

Photo: the real penny black. Cakes and Comments. That wasn't the original title of this article. In fact it was Empire Biscuits and Comments. The problem with that was the ending. I like a happy ending and I just haven't been able to find a decent empire biscuit in Glasgow recently. Cakes, however, are a different story.

Nonetheless, it's been an interesting week. Seen at Pivo Pivo, Aciddica, Penny Black, Jonathan Carr and The Dirty Demographic provided a feast of piano driven musical confectionary that pleased my palette and perhaps the most unusual thing was that all of the above were on the same bill. It's not often that you get four acts of such quality one after the other and it provided evidence that the art of selecting complimentary bands for a bill is (thankfully) still practised.

Then there was that comment on a review. I actually like comments on the reviews on the Bluesbunny site. It gives me proof - and no small amount of comfort - that somebody actually reads the stuff that the 'bunnies slave over. Most of the comments that we get are pretty inoffensive. Well, having said that, there was this American musician that accused us of being fascists for not giving him top marks in a review and signed the poor reviewer up to Anne Coulter's fan club. For those of you unfamiliar with Ms Coulter, she is perhaps the funniest woman on the planet. At least I hope she is having a laugh.

Then, out of the blue, I got carved up into little pieces. Not even by the artist in question but by a somewhat feisty brunette who happened to be in the audience on the night of the review. Sarcasm is hardly a stranger to me but this woman slapped me down with such precision and style that, although the email was as sharp as a dagger, I actually felt honoured to be metaphorically stabbed and left for dead.

I feel another plan coming on. This one will have a happy ending.

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