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The Gorbals: A New Glasgow Suburb

Ian R Mitchell looks at an area undergoing another of a long line of historical redevelopments.

Photo: new gorbals. In the early years of the nineteenth century the burghers of Glasgow looked across the river and saw, adjacent to the existing village of Gorbals, a prestigious example of Regency town-planning rising on the southern bank of the Clyde. The aristocratic names of its streets reflected its aspirations; Bedford, Eglinton, Norfolk. After two chequered centuries, half way through which the Gorbals became identified as one of Europes worst slums, the wheel is turning if not full, at least part circle, and the area is again being developed as a desirable place to live.

Emerging into daylight at Bridge Street Subway station on Eglinton Street, such an urban renaissance is not immediately apparent, as around you lie large tracts of derelict land, functioning mainly as commuter car parks. But two centuries ago this area was the site of the development of Laurieston, Glasgows newest suburb, which the Laurie brothers hoped would make their fortune. Carlton Place, fronting the Clyde, was the jewel in the crown of this development and thankfully is fully extant today, though functioning as offices not as the original housing. Laurieston House here was deemed grand enough to host George IV on his projected Glasgow trip of 1822 only he never visited the city to see the interiors which had been done by the same Italian artists who decorated his own Windsor Castle.

Though much of Laurieston was never built it is a mistake to see the area falling immediately into decay. Much quality middle class housing continued to be erected after the Lauries plans were abandoned, such as Abbotsford Place in the 1830s. Each dwelling here had 7 0r 8 rooms, with a mews for the horse-carriage out back. Examination of the mid nineteenth century censuses shows that Laurieston retained its middle class status until well after many think, and it was only the development of the suburban railways, connected to new housing around the Queens Park area to the south, that caused the middle classes to finally leave the area. In 1872 Tweeds Guide to Glasgow and the Clyde described a walk down Eglinton Street, and noted the many graceful buildings in this fine street, recommending to the tourist a circular walk through the area - which he would hardly have done, were it a slum.

Photo: new housing. Heading south down Eglinton Street today is sadly not the experience it was in Tweed's time, and virtually nothing remains from that period, indeed from any but the most recent era. Passing a couple of disused 1930s cinemas leads you towards a landscape of derelict railway viaducts, waste ground and some examples of 1970s housing at its least imaginative. At the corner of Cavendish Street is a 1980s red brick dwelling, admittedly better than its 1970s neighbours, but a mere shadow of what it replaced. Here till 1980 stood one of the glories of Alexander Greek Thomson, his Queens Park Terrace block of middle class tenements, constructed from 1856-60. Though subsequently suffering multiple occupancy and deterioration, their demolition by Glasgow District Council was one of the greatest acts of vandalism in the city's history. Thomson, probably Glasgow and Scotland's most original nineteenth century architect, lived in this desirable area himself, at Apsley Street from 1847-57, when he designed Queens Park Terrace.

A little south Cavendish Street, where Eglinton Street and the Gorbals - ends at St Andrews Cross, lies a row of rather scruffy shops. Here until 1992 one of the premesis housed the offices of the Jewish Echo, Glasgow's own English-language weekly Jewish newspaper, published since 1928, when it replaced earlier Yiddish publications. As the Glasgow middle classes left Laurieston, their houses became sub let and occupied by new arrivals, amongst whom the Jews from eastern Europe were to be the most prominent. By 1885 half the children at Gorbals Primary School were Jewish. The community about 10,000 souls - was large enough to support the building of a synagogue in South Portland Street, the establishment of a Talmud Torah school and a Zionist reading room. But organisations which integrated the Jews into Glasgow life were also founded, such as the Oxford Star Football team, and the Jewish Lads Brigade, which boasted the only all-Jewish pipe band in the world. Greens Kosher Hotel in Abbotsford Place was a point of arrival or transit for many Jews fleeing persecution first from Czarist Russia and then from Nazi Germany. Glasgow Council organised meetings in 1892 to protest against persecution of the Jews in Russia, and in 1933 boycotted German goods in protest against Hitlers anti-semitism. Many of the Jews worked in the sweated trades and were active in the early trades union and socialist movement, like Manny Shinwell Glasgows adoptive Jew and Red Clydesider, while others like Isaac Woolfson made their mark on the business world or in the arts, such as the sculptor Benno Schotz.

At the gushet of St Andrews Cross, Pollokshaws Road leads back north towards the Gorbals, passing the fine old Abbotsford School (up for sale) on our left, set amidst piecemeal housing development and land that has lain derelict for over 30 years before arriving at Gorbals Street, where we enter territory with a much more ancient pedigree than Laurieston, which we have just walked through.

The Gorbals has medieval origins, and was at one time Glasgow's leper colony. It grew to a population of 5000 by 1800, and had swelled to 36,000 by the time it was annexed by Glasgow in 1846. At this time Gorbals Cross was still a cluster of buildings many dating from the seventeenth century. But the old baronial dwellings had been subdivided into festering slums and the back lands were breeding grounds of squalor. This situation worsened when Gorbals became one of the favoured settlement areas for the impoverished Irish immigrants who poured into Scotland from the 1840s. One observer commented,

We are really grieved to part with some of these old landmarks of the city, and we cannot help urging the proprietors of such houses as exist to pay some little attention to them, and above all to prevent them falling prey to the hordes of Irish immigrants who have a fancy to burrow in these ancient spots.

But those which did not fall into ruin were swept away by the City Improvement Trust from the 1870s, and by 1900 the area around Gorbals Street was entirely tenemented. The amazing thing is that this Gorbals too has almost totally vanished in its turn. On Gorbals Street remains one empty and derelict tenement, and nothing else, except at its southern end a pub which brazenly states its alliegances to Celtic F.C. (unsurprising given the fact that Celtic greats Pat Crerand and Charlie Gallacher hailed from the Gorbals though its most famous sporting son was the boxer Benny Lynch, now commemorated in Benny Lynch Court in Hutchiesontown), and the shell of the former Citizens Theatre, which has had its exterior in the form of a set of statues, moved inside for safe keeping! The Citz was originally the Princess Theatre, more in the music hall tradition, till it was taken over by James Bridie the playright in 1945. Now, under Giles Havergal it is one of Europes most renowned theatre companies.

To the north of the Citz, across what once was Gorbals Cross and is now a windy, littered set of traffic lights, lies the Glasgow Central Mosque. Though you will see few Asian faces in the Gorbals today, it was initially the main area of Asian settlement in Scotland, with up to 10,000 living there, and it even boasted a newspaper, The Young Muslim. When the tenements were demolished the Asians had little claim on, or desire to live in, the new council housing, and, like the Jews before them, moved out. Nevertheless, the new mosque was built here and opened in 1984. One inadvertant side-effect of redevelopment in the Gorbals has been to turn what was once Glasgows most cosmopolitan inner city area, into now what is probably its least.

From the former Gorbals Cross, Ballater Street leads into Hutchesontown. Although this too was begun as a prestige development, it appears to have gone down market long before Laurieston, despite its facing Glasgow Green. Possibly the opening of Dixons Blazes iron works in 1839 on the southern edge of Hutchesonstown, on the site of Dixons existing coal mines, had something to do with this. Although we should remember that the Victorians didn't have our anti-industrial bias, and indeed Dixons Blazes was something of a tourist attraction. Tweed comments,

The stranger who wishes to see in full operation one of the most extensive and important of local industries, should spend an hour or two in visiting the works, admission to which will readily be granted on application.

Certainly Hutchesontown became much more industrialised than Laurieston, with low paid unskilled and semi-skilled work predominating. (Dixons higher paid workers lived in Govanhill, an area of better quality working class housing to the south of the Blazes.) By 1900 this poverty, allied to overcrowding which was phenomenal even by Glasgow standards, meant that the area had infant mortality and premature death rates many times the city average. Even in 1951, the Gorbals had a population of 50,000 in what one writer described as the area of an average dairy farm.

Hutchesontown area was carpet bombed by the developments in the 1960s and 70s, and there was hardly a single historical building left standing. Little more than the odd public building - such as the public library, and the predominantly Catholic Churches for this was the heart of Glasgow's Irish community - remained amidst the tower blocks erected at that time. The old tenements were replaced by experiments in social engineering which were of limited success. The notorious Hutchie E maze of precast concrete wind tunnels was rendered rubble as early as 1987, while the knighthood - winning Basil Spences Queen Elizabeth Court tower blocks followed in 1993. In consequence the population of the Gorbals has been reduced to 10,000 by 2001- 20% of what it had been half a century before. It is Hutchesontown which is undergoing the most intensive redevelopment of mixed housing association and private housing, and walking around the area is an uplifting experience, showing of the advantages of coherent and human scale town planning. There is even a new hotel in the area, taking advantage of the Gorbals proximity to the town centre.

Photo: St. Andrews Bridge. It is worth taking a sidetrail off Ballater Street to Adelphi Street and the St Andrews Suspension Bridge over the Clyde; amongst the tree lined river banks one could almost imagine oneself by the Seine. Crossing Ballater Street again into McNeill Street there lies a mix of renovated and new build housing, with imaginative street furniture. The remaining high rise blocks here (not everyone hated the high life) are being re-clad to soften their look and blend with the new buildings. You can wander for ages around Hutchesontown with profit, but eventually you should emerge onto Caledonia Road, beside the Southern Necropolis, which thankfully appears to be getting better maintenance than formerly. Here in lair 3971 lies the vault of Thomas Lipton, the Gorbals boy, born of poor Irish immigrant parents, who became a millionaire by the time he was 30 with his chain of grocery shops.

Photo: new housing. On the north side of Caledonia Road are found some of the larger new houses, built in a stunning style that gives the lie to those who think modern architecture is worthless; these buildings would grace any European city. Across from them, next the Necropolis, is the site of Dixons Blazes, closed in 1962, now a rather unlovely trading estate. But just adjacent, like something out of Athens or Rome, stands the shell of Alexander Thomsons Caledonia Road Church (the tenements he built flanking it are long gone.) When this church lost its congregation, it was bought by Glasgow Council with a view to restoration. This never took place, and instead the building became a target for vandals, and now all that remains are the walls and spire. So little survives in the Gorbals of the historical built environment that the salvation of this church must be a priority: indeed, given Thomson's status, it must be a national and international priority. This will give Glasgow Council the chance to atone for its other Thomson sins, and the church could be the focal point of the new Gorbals itself, if and as re-generation spreads westwards from Hutchesontown, towards central Gorbals and Laurieston.

