Fiona Alderman: Stuck in Salignac and Just Waiting

A month later and we really are housebound here during the Coronavirus lockdown. It seems never ending but we are all pulling together and obeying the restrictions. Going out for a very necessary walk for health reasons each day in the beautiful sunshine is not a hardship however.

We still have to have our piece of paper stating where we are going and now have an updated vrsion including for administrative or legal appointments. We must also clearly state the date and time of going out. Up until now, I haven’t been stopped and neither has anyone else I know? Not seen a gendarme at all!

It is strange but we are getting used to living like this now. We don’t know for how long either.Probably at least another month.

What will happen afterwards is another question. What has been heartwarming is the care given by neighbours all around us. It was already good but now we really check up on each other every day, always keeping a respectful 2 metre distance between us. A cheery wave, a bonjour and a smile does wonders. My lovely chatelaine – the lady from the chateau comes up the hill to walk her dog every day and she leaves delightful goodies on the doorstep. One evening it was freshly made crepes another it was homemade cherry cake with strawberries – she even made an Easter rabbit made out of a paper plate.

We are all in the same boat and hopefully it is making people a little more kind and respectful towards each other.

We watched and heard a little leaf outside the door yesterday. All our senses seem more attuned now and with no other traffic noise it was startlingly loud. The dawn chorus too wakes us up with all its mixed sounds and daily life continues. One man sadly died, though not of Corona, he was someone we have known since we first came here.  Then a beautiful baby was born to a lovely family in Salignac. Baby Eve is a joy. A new life. C’est la vie.

The Lady at the Chateau

the chateau

I have previously mentioned our  lovely neighbours at the Chateau de Salignac. They have been renovating it for many years and will probably continue for many more. She is an artist and has a studio in Paris where she exhibits her work. Originally an archaeologist and a lecturer in museums she found her interest in portraits to be overwhelming and began her journey working with other professional painters.Her work is full of light and colour and often features her family. It reminds me of the Scottish Colourists a style of painting which captures a mood and reflection.

I found out recently that they had a part share in a property in Lanark at Lochwood by Blackwood near Glasgow. He is called the Laird of Blackwood now. How strange? They have a small plot on this estate which has historical ties to several prominent families of the early 1900’s. Lochwood is a woodland with a stream running through it and was a former loch which gave it its name.

I am not sure what the new Laird will do with his plot or even if he will ever see it? However it is a nice story.

However, you can have a look at the work of Brigitte Starckmann from our Chateau de Salignac.

Father and Daughter

michael dudok de Wit

I must finish on a high note with all the sadness and uncertainty at the moment.

I have been looking through the Internet a lot during this last month’s confinement and have found some wonderful short animation films. Made by Michael Dudok de Wit, a Dutch director who makes award winning commercials for TV and cinema.

One I love is called Father and Daughter, made in 2000 it won an Academy Award, a BAFTA and the Grand Prix in Annecy, France for animation.

His trademark of drawing his characters is both humorous and at the same time thought provoking. He uses various mediums too, from ink, watercolour and even used tea in his short film called The Aroma of Tea.

Michael Dudok de Wit.On IMBd

Father and Daughter YouTube
That’s all for now Keep well and safe.
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