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Added on Thursday 8 Oct 2009

Photo: van preston. It's been an entertaining week what with album launches, hairdryers and trips to Largs. In addition, I even managed to go an entire week without chicken pakora. That's good for me if not for the profits of Morellos, Charcoal and Best Kebab. These good intentions won't last for long so Glasgow's fast food outlets need not worry.

Last Thursday, it was off to Largs to see Van Preston (from Nashville) and Krishna Jones (from Australia) - both acts impressed - at the Victoria Hotel. An odd place to find music I thought to myself, but there it was. Got talking to the redoubtable promoter Tam Skinner whilst down there and it turns out that he has the likes of Simple Minds playing there in the near future. It's an interesting trend that I've seen in a few other places where name bands play small, intimate venues usually during a tour of much larger venues.

Back to Glasgow on Friday for the launch of Jamie Flett's "Cold but Bright" album. It's a fine album, by the way, and Jamie proved an affable performer but strange things happen around him. There was a defiantly avant garde support act called Noma for a start. A soon to be legendary musical moment involving a hairdryer and a - what's the polite way of putting this - woman's toy emptied the entire bar. Oh, and a rather lovely brunette accused me of being a trainspotter. Perhaps it is time to revamp my wardrobe.

Then on Monday, it was back to Largs to see Martin Simpson . I'm not even a folk fan but I was mightily impressed by his performance. Like all the great musicians, he just makes it look all so easy showing a rare dexterity and elegance in his playing. He also proved a fine raconteur making for an enjoyable evening that left me with a warm feeling inside. Just the thing to keep out that fresh breeze from the Clyde out on the way back to the car.

On Wednesday, I bumped into Jim McAteer at Pivo Pivo. Jim's got a show on Subcity Radio playing - to use his own words - all sorts of odd stuff. I'll drink to the offbeat and oddball anytime. There was, of course, live music too with the energetic folk flavoured pop of Washington Irving being particularly impressive.

This is the Bluesbunny signing off for this week. Azure is a beautiful colour.

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