Walking along Cumberland Street, however, there is little sign of this, and we are back in the planning blight of the 1970s. There is not a single house in this part of the former bustling thoroughfare; the abolition of the street was probably the greatest crime of 60s70s redevelopment: its rediscovery a main virtue of new architecture. At the end of Cumberland Street we are back on Eglinton St, and once again near to the Subway or one can walk a little further to Carlton Place, and view Laurieston House, and see what George IV missed. Crossing the river by the suspension bridge reminds you that, however hard life was in the Gorbals, it was always only 10 minutes from the city centre, and 10 minutes from the Green. And maybe this time, after Regency suburb, Victorian tenement slum and Concrete Jungle, the planners have got it right in the Gorbals.

Copyright I.R. Mitchell

Ian R. Mitchell.


Looking for any information about my granddad Dave Rogers he was born in the 50s and always spoke about his life in the Gorbals. I think he was married to a lady called Margaret that's all I know.

Abby | Wed Sep 03 2014

Does any one remember 15 Toryglen Street Oatlands Glasgow my father Edward (EDDIE) Taylor lived there from 1927 to 1964 Mother Betty

David Taylor | Wed Aug 20 2014

Does any one remember 15 Toryglen Street Oatlands Glasgow my father Edward (EDDIE) Taylor lived there from 1927 to 1964 Mother Betty

David Taylor | Wed Aug 20 2014

Hi I am looking to get in contact with Andrew Mccourt he grew up in the gorbals if anyone has any information please send me an email thanks

Nicola | Mon Aug 04 2014

My Great Aunts Susan and Bitty Murphy where school teachers in the Gorbals in the 20s,30s and 40 s.Has anyone heard of them

William | Tue Jul 01 2014

Nice to hear about the old gorbals I was born in lawmoor street in 1943 and went to camden street school and adelphi street school my old pal at the time was vincent devlin and he went to bonnaventure street school iwonder what became of him I also remember mr dodds the under taker who sold ice cream from his front window I also remember a friend of my mom annie galacher my was called betty and my dad was raymond Quail we moved to dennistoun in 1953 they then moved back banbridge co down in 1965 I would like to hear from anyone who was arround at that time cheers

bobby Quail | Thu May 29 2014

Nobody on site from living and enjoying the 1970s

chip | Wed May 28 2014

My Mum was born in 1910 and brought up in Dalintober Street. Her parents were Helen (ne Paulin) and David Aitchison. Anyone know the family?

Margaret Urquhart | Fri May 23 2014

My grandparents lived at 26 Camden Street in the very early 1900s. Does anyone have any photographs from that time or even from later on? If anyone knows of any website that has photos or information on Camden Street and that locale I would appreciate getting the links. Thanks.

Maria Parton | Fri May 23 2014

Does anyone remember the Moore family from Hospital Street. Father and don killed in separate traffic accidents near Cumberland street railway bridge

Peter. M | Wed May 21 2014

Born at 221 Caledonia Road Trying to find my cousins Letty & Agnus Mitchell went to Oatlands Primary School around 1956 their Mothers maiden Name Letty Rankin.

Pat McAteer | Thu May 08 2014

I'm looking for descendants of the Fortune family from around Hutchesontown.My Grandfather was Andrew and siblings were Euphemia.Willie,John,Jeannie,David,Sarah and Jamie.Their parents were John and Maggie(Moran).I only ever met my Uncle David that I can remember.but there must be other family members out there.Would love to hear from you wherever you are!

jill fisher | Mon May 05 2014

Would like to hear from and living member of the Liddell Family or those connected to them. My father was James Liddell born in 1940 and lived at 100 Sandyfauld Sreet. His mother and father ware John Liddell and Susan Liddell (Gilligan) please contact me on or by phone on 07963592456

Sean Liddell | Fri May 02 2014

Anyone looking to trace family should maybe vist Blessed John Dunn Scotas rc chapel in Ballater street Gorbals, Records go back a long way, Covers old st lukes and St Frances

Dany | Mon Apr 21 2014

Would like to know if anyone knows my family my fathers name was willie hay who married my mother Catherine sweeney my dad had 2 sister I think jinty and jeanie my mum had 3 brothers I think pat, dom, john any information would be good

Linda Hay | Wed Apr 02 2014

hi my name is Helen Docherty my mums name was Helen anderson brought up in the gorbals my granny Helen Anderson was brought up in the gorbals with benny lynch my mum still has the picture off granny Anderson her mum with benny lynch sitting on her telly when she was a wee girl benny was about ten months old and my granny Helen Anderson was about granny as she got older she had a family of her own had a girl she was called Sadie Anderson lynch she was called after bennys mum Sadie. Sadie died very young after my granny made a pot of soup and shouted up the close to bennys mum telling her to come and get some Sadie pulled the soup of the table and died because of her burns we are just starting our researth but my mum still tells us the stories and when a look at the pic in mums house you look at bennys wee fists and say hes a boxer and this is a true fact.helen Docherty

docherty | Sun Mar 30 2014

my mum worked in glasgow for a jewish couple max and toby levine in glasgow around 1950.i think they owned a factory.they had 2 daughters sophie and?.who would be in their seventies now.would love to hear any news of them.

kathy rice | Thu Mar 13 2014

My father Thomas Charles mcinally was brought up on Norfolk st. The tenements still there today. His fathers family took him in. My granny meanie McPherson was an ur married mother. She came and took him back when he was 5' he never seen his dad again. This is the name on his birth certificate. His father was Thomas mcinally.

Alison fisher | Tue Mar 04 2014

does anyone have ANY information about a born 1929 CONNELL THOMAS M HUTCHESONTOWN GLASGOW CITY/LANARK 644/15 0308

deb | Mon Mar 03 2014

Just found this site again ...Wrote a part in 2008 boy how time flies ..I beleive some-one was trying to get hold of me but couldn't ..Im still at the same e mail address would love to hear from any-one who knew me ...Left in 1960 from castlemilk to come to canada ...Lived in Ballater st went to Adelhi Terrace also lived in Cumberland St ..How I miss the old days and awe ma friends they were the good old times could never replace them...Its true what they say there's no place like home and they'll always be a glasgow toon.

irene dumbreck | Fri Jan 17 2014

I am related to the Gilles on McNeil st in the Gorbals one of whom is seeing a young lady with the last name of Moffat Who Irene Gilles is my cousin Her mother was a Dodds and her uncle Willie Dodds live near caledonia rd in the 1990,s Would like to hear family data from Moffat, Dodds, Etc;

John M Moffat Sr | Sun Dec 15 2013

Lived in elmfoot st and went to the wee st bonaventures school from 1955 to 1960.any body remember me from those days . Thomas timoney now aged 63.

Thomas timoney | Thu Nov 21 2013

I am looking for my grandfather Joseph Murphy ball who was born on hogan field street in the gorbals in the early 19th century.i know that he is probably passed away but I am looking for any family members or anyone know anything about him.his parents were Irish.

Angela ball | Mon Nov 18 2013

Im looking for info on my grandad, born joseph boyle in 1938 gorbals glasgow. He was adopted by Rooneys who im sure were from bo'ness west lothian. Sadly this is all I know as I found out after he passed away. I was only 17 at the time.

Tony | Sun Nov 03 2013

Im looking for info on my grandad, born joseph boyle in 1938 gorbals glasgow. He was adopted by Rooneys who im sure were from bo'ness west lothian. Sadly this is all I know as I found out after he passed away. I was only 17 at the time.

Tony | Sun Nov 03 2013

Interesting article. I'm looking for any information on the Gibsons and Neils that lived in no. 30 Florence Street.

Lorccán Duignan | Mon Oct 21 2013

Interesting article. I'm looking for any information on the Gibsons and Neils that lived in no. 30 Florence Street.

Lorccán Duignan | Mon Oct 21 2013

Looking for a woman her birth name was Christine Mackenzie.her sister would like to meet her

James grieve | Sun Sep 29 2013

the simpson family came from Eastkilbride, if anyone knew of them or know anything of them then please email me: thanks

Caitlan | Sun Aug 11 2013

I'm caitlan, i'm 15 years and i'm trying to find out information on m mums side of the family. She tells me her family were the biggest family in Scotland at one point. They were the Simpson family, if anyone has any info about them or know of any of them could you please let me know. Thanks

Caitlan | Sun Aug 11 2013

I lived in 167 caledonia road, was born in hospital street 1950...went to camden street primary. Remember well miss Ferguson my teacher and the wonderful Mr.Scott the headie, he was a gent who taught me a lot. Dad was Tommy Easdon mum was Isa my wee sister was Susan. Moved to jamieson st. govanhill in 1962 as the clearances were starting.....anybody remember any of us? we were a big family mainly from gorbals st...granny susie easdon weans tommy, micky george john isa margaret chick, mary

isabel easdon | Sat Aug 03 2013

Looking for anyone related to Issac Kerr (1900-1999). Thanks :)

B.Kerr | Mon Jul 22 2013

Hi,my dads girlfriend was called Mary ?

Annmarie Wilson | Wed Jul 10 2013

Hi,does anyone remember my dad Thomas Rutherford,he was born in 1939.His brothers were Donny & Jimmy and his sisters were Ena & Margaret.I think they livedin Shawburn st.Also my dad had a girlfriend who had a child to him in the 50's.she died shortly after this in an accident(i was told it was a motorbike accident.I was also told the child was in the care of her parents.If anyone has any details i'd appreciate this,as i'm trying to locate my half brother or sister.cheers

Annmarie Wilson | Wed Jul 10 2013

Does anyone know the present whereabouts of Charlie Foy (formerly of Crown Street) who was an evacuee staying with the hodge family in Drumley, Ayrshire??

John Findlay | Mon Jun 10 2013

Was a very interesting read, a real eye opener for me,as to life in the Gorbals. I am researching my ancestors who lived in the Gorbals, surnames being Runciman, Hunter,Davidson,McDonalds back in the 1800 and 1900's.My mother was adopted and immigrated to Australia when she was six years of Age. Any one know these surnames ? Cheers Sandra.

Sandra Green | Mon Jun 03 2013

Hi,I am the daughter of Mary Bernadette Lynch.Last known address was Calder street govenhill 1971 .please I beg you all ask about,someone must no her.please help me find my family. Jean Lynch (born 26/09/1971) PLEASE HELP x

Therese Richardson(Lynch) | Sat May 18 2013

My maternal grandfather, Robert Crawford Wilson, was born and raised in the Gorbals - late 19th century - but went to sea at 13 and eventually became Chief Engineer on a merchant ship. I know he had a sister, Agnes, who later lived in Milton. He married (1918) my grandmother, Theresa Cassidy, from Liverpool and they lived many years in East London, raising four daughters. Is there anyone out there connected with this Wilson family?

