Jim Byrne and The Blackwoods at Tchai Ovna

Photo: jim byrne and the blackwoods. 25th November, 2011

It must be two or three years since Jim played at Tchai Ovna, Glasgow West End's quirky little teahouse in Otago Lane. Last time he was on his ownsome but on Friday he was accompanied by two very talented Blackwoods; Dinny, vocals, bass, guitar and auto-harp and Elanor Gunn on violin. The three worked together in perfect harmony.

For me it was a particularly entertaining set because of the variety and superb musicianship. Those gals know how to play their instruments and much as I love Jim singing and playing his finger-pickin' guitar, with Dinny and Elanor on stage it was sheer magic.

I especially enjoyed 'Down By The Wildwood', with Jim and Dinny's harmonies and Elanor playing violin. On the CD there is violin but the guy that played the part was in Nashville, so excellent to hear the live strings.

I also thought that 'Tenderness' worked really well. I never tire of this melodic country song, which Jim wrote way back in the mid 80's. It sounded particularly lovely with Elanor's violin and Dinny's harmonies.

Elanor's fiddle playing was amazing on the instrumental, 'Don't Be The Girl With A Sad Face' (written especially for her by Jim) and Dinny's version of his song 'When You Bit Into That Apple' was really beautiful. In addition Dinny gave the audience a special treat with the first airing of her new auto-harp and I was delighted that she chose to perform 'I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes', my favourite Carter Family song.

In fact there was not a dud among them and praise was heaped upon the three performers at the end of the gig. Including from some of the musos in the audience: Ali and Sandy Semeonoff and Peter Byrne.

No suprise that Ken has invited them back to play Tchai Ovna again 'soon' so we'll look forward to that.

Pat Byrne, 27th November, 2011.



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