What's On at the Criterion

Photo: criterion logo.Come along to the Criterion and join the fun at Partick's sensational cafe/bar, where apart from great food and ambience you will find some excellent entertainment including: celebrity DJ's, live music from the best local talent and Bussy and Dave's Ironic Shambolic Monthly Pub Quiz.

All events are FREE ENTRY and kick off at 9.00 o'clock.

Remember Criterion is a Bar as well as a grill, so you don't need to order food to enjoy the events, just crack open a bottle of house wine or sink a few pints of West (food available of course, till 10pm).

Monday 19 Mar 2012

April Listings

Photo: duglus t stewart. Laptopulous: Duglas T Stewart!

Friday, April 6



The BMX Bandits' master-melodicist - and accredited supplier of smoked salmon to Brian Wilson - turns DJ to offer a distinctive and bittersweet assemblage of romantic whimsy. Faster, pussycat - purr, purr...

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Laptopulous: Biff Smith!

Friday, April 13



Crucial DJ diversions from the Starlets' frontman and martial artist, who pledges to take you further into night forever, as well as out into the days from here, dig?


Laptopulous: Gordon Davidson!

Friday, April 20



Scooter addict. Sta-Prest style icon. Bassist with ska punk veterans The Amphetameanies. The crofters' friend - and a masterly DJ with an extensive and refined sonic palette. This is hip!


Laptopulous: Ted McKenna!

Friday, April 27



A drum legend in DJ mode. Ted McKenna attained eternal fame with the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, going on to aid Michael Schenker, Ian Gillan and Rory Gallagher (not to mention assorted Womacks). Dig Ted's beats. Worship at his feet


Criterion Cafe, 568 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow

Saturday 18 Feb 2012

what's on march 2012

Photo: kevin mcdermott. Laptopulous: Claire Knight!

Friday, March 2

River City's Iona McIntyre forsakes the melodramas of Shieldinch for an evening of DJ action in Partick. Ms Knight professes a love for disco platform shoes and pungent cheeses, so anything could happen

Laptopulous: Bruce Morton!

Friday, March 9

Ageless mirth-deity. African-American funkateer trapped in the body of a whippet-rustler from Dennistoun. Crowd-pleasing DJ. All this and more. Sample Bruce's riddims

Laptopulous: John Douglas!

Friday, March 16

A daring disc-jockular journey through sonic possibility with one of the founding fathers of Auld Scotia's inimitable Trashcan Sinatras. What delights will illuminate his melodic playlist and thrill your ears?

Laptopulous: Ken McCluskey!

Friday, March 23

Rock boffin educates with happenin' choons! The erstwhile Bluebell sets aside his college lecturing duties for some DJ mix-mastery. NB He'll still wear tweed and elbow patches

Laptopulous: Kevin McDermott!

Friday, March 30

OK, DJ McD! The one-time leader of the Kevin McDermott Orchestra acts as curator to the Museum of Curiously Addictive Musical Experiences. Prepare for groovy turbulence and Maryhill maneouvres

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