Carol Nunan | Thu May 16 2013

Hi my name is Anne Houston nee Spicer, I was born and brought up until the age of six in Coburg St, I was very friendly with Anne (nee) Watt and family South Portugal ST and Ruth MacCormack and family either South Portland St or Portugal St ? memory is hazy....but would like to hear from any of these families, Anne Watt moved to South Africa and we kept in touch until the early seventies...

annemhouston | Sat May 04 2013

I am trying to locate information on a young woman, Julia Sinclair (formerly Yakstis) who lived in Thistle Street around about 1940s until her death in 1947. She was 21 years of age when she died. Her married name was Clemenson. She had a half brother whose name was Joseph Sinclair (formerly Sendzikas). I am doing family tree research and Julia's name has come up in my search. I am just trying to find out a bit more about her. Many thanks.

Allison McLean | Tue Apr 02 2013

i know its a long shot. My gran, ethel horton her brothers thomas allistair, francais james alfie ..they lived in commercial rd. My gran was born in 1921 to my great grandparents mary and thomas ..she attended st lukes for a wee while before moving to dennistoun and st marys school...would love to see old photos of st lukes..fellow classmates and the fountain and garden my gran remembers playing in across from were she lived..anything will be very much appreciated!! lou

lou | Tue Feb 26 2013

Around 1960 was 11 yrs lived in ingelfield st ,remember the Whites lived in carfin st .the Dochertys (Neil was impailed on a spike when he fell of a wall playing in the back) Patersons shop across the road Wheelers bakers and a lot more ...just remanising

Catherine Coll | Wed Jan 16 2013

Looking for anyone who new of anybody called Gatens who lived in the gorbals .

gmgatens | Thu Nov 22 2012

My Nan Mary Clancy lived in the Gorbals, she was also daughter of Mary Clancy living at 76 Centre Street

Phil Graham | Thu Nov 08 2012

Anyone remember Catholic priest Cornelius O'Leary of St John Parish? Said to have been one of first to criticise the 'concrete jungle' of the high-rise slums the Cooncil built?

ocosgrove | Sat Sep 29 2012

Looking for a James Gallacher who was in the (Royal) Navy in the 50s and may even have been an officer. He was born about 1927 and was in London for a while in 1954, but not sure of his movements thereafter.

Sally Walker | Thu Sep 13 2012

Hi Looking for information on my grandmother Sarah Lynch she had a sister Kathleen and her parents were Paddy lynch and Mary Coyle. Born early 1900's. She was badly burnt as a child living in the gorbals. Any info gratefully received please email me

Cat Cantlay | Wed Aug 15 2012

Hi Looking for information on my grandmother Sarah Lynch she had a sister Kathleen and her parents were Paddy lynch and Mary Coyle. Born early 1900's. She was badly burnt as a child living in the gorbals. Any info gratefully received please email me

Cat Cantlay | Wed Aug 15 2012


STEPHEN MULLAN | Sun Jul 29 2012


CATH | Sat Jul 28 2012

I was employed as a Pawnbroker at The Eglington Pawnbroking company at 311 Cumberland Street, Gorbals in 1962 for 5 years and have now openend a Funeral Home at 156 Crown Street, Gorbals Is there anyone out there have any old Photo's of Cumberland Street that the could e.mail to me. The Gorbals was one of the best places to work forme.

Frank J Lynch | Tue Jul 10 2012

Does any one remember Father Berard ,A franciscan friar in Saint Francis Chapel. Date circa 1947-1951

alexander linndsay | Wed Jul 04 2012

Wish to bring to the attention of Ian Mitchell a point in regards to his book The Gorbals: A New Glasgow Suburb That the Kosher Restuarant in the Gorbals was called GENEEN'S not GREENS. Cheers.

Maureen | Mon May 21 2012

does any1 know anyting bout my family they stayed in the gorbals in the 1950; 15 kids in the 1 family name feeney

feeney | Thu May 10 2012

I am trying to find relatives of my granny. They lived in Hospital street then I believe Norfolk Court, Gorbals. Annie and Joe McCourt they had quite a few weans, Arthur, Michael and more. Any information would be great. Thanks

maggie mcpherson | Mon Apr 30 2012

Remember the George cinema sat morn mattinees? sixpence a time. Also Gorbals st swimming baths where you would buy mussels under the arches when you came out. Also remember queing for the bath once a week. Born in Lawmoor st then moved to Inverkip st no 3 above a sawmill and across from the whiskey bond which was full of stray cats

carol | Sat Mar 31 2012

Just remembered the old St Francis school as well before the knocked it down and moved us to Black Friars school. We then went into the newly built StFrancis Primary. I was a member of the Pipe band for years with happy memories of Father Campion and his work with the youth of the aera.

Willy Devlin | Thu Mar 22 2012

Hi I moved to 263 Cumberland Street and lived there till the council destroyed the community during the great clearance!....they moved us to the new houses at Oregon Place where my Mum and Dad still live today. We were a family of 7...Bernadette, Billy, Geraldine, Michael, Maria, Tony and Celine Devlin! Mum Isobel and Dad Willie. Im now 53 and have happy memories of the area. The Blarney Stone...St Francis Church and School....then went to John Bosco secondry. The Greek Thomson Building is still a disgrace and the council should get a shot not doing anything with it....they have now driven a motorway right through the heart of the Gorbals now....when are they gonna stop!

Willy Devlin | Thu Mar 22 2012

doing a family tree looking for info on a sarah hagan who was irish and lived in caledonia rd married john fin or phinn in the 1800s thanks

margaret thomson | Tue Mar 20 2012

my mum was born in hospital street 1922 and lived there with her 2 elder sisters. janet, marion and sheila grant. parents: john and catherine. my grandfather tram driver. when my grandfather died at a young age the family moved to live with their uncle. my mum's brothers were willy, george and john. george buchanan the mp and john buchanan the glasgwegian gp. willy worked in the sewage works near the shipyards?? anyone know or remember this family would love to hear from you.

janet mills | Sat Mar 17 2012

Hi, It's a very long shot, but I'm looking to try and find any old school friend's or relatives from the early 50"s. I was born in Carnoustie Street, and the family name was Wither. I attended Carnoustie Street Primary School in 1951 & 1952. My aunt was "aunty Anne" known to almost all kids, locally. Anyone who may have attended the school, or recalls that area and remembers the Withers, please let me know. David Thomson

David Thomson | Tue Feb 28 2012

played football in the rosie done the jumps stayed in the dampies loved the gorbals great childhood

chip | Wed Feb 22 2012

great sight st lukes then big bonnies 1973 to 1985 jinky cookie ridgy and big flo class acts

chip | Wed Feb 22 2012

My Grandfather emigrated to the Gorbals in the early 20th century. He had to flee Czarist Russia. He fought in WWI, and we just found two of his old metals. We also found an article that he had a fruit shop on Thistle Street and had been robbed by two teens way back in the late 50's he was already a 65 year old man. He lived on Camden Street until 1987, when he died at the age of 95. My mother was born in 1946 and lived in the Gorbals on Camden Street until she came to America at the age of 16 to live with her older sister Ruth. Their last name was Schumacher and unfortunately they have all passed away, now. This was a great article for me to connect with my family history on my mother's side which really has always been somewhat of a mystery to our family. I did visit Camden Street as a child, a couple of times to visit my Grandfather,who was a very loving person. I always considered myself more Italian because my father is from Italy and he has a big family. After reading this article and seeing the wonderful history of the Gorbals, I truly feel blessed to have strong Scottish roots, and I look forward to taking my family to visit the Gorbals in the future.

Anthony Vecchia | Sat Feb 11 2012

really enjoyed this site i believe my dad was a cousin of benny lynch other fanily nanes were Killoran and GrattanWOULD APPRECIATE ANY NEWS I

rgrattan | Fri Feb 10 2012

I lived at 100 Camden street from the early 60's to 67, then we moved to Pollok. We are the O'Neills, nettie, eddie, Edward, Brian, Joe, Myself. Looking for any photos of Camden street, we lived above the Camden Bar and would love to hear from any old neighbours or friends.

David O\'Neill | Thu Feb 02 2012

hi gerry im alex your cousin.your dad was my uncle willie.your dad had 3 other broters mick,sammy alex.and a sister jean.we lived in kellas st.hope this helps

lennox | Thu Jan 19 2012

This is a fab site,I am the daughter of Mary bernadette lynch,now 65,lived in Calder street govenhill hill in 1971,all I no is that she worked as a waitress,and my father was a joiner ,and he new I was mum adopted me through st Margaret 's in Glasgow in the oct of that year..........Now I am 40 any information will make it a wee bit of hope to m e (PLEASE help me. Find my family,I feel so lonely with no background of my real family,.........The Lynch family from Govenhill............. Please help thank you"

Therese Richardson(Lynch) | Sun Jan 08 2012

I am looking for information about a line of cinemas in glasgow in the early 1900s owned by the mclarens, where jack smart got his first break as an entertainer during the interval

wendy mclaren | Wed Dec 21 2011

I lost contact with my cousins Mary and Alice King who lived at 380 Rutherglen Road around 1960. Their parents names were John and Julia King. Alice married John Lennon who was a baker at City Bakeries. I live in Auckland New Zealand. Does anyone know where I can contact them?

Michael King | Sun Dec 11 2011

I was born in Govanhill St, Govanhill in 1941 Went to Victoria Primary School just up thr road. My teachers were a Miss Muir, Miss Armsrtrong, Miss Howie, Miss Gordon and a Miss McDonald - they could all 'draw the strap' well. Ring a bell with anyone?

William | Sun Dec 11 2011

What a lovely site. I'm helping an older Irish man seeking information about his friend Sadie Quigley, born in Co Louth, who lived in Florence Street in the Gorbals. As I understand, she left for Canada in about the early 1960s. Would appreciate any information that might lead to her. Thanks!

Kathryn | Tue Dec 06 2011

Can any one help me, I read a book about a guy called Razor Eddie from the gorbals and would like to get a copy. Regards, Steve.

steve jay | Fri Dec 02 2011

Greatgrandparents David Shaw and wife Marion Miller lived on Florence and Crown St. Our Grandfather David was born on Cumberland St. Would be thrilled to hear from anyone from Shaw or Miller families or anyone who may have known them.

Bonnie Suchan | Sun Nov 06 2011

My grandmother comitted suicide March 31st 1918 in Norfolk Street Glagow. We have no idea why she was there and who she was with who else lived in the house, She had left 2 children in Hastings some time after the 1911 census one being my father under 2 years old. can anyone help?

