Parental First Foot?

Added on Friday 3 Feb 2006

2006 got off to a great start with my first foot being my parents. It was their first time visiting since I moved over. They were here for both Christmas and New Year, and do you know the three weeks, two days and 4 _ hours flew by! Whilst they were here I mastered the art of change within my downtown apartment?my living room became the dining room then a bedroom then back to the living room, then the dining room, then a bedroom??it actually got me thinking about a part time career as chief scene shifter on Broadway!!

Photo: New Your Feb 2006. The normal crazy festive buzz of 5th Avenue at the Rockefeller Center went quiet for a couple of days during Christmas week whilst the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) workers went on strike, creating somewhat of an unusual sight down 5th Avenue. Shopping was less stressful in the department stores as a result, not good for the stores? turnover I?m sure, but good for the shoppers, particularly if one had left all ones shopping to the last minute!!

Month one of 2006 is nearing the end and life in Manhattan is almost back to normal, well as normal as it gets here. Already I have received several phone calls and emails from home giving me the details of the arrival times and the ?when I am there I want to ?? lists. Looks like its going to be another busy year for the Glasgow-New York shuttle.