Fiona Alderman blogging from rural France: The Referendum Result

My Tuppenceworth For What It’s Worth

As an ex- pat I was fascinated by the Referendum and anxious to see what would happen. I was not allowed to vote and that is a different issue I suppose, but now that the deal has been done I wonder whether we should have been able to? I would have voted for YES and firmly believe we could have done it albeit some struggles.

Here in France we were often asked our opinion on the Referendum and reactions to our response were mixed. A lot of French people couldn’t understand why we would vote for Independence.  The reasons varied: the cost, the trouble, the pound, even the Queen! I constantly found myself explaining that Scotland is are a rich country –  in resources and also in determination.,

We know a lot of English people here but many of them haven’t lived in England for a long time and would certainly see some changes there.

It is a disappointing and worrying time and I hope that the amazing following and interest the Referendum provoked can be sustained and that some good will come of it all .
Best wishes
Fiona Alderman Blogging from the Salignac Foundation, Rural France

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