Christine | Mon Oct 31 2011

Came across this site by accident, its excellent. I am doing research for a friend in Seattle. Does anyone know the family who lived in 125 Hospital Street in the early 1950s, any info would be helpful.

joan spring | Sun Oct 30 2011

i was born in 1944 camden st then lived 83 naburn st went to camden st school then strathbungo school mum was ina cassidy dad tom gillies left when i was 19 lots of my family still live in gorbals wish i was one of them lov the place

margaret cox | Sat Sep 17 2011

i was born in 1944 camden st then lived 83 naburn st went to camden st school then strathbungo school mum was ina cassidy dad tom gillies left when i was 19 lots of my family still live in gorbals wish i was one of them lov the place

margaret cox | Sat Sep 17 2011

My dad Andrew Nelson was born and brought up in the Gorbals. His dad was the janitor at a school I think it was jessie st or bessie st. He married Elisabeth Henderson. he had a sister Bessie I think who married a doctor in callendar her married name was McDougal Can anyone help

andrea nelson | Fri Sep 09 2011

im looking for my half sister elizabeth souter sweeney who lived at 33 abbostford place in 1954 or does any one no her dad tommy sweeney our mothers name was betty souter and she had awee brother thomas who died at four months. thanks ann mcfarlane nee souter

ann mcfarlane nee souter | Wed Aug 31 2011

Thank you for a really interesting article. I am trying to find information about my grandparents' families. My grandfather, John Repontini, lived at 70 Eglinton Street in 1940/1941. My grandmother's name was Janet Wood Scott McGuffy and they had 4 children: Nanette, John (Reg), Dolly and Ronnie. They changed the family name by deed poll to 'Scott' in Feb 1941 and later relocated to Plymouth in Devon. Any information at all would be very helpful. My mother (Nanette)was born in 1935 and remembers attending the primary school near Eglinton Street but can't remember the school's name. John also had a brother called Anthony Respontini who changed his name to Anthony Baxter in Apr 1941. Thanks!

Lianne Steer | Thu Aug 25 2011

Glad i stumbled upon this site, very interesting reading which evoked fond memories for me as i was born in the gorbals in 1966 and attended both st lukes and john bosco schools. Proud to be a gorbalite, awra best and long live the gorbals. james duke

james duke | Wed Aug 17 2011

Fantastic site. Great to read the stories, some from way back in time. i remeber the orange glow from Dixon Blazes. Enjoy

IAN (JOCK) FRASER | Tue Jun 28 2011

trying to find out who lived at 107 east nelson street glasgow july 1881 or dourice 645 gallowgate glasgow

john | Sat Jun 18 2011


STEPHEN MULLAN | Sun May 15 2011

We stayed in the tenaments at the corner of Cumberland St and Eglington Street between 1964-1970 before being moved out to Cumbernauld in what they used to call 'the overspill'. My siblings and I attended Abbotsford Primary School for all of our primary education. I remember the big wide pavements and the cars used to park right up the middle of the road and the 'Polis Boax' outside the close. Hardy's car showroom was across the road and our Dr was a Dr Freedman. Our Dad worked for the railway before joining 'the Corpie buses' as a conductor and made driver and worked out of Larkfield Garage. He was also a Black Hack taxi driver. Upstairs from us were the Orr Family , right Orange Lodge people , you always knew when they arrived in the close , as they used to shout "Opee-en" , I think they moved to Carnwadrick. Happy Days!!

Dave Forbes | Tue Apr 19 2011

Hi,can anyone help me ,born in pasiley 26/9/1971,my mother lived at calder street govenhill ,at this time.She work as a waitress.Do you no this family.....the name lynch is very big in the gorbals.....please help me find my family......thankyou so much

Therese Richardson(Lynch) | Tue Apr 05 2011

Hi,can anyone help me ,born in pasiley 26/9/1971,my mother lived at calder street govenhill ,at this time.She work as a waitress.Do you no this family.....the name lynch is very big in the gorbals.....please help me find my family......thankyou so much

Therese Richardson(Lynch) | Tue Apr 05 2011

looking for friends brenda watson and kathleen scott maiden names. went to john bosco secondary school in 1980's. both girls got married lost touch. living in ireland now. my name used to be gallagher. would love to get back in touch.

norah mcgrenaghan | Sun Mar 27 2011

I am researching the history of the Hughes family who lived at 30 Green St plus any further information going back to Ireland. My father Wiliiam Hughes was born on 30 Sept 1919. He attended St Johs between 1925 - 31 and St Mungos between 1931 - 37. He died on 28 Dec 2001. He had a brother George and two sisters Jean and Greta. The father George Hughes was born on 26 December 1893 and died 11 July 1961. The mother Janet Hughes, maiden name Murray was born February 1893 and died about 1975. My father moved to Leicester about 1940. The brother George moved to Tadly Hants but the two sisters lived in Glasgow all their lives. I would welcome any other information that anyone else can give. Many Thanks.

Derek Hughes | Sat Mar 05 2011

i was born in the gorbals in 1951 and still live in the gorbals and i would like hear from anyone who knows me

james dundas | Wed Mar 02 2011

ive been looking at my family history and have found my great grandmother Mary thomson Young) lived at 146 hospital street in the Gorbals and she was also married at this adress, marriage was in 1885, was 146 hospital street any thing in particular or just Houses? also my grandfathers family the Langs originally from South York St(moffat Street)Michael Lang and Catherine (brandon) Lang married in 1892

Andrew Lang | Sun Feb 06 2011

I was born in 1955 at 146 Hospital street which was my Granda's house. I never lived there as my parents had a house in the West End, but My granda, my eldest brother and an assortment of aunties and uncles lived there until the tenements were demolished around 1969 . My grandas's name was Charlie Gibson, and my brother was Chic Gibson , my uncle Ronnie Gibson,(he was deaf) auntie Gwen, and Auntie Margaret lived there as well. Did anybody know them ?

Dee Saunders | Sat Jan 29 2011

should have stated this was the 1950s

Robert Mullen | Mon Jan 24 2011

Any one remember the Mullen family from Thistle Street ,dad worked for B.R Polmadie

Robert Mullen | Sun Jan 23 2011

great fantastic was born in crown st but d0i0dnt really now it my mum gr0an great gran lived there carey x

moia | Tue Jan 18 2011

Hi Wondering if anybody can help me i lived in Knightswood but early 1955 i was sent to Moffat St home as my brother had TB my sisters and brother have tried in vain to find out anything about this and was hoping someone would know what we were doing at that home We all attended St Bonaventures Primary and Secondary Schools while we were there. There was one amusing incident where my older sister and brother went into Glasgow Green and mistook the People's Palace for the Botanic Gardens and thought they had discovered how to get home thanks

mary.mckeown | Mon Jan 03 2011

Great to get a bit of background on Glasgow.My mother's parents Robert and Jessie (Cumming) Mossman ,( parents were publicans in the Gorbals),left 21 Abbortsford Place for West Austalia in about 1902. I am now trying to fill in some missing detail on the female side of the tree, Kerr and Cumming in particular. Slow progress but great learning experience.

Malcolm Doig | Fri Dec 10 2010

Looking for information on descendants of Patrick & Ann Gallacher(Davey). They had Patrick, James, William, Mary Ann, John & Susan (Sarah). Mary Ann married Charles Kain and John married Margaret Fay from Co Down (she later returned to Co Down. John her husband died in 1938 in Florence Street. Patrick died in 1915 in 185 Waddell Street and Ann died in 1917 in 167 Renfrew Road. Thank you

Janet Gallagher | Mon Dec 06 2010

Hello! I'm hoping that someone may remember the Gallacher family, specifically Theresa Anne Gallacher who was born in 1935 or 1936. She had an older brother and sister and a younger sister. She lived in Canada in the mid 1960's but I don't know when she left for Canada and if she is still there. Help

Lisa Ventrudo | Fri Dec 03 2010

hi everyone, i need help, could anyone tell me the name, and where i can get some pics, of the old pub i think it was the 'chevalier arms' in the gorbals, i use to go there back in the 50's when i sailed up there on the 'blue funnel ships' also can anyone tell me where i can get some pics of the ships in king george v dock, glasgow, i live in OZ now, thanks

frank hughes | Sun Nov 28 2010

Interesting article about the Gorbals in Glasgow it is amazing how much history is around this area. compared to where I live their is now deep history. thank you for sharing the article with us.

Wiz Khalifa | Thu Nov 25 2010

im trying to find out information about the former adelphi terrace school on florence street for a college project. is there anyone who went to the school or has any information about it and could help out with memories of the place, photographs, information etc? i would be extremly grateful for any help. thanks.

ross mccleary | Fri Nov 05 2010

i was born in queen elizabeth sq in 1967, have loads of fond memories

donna moore | Sun Oct 31 2010

Aggie nash 12 portugal st Ada Maccormack 80 south portland st James maccoramck 76 hospital st i went to gorbals 1ry in 1959 ruth

ruth | Sat Oct 16 2010

I used to live in the gorbals with my mum dad & 2 brothers in 1958/1964 our name was kennedy I dont know which street it was my mum left my dad & brother stuart & took me and billy to live in b/ham I grew up believing my stepdad was my real dad (he was evil)it wasent untill I found my birth certificate that that I found out that my real name was kennedy my mum wouldent tell me about my dad or my brother stuart all I know is that we lived in the gorbals I remember hearing my mom saying about a friend of my dad's and his name was jimmy mac I know its a long shot because I dont even know my dad's first name I have always wanted to find out about my dad and stuart & what the rest of my ancesters were called and there names I have allways felt a part of my life was missing and I pray that someone can fill in my some of my past linda xx

Linda Vaughan | Wed Oct 13 2010

Found this site while looking for a pic of Abbotsford Primary School. I was born in Cumberland Street. Right above the old Orange Lodge. Loved it there. Many fond memories. Like going into Ma Muffits to buy day old iced gingercake for a penny. running over a polismans foot on my tricycle as he came out of the old police box on the corner. Mum sending me to the off license for 5 senior service. Playing in the old paint factory up the lane. Pals like Danny Goodwin, George Orr, Donald McClean, and how could I forget the old black dog that belonged to the McConallogs across the road, and the pretty blonde lass with the huge St Bernard who lived in the beautiful old church across the road. I will bookmark this page now and come back often.

George Malik | Sat Sep 11 2010

I lived at 66 McKinlay Street from 1947 to 1956 at which time my mum, dad brother and I all moved to the new estate at Castlemilk!! I went to Abbotsford School nearby and am looking for old photographs of the school if anyone has any. This article and the comments from readers brings back many happy memories - childhood now was never as happy as it was in those days!!

Derek Pryc | Sat Aug 21 2010

Does anyone remember a Pauline Ann Pearson? She lived at No. 66 McNeill Street in the late 1950's, also she worked as a cafe waitress.

Alex Pearson | Sat Aug 21 2010

I am interested in the person who posted that they lived at 32 portugal street. My mother was born at 32 portugal street in 1935 and my grandmother in 1914 and I my great grandmother in 1994. I am looing for any information on these families Houston, Dikson, Low, From portugal street or around. William Low born 1914 is my grandad I am not sure where in the gorbals he came from But I believe his dad had dalmations and was a dentist in the gorbals. He had a brother called Robert and sister called Janet. If anyone has any information about any of the family I would be grrateful for any information.

