CD Review: When the Tme Comes, Eilidh Patterson

Photo: eilidh patterson. by Reviewer from Montgomery

Another CD to review, this time Eilidh Patterson's, debut album 'When the Time Comes', and while I'm trying to work out how to pronounce Eilidh, I hit 'play'. The opening chords wash over you and then Eilidh's soothing vocals, which always seem to have a sad tinge, draw you further into the music. Clean, crisp production almost places Eilidh and the band in your living room, and the understated arrangements bring out the simple beauty of the songs as the instruments ebb and flow with the rise and fall of the narrative of the words.

This is an album of introspection. The well crafted lyrics take you inside the images, from the longing of 'Precious Cargo', the sense of loss in 'Letting Go', and the assertion of faith in 'You Are There.' There are small glimmers of light too, for example in 'It's Easy', which picks up the pace and lightens the mood with a story celebrating a new relationship.

Gentle and soothing as it is, this CD plays all on the same level. A mood of melancholy diffuses the entire 50 minutes playing time, and a bit of extra light to contrast the shade would round out the album and make the whole a more enjoyable experience. Saying that, the Eilidh's music stays with you - using beautiful lyrics and well thought out arrangements, which allow the songs to curl up and make themselves a home.

November, 2009.

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