Westport Folk & Bluegrass Festival

Glasgow Musicians, John Taylor and Jim Byrne join the lineup at Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival 2010

Photo: logo. Westport, Mayo, Ireland

25 June 2010 - 27 June 2010

The best of local, national and international folk and bluegrass acts will take place during the Westport Folk & Bluegrass Festival, and will consist of music workshops, musical lunch and two nights of the best local, national and international folk and bluegrass music. There will also be pub gigs.

Photo: thecoleporters.Dowload programmes PDFs

friday and saturday programme

Sunday Programme

Photo: david hope and the henchmen. Festival Main Event

The Mill Times Hotel

David Hope and The Henchmen

The Broken String Band

The Coal Porters

15 euros. 8.30p.m. The Function Room

Photo: john taylor. This year, along side well known bluegrass acts, we will give stage to new coming bluegrass bands and we will put greater emphasis on the folk side of the festival. Once again we will keep the idea of local, national and international acts with bands and solo artists coming from Westport, Dublin, Northern Ireland and the UK, including:

Photo: jim byrne. John Taylor john taylor myspace

The Coal Porters the coal porters myspace

Jim Byrne myspace jim byrne

Wookalily myspace wookalily

Photo: wookalily. Venues

The Mill Times Hotel

Clew Bay Hote

The Wyatt Hotel


Uri and the Electric Cave Production are working hard to ensure the success of the festival and we hope to see you all in Westport on the last weekend of June.

Telephone:+353 (0)87 757 0958
Email: uriecp@yahoo.ie