Amanda Gorman | Mon Aug 02 2010

I am helping my mother locate her family. The last name is SLESS. They were from Dublin and Limerick, than moved on to Glascow and Edinburgh. Does anyone has any information?

sless | Tue Apr 20 2010

I'd like to contact anyone with memories of living in Oatlands for a project to help place St Margaret's Church back in the heart of the community, albeit a largely new community. If anyone can help, please contact me.

Steve Farrar | Wed Apr 07 2010

I LIVED AT 445 ST GEORGES ROAD GLASGOW, WITH MY DAD Jack Forsyth and my mum Carrie Forsyth. Has anyone please got any pictures off st georges road. I am finding it very hard to get any. James Forsyth.

James Forsyth | Tue Mar 09 2010

I am looking for any Lennox's from govan/gorbals especially Rosaleen, Maureen and Kathleen.

Janette Lennox | Mon Feb 22 2010

researching Nicol family - david married Jane Allan in Abbotsford place in 1886. He lived i Coburg St at this stage but after marriage they moved around a lot in Glasgow. References tell me that Jane died in 1900 in the city poorhouse. Does anyone have any info on this place. Their 2 children - david and nelli-came to Australia I think about 1915 when their father died but it may have been earlier. Don't know who reared them after death of mother.

sharron kupke | Fri Jan 22 2010

I was born at 53 Commercial Rd Southside went to St. Lukes primary. My name then was Bogan known as Nancy my dad was Jack and my mum Flora and my brother John. We moved to Carntyne when the tenements were condemned as unfit for living.I now live in Plymouth Devon as does my brother John. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me or just to have a chat about the area.

Agnes Hyland | Sun Jan 17 2010

my comment form was broken

annmarie Ewart | Thu Dec 31 2009

Update on my search info Boyle family....My dad was born Thomas John Kilkie Stobhill hospital 1933 but grew up with the name Thomas John Boyle after his father Patrick James Boyle.Patrick married Mary Ann Boyle nee Kilkie in 1935.Patrick was in the Pioneers and also worked as a laberour on his death certificate.He died aged 38 at 10 1/2 Eglinton Lane Gorbals in 1946.Mary worked as a shirt machienist and cleaner and re married in the early 50s having 2 other children,Mary died in 2001 and addresses i have for Mary and Patrick are 10 1/2 Eglinton Lane...132 South Portland St around 1938-40ish any info would be appreciated no matter how small or if you think you may be related then please contact me.

Tommy Boyle | Wed Nov 18 2009

looking for info on family who lived in this area. Great Grandfather was a choirmaster at the Catholic Church of St Francis in the Gorbals and his son, Andrew MacLaren, worshipped there until 1900s.

catherine maclaren | Tue Oct 27 2009

looking for info on family who lived in this area. Great Grandfather was a choirmaster at the Catholic Church of St Francis in the Gorbals and his son, Andrew MacLaren, worshipped there until 1900s.

catherine maclaren | Tue Oct 27 2009

i have came across your site by accident what memories i went to st lukes and then holyrood i was born in 5 thistle st in 1934 i remember some of my school pals annie cassidy and sadie mcandrew i live in east kilbride now

anna docherty | Sat Oct 17 2009

Hi, i am looking for any information about my grandmother magdeline Barcus and grandfather carl-axel Larson who lived in 13 crown st. in 1924.Or her sisters Annie,Barbara,Agnes and Petrona.I think they came from Lithuania.They lived around 81 Centre st and 89 Bedford st.

Carol Barcus | Sun Sep 13 2009

My dad was born Jan 1923 and lived in the Gorbals, I have never met any of the rellies from over the ocean, my dad came to australia after ww2, his name is James Gallacher, his siblings, Thomas, John, Matt, & Ethel, I think his mothers maiden name was Mary Saul, would love to hear from anyone who knows or remembers little Jimmy, Beth

Beth Clewley | Fri Sep 04 2009

My grandfather Pat Boyle was born in the Gorbals 1888, emigrated to New York in 1906 and lived there till 1920. His parents were William Boyle and Annie Foy, married St Josephine's R.C. church Milton in 1887. He had a sister who was an actress but don't know if there were any other brothers or sisters. Cannot find any trace of his birth on Scotland's people, not sure Pat was his real name. If any of these names ring a bell, would be pleased to hear from you.

Barbara Boyle | Sat Aug 29 2009

What was the name of the pub on Hospital Street that was one of the first, if not the first, to have live music most nights of the week? Can you remember any of the bands names?

George Jaconelli | Mon Aug 24 2009


GEORGE A STEPHEN | Sun Aug 23 2009

hi, in he 1970's my grandmother owned a deli in Hospial Street, next to the turf bar. Her name was Pearl Bloch, does anyone have any photos of her shop????

sandra | Tue Aug 11 2009

to Christine about Gorbals primary. Sorry,but cant find your e mail would appreciate any info on Nicholson street and its surrounds...Tanks

j parker | Wed Jun 10 2009

I was born in balleter str,moved to waddell str.went to hayfield then,adelphie sen sec,anyone know brenda thompson,ann mcwilliams,teachers mr black,mr hart,mr sommerville?we also lived in castlemilk,birgidale rd.

carole rae | Mon Jun 08 2009

I am interested in talking to anyone from the Florence street area ,born in the early 50's.I went to St.Luke's.I remember teachers Miss Hughes and a Mrs.Bogan.I now(unfortunately)live in Canada but hopefully not for much longer.Can't wait to get back to Scotland!

Rob Smith | Wed Jun 03 2009

I am looking to trace my paternal grandparents' families from Govan/Gorbals areas - the NEILSON and the WETHERALL families. My grandfather, MARK WETHERALL was born in 9 Hospital Street, Glasgow in 1921 and I would dearly love to know more of his father MARK and those who lived and worked in that area. Similarly, my grandmother, MARGARET SCRYMGEOUR NEILSON was born 5 Anderson Street, Glasgow in 1924, so would likewise love to know more of that area, the family and those who may recall the family etc of have any information. Many thanks,

Nicola Wetherall | Tue May 26 2009

I was raised in Croftfoot and recently found out that Croftfoot Parish Church was originally Macnicol Memorial Church whose congregation and organisations moved from the Gorbals in the 1930s. Anyone know where this church was? I believe it may have been a UF church.

Al | Mon May 04 2009

Can anyone provide any information on my granfather. His name was John Macfarlane Maharg, born about 1914. He grew up in the Gorbals and I believe he had a brother who died in the war and a sister who had twin boys. He moved to Wales after leaving the Army and married my grandmother. We know very little about his side of the family.

Donna | Wed Apr 15 2009

hi my name was mary mc gee i lived at queenelizabeth sq went to st francis primary then on to st bonaventure ,s before that i lived in snowdon st.enjoyed your pictures and the things you said all brought back memories

mary diver | Wed Mar 11 2009

What a great site very useful I was also born in the gorbals, Mathieson St and the Cairneys as well as the mcdonalds all lived there, a big family from both sides, also cousins called Mills and they jived in the backcourts, cairneys eventually run a pub called the Granite City now the Barzen Head, as far as I know we left there and went to castlemilk in the early sixties. would like to find out if anyone remembers them.

elizabeth doyle | Fri Feb 20 2009

i was born in devon st , glasgow, i went to abbotsford primary school, but only till 1965. we then moved away when i was 5. we lived next to the old devon bar. i can remember some people that lived beside us, christine muir, molly wardrobe, a family down from us the foleys/folies, i was best friends with davis john foley but that was years ago. any one got any info or photos of devon st area. also i can remember a little sweet shop opposite the school and the lady was called mary puries dont know how to spell it, i have a sister called patsy and a brother called billy, if anyone could email me with picts or info. thanks in advance.x

margarette prosser nee collow | Sun Feb 15 2009

loved reading all the stories great site

j feeney | Sun Feb 01 2009

Hello, I am trying to find information on Robert ALLAN/ALLEN, who was born about 1676. I believe he was born somewhere in Lanarkshire. At some point he married and had children. One of his sons was Robert ALLEN/ALLAN, he was born in Co. Antrim, Ireland, married Janet HAR/HAIR/HARE, and they had 23 children. If anyone has any information about Robert that was born about 1676, please contact me. Thank you.

Marie Moceri | Fri Jan 30 2009

i was born in the gorbals in 1947 and stayed there untill 1953 my family was the dearys from florence st.i had a grandmother who lived in saltmarket wife to my grandfather who died in the great war sadly i know nothing about them apart from their name which is deary and that is why i am sending this e-mail does anyone know anything about my grandparents

vincent deary | Tue Jan 27 2009

message to Jack Parker,who wrote on the 15/1/2009. Jack your email address bounces back, I have some info on Nicholson and Norfolk St. please email me.George Clark

Christine | Fri Jan 23 2009

So good to read about the gorbals....I was born in Nicholson St..My old chilldhood friends were Walter Fitzpatrick,Jimmy Oneill.I attended buchann st primary. W@e were a poor family .but the memories are precious.It seems like a million ago .but I still remember the back court singers.I had a photo of our class,,could someone fax it ....Please

jack parker | Thu Jan 15 2009

I have just come across this site. I am looking for anyone who may have known my Grandparents. They were Hugh & Isobel Walsh. They lived at either 40 or 43 waddell street. My Father also named Hughie was born in August 1939 and on his birth certificate this is the address they were living at. If anyone has any information I would be very greatful.

Karen falcus Nee Walsh | Sun Jan 11 2009

Igrew up in Nicholson st,went to buchan st primary.I have many happy memories of running the streets in my "berries",never worried about broken glass.As Villon says "where are the snows of yesterday".To any one who remembers me .God bless.

jack parker | Wed Dec 17 2008

My great grandmother Eleanor McHardy was married in Kidston Street on 30th May 1879 to a Henry Richard or Reichart. They then migrated to Australia. Any information on these families or churches etc in this street would be appreciated. Thank you.

Stephen Richards | Tue Dec 02 2008

Thank you Mr Mitchell for a beautiful deion of an area in which I grew up. My father Charles (Charlie)Dalnekoff owned a leather merchant shop at 26 Norfolk Street from 1930 until 1963. If anyone remembers him or the shop or has some old photographs of the area I would be most grateful if they would contact me. I am producing a video of growing up in Scotland during that period

Stanley Dalnekoff | Mon Nov 17 2008

any information on Bennys bar at gorbals cross

alex cameron | Sat Nov 15 2008

I was born on November 3rd 1926, My father's name was Robert John Kelly and my mother's maiden name was Mary Brigid Doherty. I went to school at St. John's R.C. School in Portugal Street, Glasgow. (The Gorbals) I would like to talk to anyone who went to that School when I was there or when I went to Holyrood Secondery School in Langside area. Could anyone tell me if they knew my parents or family? Sisters Margaret, Annie, Mercellina and Sadie. I had a brother also named William, but he died when he was only seventeen months old. Several years before I was born and given the same name. I would like to know where my parents were married and if it was St. John's. Many thanks, WILLIAM KELLY, now living in Ilford, London. Married with two sons.

