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David Cameron’s austerity measures have already brought untold misery to thousands of people in  the UK. Many families are relying on food banks to survive, even those in work, who are struggling to make ends meet. Such measures have been put in place by a man and a government who are part of a minority elite who have never struggled financially in their lives and have in fact come from untold wealth and privilege.

This lack of compassion and empathy, and total disregard for suffering, can also be seen in Cameron’s manifesto pledge to put the repeal of the Hunting Act to a free vote in the House of Commons. Such a repeal, if it were successful, would set back animal welfare in the UK by more than a decade. All because this minority elite think that dressing up, getting on a horse and watching animals being ripped apart is “tradition”.

The 80% of the population who oppose hunting with hounds can see this behaviour for what it is: sociopathic. All too often nowadays, there are cases of unimaginable animal cruelty in the news, for which people are punished, albeit not harshly enough. So it beggars belief that the man in charge of running the UK wishes to repeal an act that is there to protect animals from cruelty, just so that he and his rich pals can indulge in bloodsports once more.

The SNP, who now has 56 ministers in Westminster, is the key to defeating Cameron’s repeal hopes. They are on record as being a party who oppose fox hunting and care about wildlife. However, they are remaining very quiet at the moment about what their stance will be and say they won’t comment until they see Cameron’s proposed legislation.  The waters are also muddied by the fact that David Cameron is trying to bring in “English votes for English laws” (EVEL) through amendments to parliamentary rules known as standing orders, which circumvent  the usual parliamentary debate and scrutiny that new legislation usually requires. Despite the fact that animals know no borders, this repeal vote is deemed an English matter, so if Cameron’s underhand tactics are successful, it would be a disaster for the Hunting Act, and thousands of animals would be sentenced to terrible suffering and death.

So what can we do?

Firstly, let the SNP know that we expect them to show political integrity and vote when the time comes. Signing this will take a few seconds of your time but could make all the difference.

Secondly, since the SNP won’t comment until Cameron shares the new legislation details, let’s pressure him to do so.

It is only by making a stand against political cowardice and injustice that we stand a chance of seeing real change in society. So make your voices heard. It matters.

Kirsten Anderson
Campaigner, Network for Animals
Network for Animals

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