William Kelly | Sat Nov 15 2008

I was born on November 3rd 1926, My father's name was Robert John Kelly and my mother's maiden name was Mary Brigid Doherty. I went to school at St. John's R.C. School in Portugal Street, Glasgow. (The Gorbals) I would like to talk to anyone who went to that School when I was there or when I went to Holyrood Secondery School in Langside area. Could anyone tell me if they knew my parents or family? Sisters Margaret, Annie, Mercellina and Sadie. I had a brother also named William, but he died when he was only seventeen months old. Several years before I was born and given the same name. I would like to know where my parents were married and if it was St. John's. Many thanks, WILLIAM KELLY, now living in Ilford, London. Married with two sons.

William Kelly | Sat Nov 15 2008

The BLACK family lived in NICHOLSON ST. William ,Annie and 6 children.Tommy and William run the old J.Dale and Black Ironmongers store in NORFOLK ST.My mother Isabella died in 1929 any information regarding the BLACK's from the Gorbals is most welcome.All replies answered,I can provide pictures by email.

Christine | Tue Nov 04 2008

My grandmother Elizabeth White was born in 4 Errol Street in 1889. She lived there until she married George May in 1916 when she moved to 234 Lawmoor Street. My mother Rachel May was born there in 1926 where she lived with her brothers George, Gilbert, John and sister Emma. In 1945 she married and moved to Liverpool. She appeared to have a happy childhood eventhough they were very poor. She told me some things about her childhood but not a lot. I wish I had asked more questions now about her family and life. I only ever met her brother, there's no one left now so I can't ask any one. But it's good that there are web sites like this one, it helps people to understand and gives some insight of what life was like. Michelle

Michelle Beavan | Mon Oct 27 2008

dose anyone know of annie collins who stayed with the roberts family at 4 carlton place about 1935

ian roberts | Mon Sep 29 2008


STEPHEN MULLAN | Wed Sep 10 2008

can anyone tell me about my father W Lennox born in the gorbals 1922 sep 22 then moved to govan where his father also william rented out wheelbarrows

william lennox | Wed Aug 06 2008

Hi there - My Big Mummy and Big Daddy, Cecilia and John Patterson lived in Crown St - I remember staying there when I was about 5 years of age that was 1962 - my Mum was Sadie (Sarah) O'Brien who married my Dad George O'Brien. (Both have passed away some time ago) I would love to hear from anyone that has any information about my family. Love from Australia x

Grace O'Brien | Tue Aug 05 2008

A long shot this. I am searching for information on my Great Grandfather Donald McDonald Murray. He was an RSM in the Blackwatch and spent a lot of time in Ireland before and after the turn of the last century. He lived in the Gorbals at this time before moving to the south coast sometime before 1913. He had daughters born in Glasgow but my Grandfather (who is still alive) was born after he move. There is a rumour in the family he had a seperate family in Northern Irland and lived with them while on tour.

William Murray | Tue Jul 15 2008

I would like to find some pictures of St. John's R.C. School and church. My mother Margaret Kane lived at 25 Eglinton Street and went to this school and Parish. Any information on this would help with my genealogy research. Thanks. C. Bolger

Cathy Bolger | Tue Jul 08 2008

hi wonderng if anyone could help me find out if people new my mother her name is agnes warren(nee thomson)she used to live at 105 kidston street,then moved to 56 cavindish street any help would be great..

julie | Mon Jun 30 2008

Hi I was wondering if anyone knew the Ferguson Family who lives in Tarland street in the 1940's. Their names were James and Susan (nee Leggat), and the children were David, John (my father), James Alex and Mary. Thanks

maggie Fox | Wed Jun 18 2008

I'm trying to contact the Irene Dumbreck on here as I had a Glasgow friend by that name. My e mails keep coming back. Another Gorbals question. Does anyone know the Ritchies who lived on Portugal St in the early 50's I believe. One of their ancestors, a George Ritchie born c 1880-1945 is on my family tree. His first wife was a Mary Donnelly who died in 1914. In 1918 George remarried to Sarah (McInally) McDonald, second wife and widow of my gt grandfather Robert McDonald. I have lots of info, if I can only find the Ritchies! From Ruth McDonald Laidlaw, now living in Canada.

Ruth Thomson | Sun Jun 15 2008

hi there i am looking for mary crawford and her sons they lived at queen elizabeth square she also went to adelphi terrace school the went on to be a boy cubs misstres thankyou xx

isabel | Wed Jun 11 2008

Does anyone have information on the opening of the houses between Rutherglen Road and Ballater Street, across from St Luke's Church in the Gorbals, or as some would say Hutchesontown. They were opened by Queen Elizabeth in 1957 approximately. There were photos in all the newspapers. I am looking for copies of the newspapers.

Catherine Murray | Tue May 27 2008

Plain Text Only

Hugh | Tue May 06 2008

I am trying to find information about my grandfather Robert Wilson who was a dental mechanic possibly working in the Gorbals between the wars. He served in the Gordon Highlanders in the first war. Can anyone help?

jane wilson | Tue Apr 22 2008

I am trying to help a friend with her familiy's genealogy. I am trying to find John Deane, b. Leitrim, Ireland abt. 1878 and moved to Gorbals by the 1901 Census. He lived at 214 Calder St, and was a Fram car Driver. He married Martha Lawless and they ownd 2 pubs in the Gorbals District, from abt. 1920-1930. If anyone out there has any information, it would really be appreciated.

Jeanne Gale | Fri Feb 22 2008

I was born at 60 Kidston Street in 1953 and went to Camden Street School.

Linda Grant | Sat Feb 16 2008

I am trying to find out about an old friend of my Aunty Jeans.They grew up the gether in the Gorbals in the 40s and 50s Her name was Jessie Daly she was born in 1939 I think in 69a Adelphi St.If anyone knows her or her family I would love to hear from them. Jean McGowan is my Aunty who is looking for her.

Jean Mc Gowan | Sat Feb 09 2008

I am doing this to help out a lady who contacted my aunt....Mae matheson nee Munro is looking for Mary Boyle who she used to babysit in the 50s,the address was Househillmuir rd Househillwood Glasgow.Marys parents were Violet and John Boyle,John had 2 brothers who were James and Andrew Boyle,Andrew married Molly Logan.Please if any one can help no matter how small the info then please send it on to the E-mail address below...Many thanks,Tommy Boyle. E-mail

Tommy Boyle | Fri Jan 25 2008

Hi ! Enjoyed this page keep up the good work Cheerz... Fae a True Gorbalonian. xxx

Pamela Bowes / Wilkins | Fri Jan 25 2008

Doing my family history from Australia about my maternal ROSS forebears who moved from Currie,Edinburgh in 1900 to work and live in the GORBALS(1901 Census)and HUTCHESONTOWN. Thankyou for the article and insight into what it was like then.

Julie Patricia McNeill | Fri Jan 18 2008

Hi, my dad was born in the Gorbals in 1926. His name was Patrick Boyle. My grandad, Joseph Boyle married Catherine McKay. Joseph was cousin of the fighter Benny Lynch. Could anyone help me with info on my great grans. One old gran was called gaggy Boyle.And there was also a Patrick Mckay, supposedly a streetfighter. I was born and raised in Denmark.

Steven McKay Boyle | Sat Jan 05 2008

I was born in the house at 190 Crown Street in 1964, would love to hear from any one who went to Blackfriars Primary School? I lived above Lennox sweet shop my uncle had the butchers shop G Wilson and sons???

Douglas Noon | Sun Dec 23 2007

Does anyone remember my father John Brown who was born in Hospital St around 1941? He has 2 brothers, Tony and Manus and 2 sisters Patricia and Kathleen. His father's name was Mandy and my granny,s name was Mar (Herron). If anybody has any memories of them I would love to hear from you.

Paul Brown | Sat Dec 15 2007

My mother grew up in the gorbals Florence Street, Kathleen Kavanagh in the 1950's. Looking for information regarding my great grandfather who had a bit of a reputation his name was Gunboat Smith his daughter (my Granmother) was Minnie Brown Smith (kavanagh) does anyone have any stories/pics of them Thanks

Julie Cabrey | Sun Nov 25 2007

my grandad was brought up in the gorbals his name was hugh mcmillan and his dad was called archibold how can i find out about them

dean mcmillan | Thu Nov 15 2007

My father and his parents lived in 305 crown street and his parents had a bakers shop in the gorbles they were two brothers and their names were Alexander and Robert Howie and the baking was done in a wood fired oven and it was run through the depression times and was well known for the range of cakes and rolls they helped out the poor with the over bake at the close of business ,i am not sure what the name of the shop was called but hope some one may have pictures of the shop

derek howie | Sun Nov 11 2007

Love your segment. I lived in the Gorbals, and used to live in 490 Crown Street. On Friday nights my mother would take us girls to the "Band of Hope" sort of like a church group where we would all sing. I still have a book I received as a prize for good attendance. We left Scotland in 1955 to come to Australia and I was only 7 then. I have never been back since then. Does anyone remember the "Band of Hope?" Would love any photos anyone could provide of the old Tenament buildings in Crown Street before they were torn down. Our family name is FLOOD. Thank you.

Maureen Parish (nee Flood) | Sat Nov 03 2007

I also would like to know how to get school records for Adelphi Terrace or if anyone has a picture of it ...Many a good time I had at school with awe my pals those were the days ....I miss the soo side as they say theres no place like home and thats the truest words ever said . I wish we could turn the years back even only for a day Irene

irene dumbreck | Fri Oct 26 2007

Lived in Balleter st went to Adelphie terrace moved to Caslemilk left scholl 1959 ...Work in Templands in Bridgetown then came to Canada in 1960 would love to hear from anywone who knows me....... Irene

irene dumbreck | Thu Oct 25 2007

I was born in Hospital Street in 1961,left there when i was about 7,lived in Granton Street from 1974 - 1980. I would love to hear from anyone who knows me or my family.

Sandra Ferguson | Tue Oct 23 2007

What great stories here!...I lived in Polmadie RD between Mario's the chippie and the two wee shops one was Jean McCann';s?..went to Wolsly st School then Adelphi Secondary...left school in 19 71 then moved to Castlemilk .I loved living in the Oatlands ,great neighbours and it was like a comunitty!...Went with my Ma every Sat to the steamie ...9 weans in a room and kitchen!!.My sister worked in Templeton's Carpet Factory in Crown st till it closed down .She also worked in the Cafe at bottom of Polmadie Rd.Re going to the ducksy and sandypark and taking my younger sisters with me ..think it was just to get out of my Ma's way for a few hrs!..she would give us peices and bottle of ginger !....Loved it all ......;-)Still good freind;s with a freind from all those yrs ago !..;-)....

MaryMcC. | Sat Oct 20 2007

Hi. I was born in Hospital Street in 1947 and was delivered by my Aunt Rosie. My father was Jack Harris and came from a large family in Abbotsford Lane. My mother's maiden name was Sless. Any memories, information and/or photos would be appreciated.

Albert Harris | Sat Oct 13 2007

I have just found your site,its terrific. I am looking for old school photos of Abbotsford School 1952/1960. All my school class photos were lost years ago at a fliting.Does anyone know where i could get these photos. TA MUCH. Agnes

agnes herrity ( Nee Kerr ) | Mon Sep 24 2007

Hi, I am currently researching two churches on MacKinlay Street. I am looking for any photographs which may show the old Abbotsford Parish Church on the corner of Devon Street and MacKinlay Street, and Elgin Street Church which was on the Corner of MacKinlay Street and Turrif Street (previously Elgin Street) If anyone has any pictures of them (or indeed of the Queens Park Terrace Tenements on Eglinton Street) please let me know! Webmaster for Glasgow Archaeological Society

Stephen Clancy | Wed Aug 15 2007

hey, i was born in 1962 i was brought up in hospital st with my granny and grandad my mother dorathy mclean gave birth to me and lived in the same street i believe my dad was a married neighbour ........ my grandad was the local lamp lighter and his parents had loads of stalls in the barras .... i remember there horse and cart, and lamplight flittings, and the dewarf that owned the corner shop........ and how about the see saw in the back rats n all ......... gosh memories

elizabeth mcinally | Mon Jul 30 2007

Trying to find any relatives of my dad. He was born at 133 Balornock rd 25 june 1933,Birth name Thomas John Kilkie but grew up believing it to be Boyle after his father.Father was Patrick James Boyle born 1908 and was a soldier then a butchers assistant,he married Mary Anne Kilkie in 1935 at St Francis Church but he died at 10 1/2 Eglington st in 1946.His parents were Rose Boyle maiden name was Montford and Francis Boyle. Please any info no matter how small then please contact me as i know nothing.

Tommy Boyle | Wed Jul 25 2007

Very interesting reading. I was born in Glasgow in 1947 and lived in Crown St. across from Dixon's Blazes. My parents Mary & William Flood, with their family, me and my three sisters, ventured to move to Australia in 1955. I have lived here ever since. Very sadly both my parents are both deceased now. I would really love to hear from anyone who remembers our family.

Maureen Parish (nee Flood) | Mon Jul 09 2007

Loved this site, I was born in Glasgow in 1945 and lived in 490 Crown Street till mt parents migrated to Australia in 1955. Although I was only ( ten years old at that time I still remember heaps about The Gorbals. We lived right accross the road from Dixons Blazes. I was Christened in St Francis Church Cumberland st and went to Holy Cross School in Calder street and then in Daisy Street. I remember when i was 7 years old there was a wee child in Thistle Street who was too ill to be taken to the Circus, So the Circus came to him. They performed in Thistle St every one was hanging out their windows.I remember all the Weddings at the Church next door to our Close on the corner of Cathcart and Crown Streets and all the scrambles for money after all the Weddings that were held there every weekend. Great fun when you are a kid, Love to hear from any one who remembers those days or any one interested in writing to me

Pat Fordham(Flood) | Mon Jul 09 2007

I was born on Waddell Street in the Gorbals, I lived there in a one bedroom flat with my parents and 5 older brothers. It was a tight squeeze, but we all survived. Sad to say only 3 of my brothers are now living. We moved when I wss 16 to Toryglen and in 1961 I immigrated to the US and have liverd here ever since. I remember my child hood very well, looking back it was tough, but we have all survived and are doing well. One of my brothers (Pat) is now living livng back in Glasgow and the other 2 are in the London area. I worked at Hills the bookies for 4 years which was located on Jamaica Street. I don't think I have done badly for a "wee lassie from the gorbals".

Christina O'Donnell | Thu Jun 28 2007

does any one remember the sikh family that used to stay in logan st oatlands and went to wolsely st school would like to hear from old friends

gurdev pall | Fri May 18 2007

does any one remember the sikh family that used to stay in logan st oatlands and went to wolsely st school would like to hear from old friends

gurdev pall | Fri May 18 2007

does any one remember the sikh family that used to stay in logan st oatlands and went to wolsely st school would like to hear from old friends

gurdev pall | Fri May 18 2007

I'm looking for Steven McGinley, who is my cousin. I would love to hear from you and find out what you are doing. I would also be interested in finding out how your sister Debbie is doing. I live in Idaho now. I grew up in Dumbarton. My mother is your granny O'Brien's sister. (I used to be a Donaghy). We spent a lot of time at your grans place. Thanks, Tricia Crane

Tricia Crane | Tue May 15 2007

I am looking for anyone who may remember the late Richard Cameron Peddie who was a well known minister and faith healer in the Hutchesontown Parish church in the gorbals. My mom Mary Peddie is looking for anyone who may remember her or my father Richard Peddie son of the late Richard Cameron Peddie (minister). Mom lived in Castlemilk and my father in Queens Park.

Rosalind Hynes (Peddie) | Mon Apr 09 2007

Lovely article. Much enjoyed it. I was looking up info on the Gorbals, as it's where part of my grandfather's family emmigrated from, and I didn't now anything about its history. Too bad so many of the historical buildings are lost. We're coming to Scotland to visit family, and I was hoping to tour some of the areas where they lived. Their name is Millsop (and was when they lived in the Gorbals). Anyhow, thanks for the great overview. Heather

Heather Trew Mahoney | Wed Mar 28 2007

All Hail Gorbalites I am honoured to be on of the chosen tribe. I lived in Mcneill St 1943 to 1960. Would love to contact anyone who knew me from Hayfield School or John St School. My maiden name is Moffat and was known as Rita. Anyone out there remember a wee bissom called Rita Moffat. Regards

Maggie Milne | Tue Mar 20 2007

I have now put these images on to the Gorbals Live site

Paul MacInnes | Thu Mar 15 2007

Hello all, realise this article is now quite old - but amazing to see how long these email threads go on for on the subject of the Gorbals. Anyway I have some images of Gorbals area / Abbotsford Place from 1969 / early sventies if anyone wants to view them please email me and I'll oblige. Cheers

Paul MacInnes | Wed Mar 14 2007

Hello im Annie fleeting, i was born in the gorbals in the 30s, i got married and moved to newcastle in my 20s and im now known as annie bell,I would love to hear from someone from the past.

annie fleeting | Wed Feb 28 2007

I stumbled accross this article by chance which I enjoyed very much. I am trying to find out information about a Robert Kerr JP - sorry don't have his DOB who was involved in the Socialist Movement in the Gorbals in the 1930's. He was an active memeber of his trade union and also a member of the Hutchesontown Ward Committee. The Party was represented at his funeral by Councillor John Mains and Jimmy McCabe Any information anyone can give me about my great great grandfather would be very much appreciated. Thank you Diane Gaskell

Diane Gaskell | Fri Feb 23 2007

My father James Barclay lived on McKinley street in the 1920's and then moved to Tradesden Street. He attended Strathbungo school and joined the H.L.I to go to Europe in the latter part of the war. His family McDonalds came from Tiree and his uncles who had served in the Camerons in the first world war worked in the docks. My father who is now 83 often spoke of watching a mine come down on a parachute in the blitz, this mine hit a tram killing all the occupants, my father was saved by a policeman who pushed him and his friends down a close, does this story ring any bells with anyone?

Richard Barclay | Sat Feb 17 2007

Feb 2007 Just read that another ?500M is to be spent in Gorbals Knocking down Stirlingfauld flate And Rebuilding Histiric Gorbals cross area,Building Park Circus style homes Also Eglington st and Bridge street to be transformed,And Greek thomson With Huge Hotel to be built around it,I was born & lived in the Bridgate,And went to Buchan st Primary in early 60s ,So i saw a lot of change,I remember the tenements at the Gorbals cross cross etc.My happiest times.

Eric Reynolds | Tue Feb 06 2007

Was interested to read the entry from the lady/gentleman who was born in the Gorbals in 1933 and lived at 32 Portugal Street..........I am searching for any members of the McDonald (Macdonald?) family who lived in Portugal Street. Parent's names were Jock and Maggie and they had 4 children - Joe, James, Elizabeth and Maggie.......any chance you knew them and still have contact with any of them?

Joyce Chalmers | Sat Jan 20 2007

I am looking for anyone who knew Isabella Camburn. Might have come from Europe with a European Mother. Isabella married a William(Joseph)Docharty in St Francis Church, Gorbals, in 1939/40

Kathryn | Fri Jan 19 2007


liz | Tue Jan 09 2007

Where did the Gorbals poor live after they were priced out of their homes by the redevelopment?

Brendan Howard | Thu Dec 07 2006

From George Fryer Sorry folks just realised a few spelling mistakes also my email address was incorrect!!

George Fryer | Sun Nov 12 2006

Hello, i found thiswonderful site by accident! briliant, i was born at 16 Main Stree Gorbals, attended Buchan Stret Primary.Adelphi Terrace School, used to the the Glasgow Medical Mission(Oxford Street) on a Sunday does anyone recollect Miss Godfeine? although she was born Jewish converted to a protestant I left Glasgow at 17 and a half and go back every 10 years or so!! I am looking for "photies" of ny old tenemant any body got any i will of course return them any way a lot of the stories captured the vibrant fantastic life we all know what they say? you can take the boy out of the Gorbals but you canny take the Gorbals oot of the boy!! best wishes to all you bonnie folk........ i live right in Oxfordshire a place clled Blewbury!

George Fryer | Sun Nov 12 2006

We Lived at 71 Caledonia Road till November 1963 (I was 1 year old ) My Brothers were members of St Francis pipe band and I actually attended their summer camp in Balbriggan Co Dublin about 1973/74. Cant beleive St Francis Chapel isnt in use as I remember going there every sunday with my Granny who lived directly across the road in Cumberland St

Anthony Sloey | Mon Nov 06 2006

Could anybody provide me with any information or photographs, regarding the Curlers Rest which was owned by my great great grandfather Matthew Forsyth or on Matthew and his family.

Christine | Mon Oct 30 2006

i was born in the Gorbals 1959 went to ST johns infant and secondry school the Gorbals have the greatest memories for me.Those days growing up where full of adventure and mum rented a room at absford place some off these rooms held a whole family. reading your stories really took me back to those old days.

D.DODDS | Wed Sep 20 2006

Looking for the family of Michael o Neill who lived in this area . His first wife Teresa Farrelly died in 1926. They had at least one child, Teresa, born sept. 1920. Micheal remarried and had other children but the details of this I do not know.I am a decendant of Teresa Farrellys looking to finish my family tree.They lived in Dobbies Loan, Buchanan Street, Sauchiehall Street and Caledonian Street.

kim rogers | Sat Aug 05 2006

My grandmother, Jane LAURIE McMillan was born at 125 Thistle Street in 1876. Her father, Archibald McMillan, was a furniture warehouse man. He and his first wife lived at that address from the early 1840's until the late 1880's. They had many children. After the death of his first wife, Archibald married Mary LAURIE in 1875. Can anyone tell me what the living conditions might have been, in the Gorbals during that time, especially on Thistle Street. It's difficult to image a family of twelve in one room. Best Wishes, Jean

Jean McMillan Fuhrer | Sun Apr 23 2006

I lived at 60 Cavendish St and went to Abbotsfotd School in the forties. I moved in the mid sixties to Prospecthill Circus, then to govanhill,left Scotland 1974 and now live in Australia. Would love to hear from anyone who may remember me. Regards Alan Keith.

Alan Keith | Fri Apr 07 2006

St johns chapel was demolished years ago, I have a photograph of it and many others from Gorbals, get in touch I will more thn likely be able to help

norman mcnamee | Tue Apr 04 2006

I am a student at Strathclyde University and trying to research community opinion of the regeneration of the Gorbals area. In particular I am looking for the opinions of elderly residents who have lived in the area throughout the number of housing projects which the Gorbals has been subject to over the years. Information on how the changes in housing has affected their lives and community experience would be extremely useful. If anyone can help, please email me.

Sarah Stevenson | Sat Mar 18 2006

any histoy on adelphi public school glasgow?

louise | Thu Feb 16 2006


NORMA MCGREGOR | Tue Jan 24 2006

hi there could anyone tell me if st johns chapel portugal street still exists,if so could you supply a full postal address.

p.j. mullan | Sun Jan 08 2006

I lived in the Gorbals at 100 Camden St up until around 1965, would love to hear from any old family neighbours or friends to swap histories? I am looking for any photos of Camden street from that period especially the pub The Camden Bar at No 100. My family is called O'Neill and we moved to Pollok in the Southside but always fondly remember the Gorbals days! David O'Neill Crookston Glasgow

David O'Neill | Fri Jan 06 2006

I was born in the gorbals in 1933. Ilived at 32 portugal street.I attended ST JOHNS primary in portugal st until i was 12.I enjoyed playing with palsand going to the dilly dykes in THISTLE STREET.I left the gorbals in 1953 when igot married. I now live in CHAPELHALL WHICH IS JUST OUTSIDE AIRDRIE FOR THE past 50 years but i still say i belong to glasgow

jackie turnbull | Fri Jan 06 2006

I married my wife Margaret who lived at 551 Ballater Street where she lived with her mother from 1950 to 1974. After my marriage we lived with the wifes mother for about a year before i finaly moved to Cumbernauld and then to our permanant home in Kilmacolm. During my young married life we would go and visit the wifes mother who is now in an old folks home every week which gave me time to nick into one of the best wee pubs in Glasgow the Pig and Whistle. O' happy days indeed

Sandy Smith | Thu Jan 05 2006

As i have recently wached the demolition of the mitchellhill flats, i was interested to find out that two of the four multi's in the caladonia road area are being preped for blowdown! when i visited the area the resident's near the block's told me that they will come down at the end of january 06, but i am going down there most saturday's to photograph them.

robert gray | Tue Dec 27 2005

Thanks for the most informative article. I am a student at strathclyde university currently conducting a dissertation in the changing face of the Gorbals and the emmergance of the new gorbals. I would be extremely grateful if anyone who has lived in the area through this changing time would be willing to share there feelings on whether or not the regeneration has ultimately been a good experience for the Gorbals or whether the spirit of the area has been lost? Contact me at Thanks for your time.

Craig Macdonald | Fri Dec 09 2005

do you no when the gorbals street flats are getting demolished i have be looking at all sites and cant find when there getting demolished thank you andy6

andy woodhouse | Wed Nov 30 2005

Can anybody provide early photos or plans for Govan ron Works please thanks dpm

david_p_miller | Thu Nov 03 2005

Reading your article brought back lots of happy memories. I was born in 100 Camden Street in 1947 and lived there until around 1960/61 when we moved to Priesthill. I don't care what anyone says about the Gorbals because, poverty notwithstanding, it was a great place to live with lots of great people. I went to Camden street School and will always remember my teacher Miss Ferguson, she was an extremely good looking women and one of the kindest people I have ever come across. Our headmaster was Mr Scott and he was always immaculately dressed with his wee pinky ring. It was always a pleasure getting a note from him to take back to your faither (even if the consequences weren't) as he had the finest handwriting I have ever seen. My mates at school were James Scott and William Bellamy and we all ended up at Strathbungo Senior Secondary School. My other mates were Bobby and John Collins who went to St Francis School. I visited the auld place a couple of years back and was saddened to see most of the old Gorbals gone although I was impressed by the new Gorbals, I don't think that the new residents will enjoy the camarderie that I experienced as a youngster but I hope they do as they will be better off for it. I live in Australia now but if anyone from the auld place would like to share some memories with me I would be happy to hear from them. Keep up the good work.

George White | Tue Nov 01 2005

I was born in a room on Caledonia Road in 1958 and we left in 1963 when the clsoe was pulled down. I too have memories of going out, with my brother who was 7/8, to the pictures and the fair on Glesga Green. Also remember getting locked in the graveyard and someone from the pub had to come and rescue us. Can't believe the Parkie deliberatley left a 4 and 8 year old in grave yard -but he did!

Wullie Reid | Thu Oct 20 2005

I was born and lived at 57 wolsely st in the Oatlands from 1957-1965. I attended St Bonaventures and also enjoyed the Wolsely Hall nights ! Wednesday night was singing with some guy playing a guitar and we got a cup of tea and a choc biscuit. Other memories, the steamie( for a bath) Hurrels bar and the Glue Pot pub. Going to the Green to watch the fair being erected, played in the park (richmond) skated on the ducksie pond in the winter,taking the mirror to the pawn ,buying teddy bear ice lollies from the chippie next to Hurrels opposite the bowling green.I also spent happy times just playing in the street shouting up to my nana ( she just lived one up my mammy was top floor) for a piece and jam and she would throw it out the window for me to catch ,I usually did ! What a lot of freedom we had as children I wandered all over the place and usually had my sister with me and i was just 7 or 8. I also remember going to the Crown pictures on Crown Street on a Sat and usually had to share a seat ! We went on the 101 bus along the Caly Rd. Happy days but I also remember the downside sharing a toilet with two other families and just before we moved to Castlemilk the ceiling fell in on my sisters who were sleeping on a bed settee in the " kitchen". What changes in 40 years !

elaine kerr | Tue Oct 11 2005

I lived in crammond street and rosebery street from 1960 to 1965. I went to "wee bonnies" school...St Bonaventures. I remember the guy lighting the gas lights on teh staircases of our tenement. I remember walking to school past a large building ( steamie? ) where wome would arrive with big prams full of washing. People also queued up to have hot baths there, but taps were outside and controlled by the worker. I remember playing in a large park across rutherglen many memories....i wonder if i would recognise any of it now:)

james | Mon Oct 03 2005

I lived in the Gorbals from 1960- 1966. I remember living in a tenement block in crammond street an droseberry street. I rememebr the man coming around at night to light the staircases ( close) as they were gas lighted. Not in the apartments but on teh staircases. I also remember having to share a toilet outside with other families. I went to Saint Bonaventures school , wonder if it is still there!! I remember walking to school past a large building where peopel did their washing( steamie? ) and also had baths. So many memories, I haventy been back for over 40 years now!!

james | Mon Oct 03 2005

I have grown up in the gorbals and have watched it go from strength to strength. Prime Location. Beautiful Houses. Everything You Would ever need. The only thing that was holding it back were some of its inhabitants. But now i feel that this lovely area is being filled with people with a similar respect for the neighbourhood. Now my only problem is that when i grow up i wont be able to affor a flat here :(

Derek | Fri Aug 12 2005

Thank you for a most interesting article. I lived at 76 Abbotsford Place and attended Abbotsford School way back in the 1940's. O'Hagen Brothers had a confectionary wholesale business to the right of our close and because there was a war time coupon shortage, quite often smuggled out the most delicious milk chocolate buttons to us children - when they could. Happy days. Beryl.

Beryl Beattie | Fri Jul 08 2005

I did a total of ten years in The Gorbals/Oatlands from 1988-2002. Lived in Stirlingfauld Place, Cramond Street and Hutchesontown Court. Was forced out of all 3 houses by violent, abusive locals. There are unquestionably good people in The Gorbals but also a large amount of illbred, illmannered dross who are trading on the Gorbals past glories as a tough area. When challenged these people show themselves as being mouthy cowards. It's being pushed upmarket to appeal to professionals working in the citycentre but I'm a far happier person away from it and wouldn't want to ever live there again.

J.C | Mon Jun 13 2005

This artical was very helpful and has helped put my mind at rest as i was rather worried about moving there. im sure i will be fine though and will enjoy living there. nicola x x x

Nicola | Thu Mar 24 2005

I was born and brought up in the Gorbals, went to Gorbals School (with the same teacher that my mother had - Willie Mitchell), transferred to Abbotsford School, from where I graduated to Strathbungo Secondary School. When I passed the Qualifying examination with what was deemed a record mark (196 out of 200), I received a special prize from the Glasgow Director of Education, a book which I possess till the present day. I also attended the Talmud Torah,and after that Glasgow Hebrew College, where I received a Jewish education, and became for a short period a teacher of Hebrew at the Talmud Torah. I was conscripted into the British army in 1940, commissioned in 1943, and served a year and a half in Lagos, Nigeria, returned to Glasgow, got married in Garnethill Synagogue, and emigrated to the United States in 1954. Any questions?

Maurice Solomon | Thu Mar 17 2005

Very interesting article. I worked in the Co-op offices in Coburg St, Gorbals from 1957-67. I never lived in the Gorbals, but was fascinated walking through it, and running across the "Suspension bridge" daily into town. I love looking at old photos of the tenements. I often wish I could go back in time, and sit in the sun, watching these old relics being built. My grandfather was one of the Irish immigrants who lived there. His marriage cert. states he lived at 57 Norfolk st. in 1893. I now live in Canada, but when I visit Glasgow, I make a bee-line for the Gorbals! Ruth

Ruth Thomson | Sat Feb 19 2005

Great article. I am really interested in the history of Abbotfords public school, anymore information on this topic?where would I find school records ect? thanks

natalie mcilroy | Thu Jan 20 2005

Enjoyed this article. Did Hospital St. get its name from being a leper colony?

joan fletcher | Fri Jan 14 2005

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